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 Post subject: I'm only going to say this once - Announcement about Grey & Impy
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2004 8:49 pm 
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Ok, before this can become a serious bit of drama tha we all want to avoid, I'm making my official stance and explaining my actions here.

This is not a debate and my decision is final unless circuimstances change.

This also is not based upon my personal feelings about the two persons. I have put aside any feelings I had one way or another and disected this from the middle.

Now, I know Grey can be a jackass. His hats flood the place from time to time. This is not, however, in malice, as it might seem on the surface. Grey has tendencies, and generally, one can see the difference between a post meant for humor or meant for malice. However, this is not always discernable, and can be taken in the wrong way.

Impy on the other hand, is generally pretty jovial, but she has her own shortcomings, which she very well knows about and is open to discuss them. One of them, which I don't know if I've seen implicitly stated, though, is she seems to take much in a more serious manner than what its original intent was. She is a great person, though, and I can find that a great deal of her beliefs align with my own.

In this case, though, it doesn't seem like Grey's intent was malicious. It more seems in jest. I do know that Impy feels like she is under direct assault, but I don't feel she is. Grey acts and has acted in this exact manner in the past with people whom are now good friends with him. Some of his actions do seem though to beyond what one would call good taste.

Freedom of speech and choice are the things that I feel this whole situation come down to.

I cannot remove them from an individual without just cause, and I am struggling to find it, personal feelings aside. Grey has the freedom of speech to say what he will, and it is not infringing upon Impy's freedom to speech or choice, which she seems to have invoked.

I do not wish to see a good person leave the community in such a situation, but no one forced her hand into this decision she has made.

So as for my action, I must take no action as of this time. This is not to say that you, as a kyhm forumer cannot take action yourself and bring this about as a civilized discussion between peers. I love this place, plain and simple, and it really gets to me that I sometimes have to sit down and do what I'm doing now so I will not tolerate this place being torn apart in drama wars again. It really bothers me to see this place like that, so I will actively do what I can to quell any such rustling I see.

If you have a problem with Grey, please discuss it privately or in an orderly fashion. On that same token, if you have a problem with Impy, please do the same.

To Hilary - I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see you back sometime, but please, don't take things too hard. They aren't always what they seem.

To Ryan - Its a thing called tact. Try to learn it.

This is my decision as I feel it is best for the community. If you have any problems, please discuss it with me in private. Thank you, and good day.

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