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 Post subject: Errant Story FAQ?
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:51 am 
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I've been thinking it's probably about time to make an FAQ for Errant Story (to go with the new site design that I'm STILL working on, but now am almost done with).

My theory is that this would be a great thing to put in the Wiki, either as one big article with common questions and all their answers, OR as a big directory with questions that link to appropriate articles for answers. Though I think it should probably cover questions about the comic, the site, etc. in addition to questions about the ES universe.

Does this sound like a good idea to people? What are some questions you think should be included?

While we're at it, I'm also planning on the return of the About Page, and a *gasp* actually up to date archives page, so if you have suggestions for those I'm open to them.


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:57 pm 
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It certainly sounds like a good idea to have an FAQ, but somehow I can't come up with a single question that should go on it. I've never had problems or confusion with... anything about the comic, really.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:48 pm 
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Doing a proper FAQ just requires a blanking out of the mind so you don't take anything for granted. Here are a few questions to start things off . . .

<i>What is an errant?</i>

("Errant" in Errant Story is not used in the sense of knight errant, a wandering adventurer, even though most of the main characters fit that description. Rather, an errant is a half-elf whose mind has strayed, probably due to some inherited form of insanity, so as to make him or her a threat to others. The Elves of Errant Story have a policy of killing any half-elves they encounter or hear of, on the assumption that they are now or soon will go crazy.)

<i>Who can use magic in this world?</i>

(Among humans, only those born with the gift for it. There are enough of these that every country has at least some magical healers and spell-casters. All Elves can use magic and so can most half-elves.)

<i>Who are the main characters?</i>

(-- Meji, a spoiled, foul-mouthed teenage half-elven sorcerer looking for a dramatic research project to make up for poor grades and behavior in school.)

(-- Jon Aramphel, an assassin with the mercenary group the Gewehr Wraiths. He is of middling intelligence and limited imagination, but is also an experienced professional with a deadly shooting eye.)

(-- Sarine Elle, an Elven ranger, intelligent, sophisticated, occasionally very horny, troubled by memories of a human mate and a lost half-elven child, Both of them have been dead for two thousand years, but their loss still haunts her. As a ranger, she is tasked with hunting down and killing errants, but is reluctant to do so when they have shown no sign of madness. She is, herself, an extraordinarily dangerous warrior. She has inhuman strength and agility when it is needed and can call on centuries of experience with weapons and spells in any fight.

(-- Ellis: Meji's familiar, a flying cat with a bottomless appetite for lewd, cruel jokes and comments. Most of the other characters have attacked Ellis at one time or another when they have gotten fed up with his vicious sense of humor, but he is virtually indestructible.)

<i>Who are the Elves in the story?</i>

(The ones with the big-ass pointed ears.)

<i>What does Sarine wear a hood all the time?</i>

(So she doesn't scalp passers-by with her ears)

<i>Whe are the half-elves? </i>

(The ones with the ears slightly longer than most of the humans. Just enough to make them distinctive, not enough that they have to modify all their hats.)

<i>What do some people have guns and some have magic?</i>

(Everyone in the world has their own way of compensating for a short penis and/or small boobs. How do you do it?)

<i>What other sort of creatures besides Elves are in this world?</i>

(The novel includes an extinct species of dwarves and a scattering of barbaric trolls who soon may become extinct, now that the repeating rifle has been invented. )

<i>Who are the little winged females in some of the artwork?</i>

(Each of them personifies a modern American cultural trope and allows the author to make comments on cultural issues in the context of the strip. Also, he likes drawing cute girls with wings.)

<i>Can the Elves have sex with humans?</i>

(Why write about them if they couldn't?)

<i>There appears to be only one sex scene in the novel. Why do the people on the forums talk about sex all the time?</i>

(Because they aren't getting any.)

<i>Can I offer suggestions and story ideas to the author?</i>

(Only if you don't mind being completely ignored.)

<i>How was your trip to Alaska?</i>

(Great, got to see whales, sea otters, grizzlies, moose, caribou, a timber wolf, and went on a tour boat out in the Pacific where fifty people got seasick and I didn't.)

There, that might get things moving.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:06 pm 
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I think FAQing the whole of Poe's work and CAS combined might be too daunting of a task. Perhaps, if you broke it down into subsections like...

In-Comic Universe (Elves, Trolls, Gods, Jon)
About Errant Story (Creation, motivation, duration, expectation)
Caffeine Angel Studios (Donations, Store, Ads, History)

Plus, you know... if you have any ACTUAL frequently asked questions, you might wanna throw those in there too, just for laughs.

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