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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2002 3:25 pm 
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I wonder what he would say about injecting ozone into fish that are dried? (don't contain water)
Just to clarify a bit.. Goldfish secrete an "antigrowth" hormone (actually growth inhibiting factor, or GIF), which is easily overcome with fresh water changes. I did a paper on that back in the 1970's.<p>Koi do not seem to be limited in similar fashion. If they secrete GIF, which they probably do, they certainly don't react in the same manner as Goldfish do, as they routinely outgrow their surroundings, even without the water changes.<p><font color=yellow size=+2>I under no circumstances suggest injecting ozone directly into fish containing water!!</font><p>Ozone is a free radical, which causes significant injury to tissues (esp. endothelial linings ie blood vessel walls).<p>When we inject ozone in salt water reef situations, as part of our "filtration" (skimming) scheme, we measure residual levels in the water returns to be sure it is removed before the effluent is returned to fish containing water, to avoid this toxicity.<p>35 gallons, really is way too small for koi, other than for a temporary measure. Given enough food, and good water quality the Koi will quickly outgrow that tank!<p>The "tanks" I use to treat single Koi specimens that are ill are either the Rubbermaid-like vats that are 100 gallons or more, or home made vats, using plywood and liner.<p>Happy ponding, Greg<p>geyoung@acsu.buffalo.edu<p>geyoung@adelphia.net<p>
<p>"Sean Dinh" <seanny@pham.ws wrote in message<p>news:3C6C0A7F.82C70674@pham.ws...<p>I have no choice as to any other place to put my Koi besides the 25 gallons tank. The long time residents take the first shot at the falling shrimp pellets because they know it's food. All the newbies now learned that those left over pellets on the bottom are food. I hope to fatten them up a bit without killing them before I'm done with their new pond. What kind of filter are you using for your tank? How many Koi do you have in it now?<p>I've come across posts saying that Koi secrets anti-growth hormone, so that they grow to the size that fit their environment. If that the case, you could remove that hormone with Ozone injection into your tank. I have 2 power transformer from the neon signs that I could use to generate Ozone. I haven't decided if I want to take on that $1M for 1 meter Koi challenge. I don't have a 1 meter tank yet. :smile:<p>PS, got no SO to give...<p>
[quote] Justin wrote:<p>If koi are maintained in an aquarium for some time, will their growth be stunted so much that if they were released into a large pond that they would not develop as they would if they were never in the aquarium? For instance, take a 5 inch koi in a 35 gallon tank. If it was kept in a tank for a couple of months and then later released into a pond, will it have a permanent growth stunt from its time in the tank or will it develop more rapidly and make up for lost time?<p>P.S. Anybody get their sweetheart a fish? lol<p>Justin http://www.geocities.com/justinm090</BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE><!-- BBCode Quote End -->

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