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 Post subject: Six degrees of Wikipedia
PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 12:59 pm 
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Not precisely a word game, but this forum seems to fit it better than any other.

From the forum I <strike>stole</strike> borrowed this from:

That forum wrote:
General Play
There are a bunch of rounds. Each round, there is a "from" article and a "to" article. Your goal is to be the first to find a chain of Wikipedia links from the "from" article, to the "to" article. (Simple, right?) This chain of links is called a "path."

If you're the first person to announce a path, you score a point. You must then start the next round, by specifying a new pair of "from" and "to" articles. (Needless to say, you're not allowed to announce a path for any round that you've started. That would be cheap.)

Whenever you score a point, you should announce your new point total. The first person to 100 points wins.

Stealing Points
If you can announce a shorter path than one which scored in the last 5 rounds, you are allowed to steal that player's point. You should announce your new point total, of course. Make it clear that you're stealing the point, and make it clear who you're stealing from. You may steal from someone who has stolen from someone else, so long as the original score occurred in the last five rounds.

You are not allowed to steal points from yourself. That would be silly. If you notice a shorter path than the one you announced, keep quiet and pray that five rounds go by before anyone else notices it.

Suckiness (aka Punishment)
If you edit Wikipedia to make a path, then you suck. If you edit your forum message to provide a shorter path, you also suck. And if you do sucky things, then you also suck. People who suck cannot score. If you suck, you may pay 10 points to stop sucking. (If this will put you at negative points, then governmental suck insurance will subsidize the remaining points to put you at 0. Anti-points are mythical, just like dragons and elephants.)

(As of 2007-04-03)
(1) If you offer a path but then forget to post a from-to pair, then anyone else may post a pair of their own. Anyone who does so gets one point, to compensate for the fact that they don't get to play in that round.
(2) Year articles may no longer be used in paths.

Don't know if it's really worth playing for points, but yeah.

So, let's see... how about Errant Story to Unix (yes, it's a bit random...)

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