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PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:35 am 
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Chronomancer wrote:
normalphil wrote:
Chronomancer wrote:
icekatze wrote:
hi hi

Or perhaps the Ensigerum isnt quite so awesome and totally unstoppable as they would like to believe, hence their leader's distaste for their decreased combat prowess. Perhaps that group of wraiths that got slaughtered, died because they panicked.

Who knows? Perhaps we're in for an explanation as soon as they get the heck out of dodge.

Yeah, I'm starting to think the Ensigerum is only at its best when they have the advantage of surprise or during one on one combat. Well, besides Imperatrix who practices against groups. Either way, I think whatever they do takes a LOT of focus so they're at their worst when they are either distracted or don't expect something coming.

As far as Sara, either she is
a) having some sort of internal struggle that's slowing her down
b) still a n00b in the Ensigerum and isn't as good as I thought (although she probably has a LOT of promise)

Note that Sarine's Alpha-strike from out of blade-range with total tactical surprise was one of the least effective moves of the fight. And Warrel certainly made enough cuts to kill off an entire squad. Numbers and tactical variables might not be all that decisive. Nah, I'm converting to and advocating the viewpoint that Sarine and Jon burned up all outstanding Karma from 3030-odd cumulative years of nice-guy assassin behavior. Highest attainable skill in their chosen vocation causing them to be in a position to benefit from a massive windfall of luck. Non-duplicatable feat given identical or even improved conditions.

It's not a total tactical surprise when someone warns them.

But, minor points aside, I agree that luck had a lot to do with it. Just not all luck. I think they have their minor flaws.

"Battles are won by whoever makes the least mistakes." Clausewitz or Von Moltke, IIRC.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 2:03 am 
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A) Some people need to stop trying to make everything work out chronologically (Jon in "bullet time" = what the hell ever) when we're already dealing with the translation of dynamic events into the still-frame format of a comic.

B) As I said in the other thread about the following installment, Jon and Sarine won because they're that damn good, and the chronomonkies just plain aren't. They've got a neat power -- yay -- that doesn't make them immune to being plain old outsmarted.

C) Sarine's spinal cord wasn't damaged, she's still standing in the background of this installment http://www.errantstory.com/archive.php?date=2006-10-27, after deadmonko sliced her across the back.

D) In the panel with Deadmonko being sliced open ginsu style, the bullet is in midair after hitting his weapon's blade in the previous comic.

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