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Author:  BandMan2K [ Sun Apr 08, 2007 3:06 am ]
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”Great. Wouldn’t it figure that this realm has everyone speaking a language I don’t know. Maybe it was a mistake to come bounding within looking for those two.”

Band tried his best to relax within his cabin on the train. Hearing people speaking in some dialect of what sounded to be Chinese seemed to fit with the Asian look everyone pretty much had. Especially since he was the Odd Man Out who looked nothing like them. The stares, snide comments & laughing from even the kids made his cabin seem like an oasis…albeit cramped for his 2 meter tall frame. Instead of letting them get to him, he just sat back, took a pull on his flask & enjoyed a smoke.

“There’s at least one good thing about this place: They haven’t heard about No Smoking areas.”

After a couple days of lounging in his cabin, he looked out into the dark night of his window. There in the closing distance was a great brilliance of light that could only mean a major city coming up. The train then started to slow down and follow the rails to the Western Station of the Capitol. The city disappeared on his side but he did notice that he might have a clean shot of getting into the Capitol. Gears started turning in his mind.

”Ok…go out with the others into the station and I’ll probably be picked out for the Sore Thumb I am by the Police. Last thing I need is some confrontation. Sneak out & enter the outskirts? That might be best, but how do I sneak out?”

As he tries to formulate his options he notices something closing on the left side of the train: It’s another train, this time in the opposite direction resting on a spur off the main line waiting for his train to pull up enough for it to head westward. The idea pops into his head and before talking himself out of it, Band jumps from the slowly moving train through his cabin window. Landing on his hands & knees on the roadbed, he gets up and makes his way as best he can between the two trains until he reaches the locomotive on the northern end of the station. With it at a standstill, he cuts in front and sneaks his way along the station platform towards the city. Suddenly, he catches a guard sleeping at his post. He slips quietly around him and doing his best to not garner attention. Silently thanking any deity who would listen for the stealth & his black attire, he makes his way past the station & into the relative safety of the city.

Unfortunately he still stuck out like a sore thumb in comparison to the majority of residents. He makes his way to what seems to be a noodle house and get a big bowl of noodles & tea. As he wolfs down his first meal in over 5 days he keeps an eye out for anyone who might try to “roll” him for quick cash or patriotic duty. Just as he finishes the meal he notices 4 men in military uniforms. Placing three gold pieces on the table, he tries to make his way out slowly when suddenly the proprietor of the establishment points at him, yells in Chinese, and the soldiers bring their rifles to bear.

“Oh SHIT!”

Band bolts like a madman, mowing people down as trying to be as difficult a target as he could be to the soldiers. He runs here and there trying to avoid a confrontation. He sees an alley with two buildings real close to each other. He then decides to jump from one to the other so as to allow him to climb the buildings, similar to Parkour. The soldiers round the corner into the alley just as he makes his way onto the roof of one building and holds fast. The irate Chinese being spewed by these men definitely showed to Band that he really didn’t want to be found by them. He looked around his surroundings. It looked like a normal apartment building roof with a couple clotheslines & a door leading into the heart of the building. He makes his way to the opposite end of the door the whispers to himself.

“Well…looks like this is where I’m sleeping tonight.”

With a final swig of scotch from his flask, he lay down and tried to get a few hours of sleep, hoping things would blow over. The need to keep a wary eye out kept him from falling truly asleep but it was enough to help him stay alert when the sun rose in the east. Gathering himself up, he made his way to the door and opened it, surprising an elderly woman bringing up her clothes to dry. Ever the consummate gentleman, Band held the door open for the lady who then proceeded to walk through as if in a trance about this Outsider. Tipping his fedora she then regained her voice & screamed at the top of her lungs. Band then quickly took off down the stairs towards the front of the building and made it out onto the street again. He continued to keep an eye out for anyone who took too much interest in him while also looking out for any other Outsiders that would hopefully look like Clay or Mad.

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"he's blind, Al'Aman. The sky is clear. there is no storm coming."

Al'Aman looked over his shoulder at the man behind him, the man stood there with his arms crossed, and a scowl creasing his heavily scarred face.

al'aman stood to his full, impressive height of 6'5'' and turned to face Maruus, his second in command with an equally severe scowl. The Bandit leader was tall and well-built, his skin leathery and tanned from exposure to the elements. He wore a ragged scarf over his bald head that once may have been a bright yellow, but had since faded and encrusted with years of grime, until it was closer to a grey-green. his clothes were similarly worn and grimy, a mix of aged cloth and heavily creased leather and a sleeveless old military flak-jacket. On one hip he wore a military sabre, the leather on the hilt was stained dark with sweat and blood. On the otyher hip was a meticulously maintained pistol.

"The man has been right about every prediction so far, Maruus. He was right about that ambush. he was right about the snake, too. He led us to this abandodned supply station." Maruus's expression lost some of it's intensity, but he still looked dubious. "There still isn't a cloud in the sky."

The two men were inturrupted by another voice from outside the supply shed as a man made his way in.

"The approaching storm is not one winds and rain."

just under six feet, the newcomer was similarly dressed to the other men, he wore a mix of faded and dirty army surplus and faded and dirty peasant clothes. Dirty dark-blonde hair hung over a faded blue stretch of cloth wrapped about the man's eyes.

"I believe it is a storm of events and change, a nightmare of energies and destruction, all swirling around a man. i believe he is very close, even as we speak."

"Oh, so now it's a man and not a storm?" Maruus laughed a little and leant against a stack of crates that contained various weapon and ammunition supplies. Al'Aman glared at the bandit and turned to the seer. "Any idea how far away? should i ready the men?"

"No, it is probably best if you come with me."

Without another word, the blindfolded man turned and left the supply shed, and the two bandits followed him out into the camp. Al'Aman gave quick orders to set up a secure perimiter and to watch for any approaching individuals before the three of them left camp, and headed north through the forest.


"You look nervous, outlander." the female Hashishiyun said as she navigated her way through the bushes and ferns of the forest, picking the places with the least amount of dead leaves littering the ground. All her unconscious efforts of trying to move undetected were, of course, negated by the outlander making HIS way through the scrub as noisily as anyone not trained in the sneaking arts. He gave her a quick glance before his eyes went back to erratically scanning the forest about them.

"Forests and i have had a turbulent past." When she quirked her eyebrow silently, he elaborated. "They have tendancy to become sentient, and usually malicious in my presence." His eyes continued to dart about their surroundings nervously as she gave him an unbelieving glare. "This has happened before?"

"A couple of times, yeah." he said as he nearly stumbled on an exposed root. He stopped dead still for a few moments, waiting nervously. when nothing happened, he continued to follow her. "And how long does this transformation process usually take?" She asked in a sardonic whisper.

"Oh, a couple of decades usually."

"Then what is the problem?"

"The usually part. rules always have room for exceptions."

"Shouldn't that be 'rules usuallyhave room for exceptions." He gave her a good approximation of her scowl.

Adric opened his mouth to retort, but stopped when the woman raised her hand in a gesture for silence. The two crouched down in the brush, and adric slowly pulled a dark grey hood up over his head to obscure his distinctive and easily spotted crimson hair.

They crouched in the underbrush for a few minutes until three figures made their way stealthily into the area. One of the men, the one with a piece of cloth across his eyes stopped the other two.

After a moment's silence the blindfolded man spoke.

"I've only encountered anything like this in one man before. . .Come out and say hello Mad Adric"

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Author:  Chaos [ Thu Apr 12, 2007 10:59 am ]
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He stood there, simply waiting for Adric to make the next move. After a few moments pause, the leaves rustled and the man in the grey cloak appeared before them. The blind bandit was surprised at the wave of relief that came over him. Then again, Mad has always made me feel like someone in the room was scraping chalkboards, just from the way he thinks, I can never read him beyond the physical. In his minds eye, he saw Mad’s muscles tense, reading himself for the worse. He felt the air around them begin to move in ways that would be deemed impossible by man. He also felt a hand go to a blade, the whisper of cold steel greeting the night air.

“Your female companion can join you if she wishes. There will be no surprises tonight.”
Another moment passed as the second figure came out of the shrubs to stand beside Adric.

After another moment, Adric’s voice drifted out from behind his hood. “So.”

“So, Adric, your on a path. Going somewhere with some sense of knowing where you are going, and I doubt that your passing through, you most likely were going to find our camp. Most likely, you were going to try sneak in. Most likely, something would have gone wrong. It always does. So… I’m here. I see this, and I see what is about to happen. I wish to stop it. So, cast the dice, see what happens. Why are you here Adric?”

No one could see it, well no one else, but Adric smiled. He reached up and pulled back his hood. “ We were heading toward a weapons cache that is in this area.”

The blind seer also let out a smile. “What a coincidence. Well then, shall we cut out the part that involves us killing each other? My Lord, would you mind entertaining two extra guests tonight? I promise you that these two would have not been a good target for you, and it might be in all our best interests to listen to what this man has to say. Now if you pardon me, someone is trying to steal my derringer.”

The blind seer turned around and wandered back to camp. I’ve done my part here. Hold on, I just handed over all my cards to Adric. I hope to god this works out then. Let’s see what you got, oh Chaosbard.

As he walked back to camp, the seerer removed the blindfold from his eyes, letting the chaosfire pour free for a minute before replacing the blindfold and appearing in camp, scaring the crap out of the man searching through the seer’s tent.

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Author:  Clay_Allison [ Sat Apr 14, 2007 12:27 am ]
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Pin Jung Tang, minister of defense for the Mandarin Empire sat in his office and glowered. He was glowering at at general who was looking too surprised to put up a reasonable attempt at glowering back.

"GONE?" The general goggled.

"Yes, the entire Sniper School is gone, as is the entire Sniper Corps. You should realize that when elite covert troops go, they are not easy to locate. They have effectively vanished. The Black Guards are also gone, but far easier to track. They have sacked a town, raided an armory and an ammo dump and taken the north road into Manchu." The man behind the desk sighed and shuffled papers.

"No doubt to join the Sniper Corps?" The general attempted not to look totally ignorant.

"Well, most of them probably. You shouldn't have stood next to the window." The minister sighed.

"What?" The man looked at the window in time to catch a bullet right between the eyes.

The minister pushed a button on his desk and the intercom buzzed.

"Send someone up here to drag out the general, and brick up the window to my office."


Clay Allison stood in the alley, patiently waiting for the person he expected to walk by. He had felt the intrusion into this world as soon as he came through. He didn't have long to wait. There he was, trench coat wet in the obnoxious and persistent rain. Clay fell in walking behind him. With blinding speed his hand shot out at the man's head.

Band whirled and was momentarily blinded, his eyes suddenly covered by...a hat. Standing before him was the grinning figure of Clay Allison, with Band's own Fedora set at an absurdly jaunty angle on his head.

"Evening, Band, what brings you to the House of the Rising Sun?"

Author:  BandMan2K [ Sun Apr 15, 2007 8:17 pm ]
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Man I’m soaked. I come in looking for fun and wind up turning into a wrinkled mess of wetness.

Band walks the streets trying to just keep himself out of the way of passersby who had a destination to get to. The thoughts going through his head preoccupied him as to just what he could do to help Clay & Mad…that was if he could even find them. The thought of just going back and hopefully find a way back to Bimbo’s did cross his mind.

No, not yet. There was a massive nuclear attack and if Clay & Mad are in this realm then they are trying to set things right. Mad, by himself, I would’ve believed in doing his own rendition of Slim Pickins but Clay’s not like that. There HAS to be a reason why. If I can just find him then…

At that moment, he felt a slight pressure of air coming upon him from behind. He quickly spun around and encountered a strange darkness. The pervasive stench of sweat mixed with the rain invaded his nostrils. Band took a step back and his eyes focused on what was on the other side of the hat. Taking the place of the hat was a smiling familiar face.

"Evening, Band, what brings you to the House of the Rising Sun?" inquired Clay.

“Holy Shit. I KNEW I would find ya around this city!” Band then noticed his Fedora slightly askew and adjusted it to keep his face somewhat dry before continuing. “Although technically I would have to admit it was you who found me. It’s good to see ya.” Band then proceeded to give Clay a quick hug and look upon his visage for the first time in quite a few years. “My friend, I hope you can find a dry place that’s wet with whiskey since my flask’s out…and perhaps explain to me what the Hell I saw up in the Western mountains along with just what are you doing here in this realm. Do you understand how much a pain this has been roaming a landmass that speaks some dialect of Chinese and I can’t understand one fucking syllable?”

Band moved along Clay and draped an arm over his shoulders like a friendly hold but in reality Band felt like a drowning man holding onto the last piece of floating debris in hopes of staying above the surface.

Author:  madadric [ Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:14 pm ]
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Adric noticed the wary, suspicious, and decidedly hostile looks he got from the Bandits as he and the Hashishiyun woman entered the supply station - come - bandit camp.

The age, sex, and battle-scars of the three dozen bandits varied quite a lot, but there were two consistencies. They were all dressed in ragged looking army surplus, and they were all to a degree grimy and scarred. Some had families and relatives in tow, holed up in tents and makeshift shelters in and around the small, overgrown facility.

"So, Mad, what brings you to this camp? sightseeing?" Chaos asked as he re-emerged from his tent, refastening his blindfold. Adric smiled his wolfish smile and turned so that he addressed both his fellow outlander and the leader of the bandit camp.

"I've come to hire you lot for a job. one that will give you all the bounty you could want."

"And what is job that, stranger?" Al'Aman said with distrust clear in his scowl. Adric relaxed against the grimy vine-covored cement wall of one of the depot's square, unimaniative structures, rolling a large clay coin across his knuckles.

"I want you to help me scare the shit out of some Dravidian soldiers." he paused, and grinned a malicious half-grin. "And, if you feel like it, eventually topple the emperor from his throne. Or blow up parliment. I've a few other ideas for decentralizing and destabilizing the govornment, but we'll see what's going to work best."

The camp around the small group had gone quieter, as some of the other camp members began to listen in. Al'Aman nervously looked around and gestured adric inside the ugly building. "Let's discuss this further - inside."

Author:  Chaos [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:23 am ]
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So that’s the plan…

As he watched Adric open up into his speal, Chaos forced himself to run through the scenario three times before coming to the conclusions that he did not nearly know enough. Through observation he knew the jist of this place, and knew enough to survive, enough to approach these men without killing him. He just didn’t know enough to work on the level that mad was thinking in the way that he wanted. So, information it is.

He followed the other men into the tent, and sat, and listened.

OOC: Mad, I’ve thought through what my character is going to be running with, and basically, I really can’t do much till after we all start moving. But I gots a plan now!!!

Author:  Clay_Allison [ Thu Apr 19, 2007 11:06 pm ]
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Clay led band to a train, some few blocks distant and plied him along the way with a bottle of what might pass on this world for scotch, but really could only claim authoritatively to contain ethanol.

"I sent the prophetess back to the mountains for the moment, she'll be safe in my fortress with the Hashishiyun. She'll be writing propoganda while we sort out the beginning of this period of eastern revolution."

Band nodded and presently they were ushered to the dining car of the train, just as it began to move. Clay waved and spoke to the serving woman, apparently in normal english, to order more alcohol. The woman bowed and hurried off.

"The trick is to speak into their minds, not their ears. Then pick up on the ideas that are being sent to the speech centers of the brain, that last bit is taxing for a while, but you don't need to do that forever, your brain will make the connections between the ideas and what you've heard and you'll understand them soon enough. We'll be heading north, into a more sympathetic and defensible part of the Empire."

Author:  madadric [ Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:18 pm ]
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"There's a war coming." Adric said, looking from one face to the next as they sat in the bandit leader's tent around a small folding table. Well, some sat. Adric paced around the small room, his eyes flickered about as though he was trying to catch glimpses of something out of the corner of his vision as he chased several tengental ideas and plans about inside his jumbled head.

"And i am my colleague are here to make sure it's the war we want, not the war our adversary wants. Down his road lies only mutual anihilation, down our road . . . well, we'll just have to see, wont we?" He leant over AlAman's small battered cabinet in the corner and picked up a small brass statue of a four-armed woman weilding swords and with the severed heads of men strapped to her belt. This caused him to smile.

"The first thing we have to do is muddy the water, get the general population and the army to doubt that their leaders are taking the right actions. This includes turning that monk nation into a crater."

"Monk nation?" Al'Aman's second enquired.

"Both the Dravidian Empire and the Mandarin Empire have commited an act of unprovoked genocide against the Gateway of Peace" Stoat, the Hashisiyun woman spoke flatly and without emotion, although there was a spark in her eye.

There was silence for a few moments as horror dawned in all the faces of the natives present, and adric could see gears turning in Chaos' mind, by the way he stood with his arms crossed, tapping a forefinger on an elbow.

Adric jumped in before any of the men could say the heated words on their lips. "Each nation is blaming the other for the explosions, and intend to use it as an excuse to attack each other. My job, and if you want it, yours, is to thwart their attmepts to organize and attack."

Al'Aman looked skeptical. "That's quite a large job for little more than 150 men. . ." he said doubtfully. "How do you intend to acheive such a lofty goal?"

"Fear and superstition. The people are going to believe their ancestors and even their gods abhor their emperor's actions." The men around the battered table looked at each other, each still seeing skepticisim clear on his fellow's face, with the ecxeption of Chaos, he finally saw what mad was intending.

For one who has trouble understanding cause and effect, he's showing a surprising grasp of social structures and politics. Chaos thought to himself. Adric, i can never get a grasp on what's going on in your head...

"Once again," Al'Aman spoke, exasperation at this red-haired outlander creeping into his voice. "How?"

"Your men are going to disguise themselves as the spirits of dead soldiers and you're going to spook and harass Dravidia's supply routes, and perhaps scare a few villages here and there. Meanwhile we'll have someone acting as a prophet, spreading word about the 'evils of the emperor and judgement day' et cetera. To add credence to our story, i have with me a master of illusion. She will help to give the authenticity of a large force of dead soldiers and a god or two."

All the men but chaos looked at the Hashishiyun woman standing silently near the tent's entrance. Adric laughed.

"No, not her." adric said, and he took his the stone coin from his pocket and flipped it into the air. It spun for a short moment before it silently vanished in mid-toss and a naked woman with purple skin and dark hair stood there, looking around curiously.

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Just as quickly as they had met, Clay was leading Band to the rail line. While making their way there, a bottle of hard liquor was passed from one to the other. Band took a swig and felt the burning that usually denoted it was a form of White Lightning. Taking the burning in stride, Clay tried his best to bring him up to speed on the previous events. He explained the two main powers of the Dravidian & the Mandarin Empires, the peace-loving nation that was destroyed by nuclear attacks and the last remaining priestess of the Order in Clay’s care.

By then, they were both in the train’s dining car. It was much more like a Pullman car that could actually accommodate both of their large frames. After Clay ordered for the both of them he explained how he was able to converse with the people here. Band’s mind sort of went blank.

“Wait a minute…speak into their mind? You don’t honestly think I could do this, do ya?”

“It’s not out of your range. I’m sure your alter ego would be more than willing to help you in that regard. However I will warn you now: You are not to do anything to the Prophetess that Pervy would do or you’ll answer to me. She is under my charge.”

“Hey, you’re nice enough to let me enjoy this shindig you’re brewing, I’m not gonna piss in your Kool-Aid.” Band then enjoys another pull on the moonshine before continuing. “Could you explain this ‘Hatch-ee-yon’ thing you were talking about?”

“It’s pronounced ‘Hash-ish-e-yoon.’ It’s the root word that gives us ‘Assassin’ now. They’re my personal soldiers. Here in this realm, I’m the King of the Hashishiyun. They’re the best at what they do and she’s in good hands there. Right now, we’re heading North to a more sympathetic & better defensible part of the Mandarin Empire. We’re really going to have our work cut out for us.”

Band just absorbs this all in until he flashes upon his previous battle further west. He looks back towards Clay. “Oh, guess I should show you this.” He proceeds to lend it to Clay so he can examine it. “It’s a new variant on my old Energy Blade. It’s wireless, holds a great charge, can extend itself to 40 plus feet & if necessary can change the shape to become a body shield. The coat has plating inside to reflect incoming rounds upwards of 40 Mike Mike, contains the recharger for both blades & pulls power from my body heat so I’m not tied to the Sun or a mini-nuke reactor for power.” Clay seemed to be somewhat impressed with the laundry list of specs he was assailed with. Band then concluded, “I’ll tell ya, it was pretty satisfying using it on that band of cutthroats in that western town at the base of the Range. However I used my bayonet to kill that dumbass that tried to intimidate me as he died. Amazing how some people will invoke the Devil and say ‘The Demon Will Make You Pay.’ I must admit it struck me odd that he spoke in English.”

The look on Clay’s face was shocking to Band.

“What’s wrong?”

Author:  Clay_Allison [ Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:11 am ]
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"Oh," Clay said, voice ice cold. "Either this train just got shit on by the world's biggest birds or we took on passengers in that stand of trees we just went through. We'll be in a tunnel in 2 minutes, expect trouble dressed in black just before the lights go out...you take the direction you're facing, I'll take mine. Finish your drink."

Clay finished his drink and withdrew a large revolver from a shoulder holster setting t on the table and pulling another to set beside it.

Clay pulled out a pocket watch and becan a countdown.

"45.....40.....35.....30.....25...Oh, they will be alot like ninjas, twin wakazashi-style swords, expect throwing stars, dressed in black..., take it from there."

Clay stood up and grabbed the waitress by the wrist, pulled her down and shoved her under the table.

Exactly on his count, if Clay had bothered to finish it, the lights went out as the train entered the tunnel and simultaneously doors opened on either side of the nearly empty dining car and Clay stood.

Clay picked one revolver off the tabletop and fired. the car was lit for the moment by the flash of the gun, just long enough to see one man fatally shot as three others scrambled in.

Clay assumed similar operations were going on behind him but focused on the ones facing him.

"Don't try to escape! You are doo-" *BLAM* *thump*

That was a bad idea... Clay thought. Clay moved in a zig-zag down the aisle, feeling for sound, listening for breath. Suddenly, from one of the tables a frightened man, fumbing with a bent cigarette in mouth, lit a match.

There was a tenth of a moment of shock and the man screamed as a metal star stuck in the back of his hand. The match went out but not in time as clay fired again, killing the star-thrower. He swung his gun back toward the other but it was knocked from his hand as the ninja tackled him, dagger in hand.

What followed was a few tense moments of ground-fighting that would have thrilled a UFC audience on another world, Clay struggling to take control of the man's dagger, the other man attempting to insert same in Clay. Finally they fetched up against a table with Clay holding off the man's right wrist with his left hand and the Shinobi attempting unsuccessfully to strangle him with his left.

Suddenly the train left the tunnel and the Shinobi saw that Clay was grinning.

"What are you smiling about?!?" He yelled, but he never found out as Clay swept his second revolver off the table and shot him in the head.

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Everyone bar adric stared in silent shock at the figure of a young woman in the center of the room. This was understandable, because there were a number of things about the woman that made not staring somewhat of an impossibility.

The first was that she'd seemed to appear out of midair when the red-haired outlander had tossed what looked like a large stone coin or small medallion into the air. The next thing was her oddly coloured skin, and dark blue hair, and eyes the blue of a tropical lagoon. Thirdly, the girl had a number of coiled, seductively writhing psudopodia coming from her back, each about as thich as her arm and roughly her height of 5'7''. Those that paid close attention to the tips of her tentacle-like appendages blushed and quickly looked away in shock, as they resembled pouting facsimilies of female genetalia. Last, and still quite obvious for the reasons of the people's stares was the fact that she didn't wear a single stitch of clothing.

The silence built until it reached a kind of conversational critical mass, and everyone in the tent bar the silent Hashishiyun burst out with exclaimations and questions.

"What is this? some kind of devil? a spirit?"

"Is this some kind of illusionist trick?"

"Mad, why does she look like . . . her?"

"Explain yourself, outlander!"

Adric merely smiled at all the noise coming from the group. "Now just think - you're all shocked at her sudden and unusual appearance. Imagine the Dravidian soldiers' reactions when she creates some really shocking illusions."

Al'aman got a calculating look on his face, and he turned to Adric. "We will need to discuss this amongst ourselves. Could you and you . . . companions leave us for a while? Sherr here will show you to a spare tent."

Adric, the Hashishiyun, and the strange purple creature left the tent, following a very nervous bandit who did not speak and merely gestured them to follow him.

"You made quite an impression, it seems." Adric said to the purple appirition. She smiled at him, and Muz'so'soth noted she had a very expressive face. Adric laughed at something, still looking at the newcomer as their guide showed them into a tent large enough for the three of them.
"I will bring you some food," he said, nervously looking at the naked girl out of the corner of his eye.

Again adric turned to face the woamn before he laughed and turned to the assassin. "It's amusing that they find her more disturbing than you - just goes to show how most people are most afraid of what they do not understand."

Muz'so'soth's eyes narrowed. "But what exactly is it?"

"Luci is a transdimensional creature made entirely of thought and emotion. I met her in a bar a very long way from - well, a long way from anywhere, i guess."

"A trans-what?"

"Spirit-creature would probably be the most literal translation into our languages. She doesn't really have any physical form, but projects an image based on parts of the psyche of a native creature of the dimensional frame she's in." He paused, and gestured to himself "In this case, me, or more specifically, memories of someone i knew."

"You knew someone who had . . . tentacles with . . .those?" the Hashishiyun frowned.
"I think she probably picked those up from a friend of mine. I don't think i gave her that idea at least." he stopped and leaned baack into the foldaway chair, and relaxed. "at any rate her nature makes her a master of illusions, and i intend to get her to project all sorts of manifestations from dravidian faery-tales onto the battlefield. Like that statue of what i'm guessing is probably called Kali we saw in the leader's tent"

"Khan'li" The Hashishiyun corrected. "She beheads the enemies of her worshippers and drinks their blood. i think some worship her as a fertility goddess too."

"Perfect" adric says as Chaos enters the tent, balancing four bowels of what smelled like goat soup.

Author:  Chaos [ Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:38 pm ]
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"So she's a creature of pure energy, and she still has an appendix. Seriously, adric, What the Fuck!?!" Chaos placed the bowls in front adric, Stoat and Luci. "I hope you don't mind. I waylayed that lackey and brought the food myself, thought that the great and powerful Al'Aman wasn't the only one who needed to think and talk.”

Chaos passed out the bowls of soup, Taking time with each to address the person he was serving, starting with the Hashishiyun.

“Madam, It seems that you travel with entertaining company, or the fates have cursed you with our company. Either, or, it shall be a pleasure to know what lies beneath your silence.”

He turned to the purple apperation, “Luci. Always a pleasure. It's been to long.” She smiled back at him and started to eat.

He finally turned to adric. Handing him his soup and sitting down to and took time to appreciate the first taste of his soup. "Adric, I have some questions to ask of you, but I'm pretty certain you got a few things to ask me, and just to shorten things up and I'll fill in what's most obvious. I'm pretty certain you ripped some sort of dimensional rift at the BB&E, right? Well, I got caught in it. I woke up, with a massive headache, and right outside of this camp. As I'm not bulletproof I decided to play divine blind seer. They don't know my name, and they frightened stiff of me, but they seem to have realized that I'm a good guy to keep around. I'm pleased that I've found a familiar face that can explain to me what the hell it going on."

Mad was halfway through a mouthful of soup, so Chaos accepted the nod. Seeing Luci involved in her own bowl, and Stoat a little to unsure of herself to question this near stranger, Chaos continued. "So, I'm pretty certain that Al'Aman picked up on this too, but you didn't mention who this mysterious enemy is. Knowing you, this bears nothing but bad news. So, tell me adric. Who is this great enemy, and who else in involved in this little escapade? Oh, and how comfortable is your companion here with... us? I mean, in general, how flashy are we going to get here with powers? Actually, now that I get into in. A general exposition moment seems to be in order here."

Author:  BandMan2K [ Thu Apr 26, 2007 3:50 am ]
Post subject: 

The response Band got from Clay was way out in Left Field from what he was expecting. He figured not to question the Gunfighter’s senses and proceeded to get ready. Brandishing his two blade hilts, he made sure to reset them from 42 inches to 24 inches so as to negate as much collateral destruction as possible from the close-quarters combat. As Clay counted down & explained the attackers, all Band did was nod his head while getting one more shot of the moonshine.

As he got into position, the lights went out and he could barely see movement, but he did hear the door opening. Following the gunshot from Clay, Band could see in that flash 4 fighters dressed as ninjas. It was almost comical if it wasn’t for the shuriken that thudded against his jacket’s chest armor. Immediately, Band ran towards the fighters at the door, hoping to bottleneck them in the doorway. He bobbed & weaved as he heard a star then a spike being thrown at him. He made sure they were hitting his jacket so they didn’t hurt him or accidentally hit Clay in the back. Flipping the hilts to underhand, he crossed his arms and opened up the lead fighter’s chest. The scream was bloodcurdling as his lifeblood flowed freely then marked where he fell. Another took his place and lunged his wakazashi towards Band’s face. The blade merely nicked his right cheek and in payment was given the full measure of an Energy Blade from between his legs up through his head. As he fell, Band used the other blade in Defense Mode to create a shield. Pushing forward, the remaining two were unable to get any attacks through and were pushed out of the train car. One lost his footing, fell off the knuckle, and was sucked up into the wheels. Suddenly, the train emerged from the tunnel and the full glow of the moon illuminated the area almost as fully as daylight. Startling Band for a split second, it was enough time for the last remaining Shinobi to run into the car towards Clay from behind. The report of a revolver resounded once again in the car as Clay finished his last enemy but before he noticed the attacker on his six, Band threw his blade end over end. The last gasp of air and thud of gravity was satisfying along with the view of the hilt standing proudly off the Shinobi’s back as Band made his way into the car.

He looked about the car and noticed the many dead ninjas but thankfully only one civilian was injured in the hand. Withdrawing his hilt from the ninja’s back, he powered them both down & replaced them back in their recharging ports. Then he started pulling the shurikens out of his jacket. Once done, he came up to Clay as he stood on his feet.

“Well…that was interesting. Maybe we oughta go to the Smoking Car and leave the mess to the stewards.”

Clay didn’t immediately respond but instead kept more attention on the dead bodies. Band then figured now was the best time to ask. “Hey Clay…just who do these guys work for? Or perhaps I should ask who did you piss off instead?”

Author:  madadric [ Thu Apr 26, 2007 6:47 am ]
Post subject: 

AS chaos talked, Adric quickly wolfed down several mouthfulls of the spicy soup. i think the meat is goat... he thoguht as he chewed on a gristly morsel. I hope it's goat. As chaos finished his questions, adric swallowed and prepared to answer.

"Well, i'll start with the the most important question i guess. Unfortunately, it's also one of the ones i know the least about." He fished out a piece of mushroom and popped it into his mouth, chewing as he talked.

"It seems that Clay and this enemy dude have been butting heads for a long time. Probably not 'in the begginning' long, but longer than i at least care to comprehend." He swallowed the mushroom "the idea of sticking around as the same guy for so long you outlive stars is well...horrifying" adric gave a very sincere shudder.

"Anyway. Clay called this guy Nyar, although i have no idea if that's his original name or even a regular one. From what i understand Nyar either feeds off creating entropic situations and the deaths of worlds and cultures - or it's some kind of religion for him." Adric shrugged before he popped another spicy mouthful of goat meat into his mouth and began to chew it. "Or both."

"Now, as for who else is here; i have no idea. Clay did mention he left the door ajar so others could follow, but i don't think anyone's watching. There's a good change others from the bar and grill have come through, and a chance we might have a few . . . external influences as well. As far as i can tell, this world doesn't have much to offer to dimensional travellers - it seems like a bit of a evolutionary dead end - as you and i would probably grade them."

"And powers?" chaos asked as adric shovelled several more spoonfulls of soup away. "Should we use any amount of discretion?"

"Don't really care," Adric said after swallowing a mouthfull he probably should have chewed a few more times. "As i said before, this world is practically little more than a headstone as far as paranatural energies are concerned. The more we shake shit up, the better it can only be for this dump."

"From your perspective, at least." Chaos said sardonically. Adric grinned. "If this Nyar guy is as big a deal as Clay's making him out to be, we can't afford kid gloves. The only reason we should learn this reality's rules is so we can go out of the way to break 'em."

"What about Clay?" Chaos asked. "To be honest, I don't really care what clay thinks we should or shouldn't do either. He brought me along to be a wildcard. I can barely be said wildcard if my hands are tied by rules. It's like buying a racehorse and then cutting off a leg so it doesn't run away. Why the fuck did you buy a racehorse?"

Chaos glanced over at the silent Hashishiyun who was watching the both of them with a look of mixed apprehension and incredulity. The bowl of soup sat in her lap untouched.

"And what do you thing of all this Stoat?" he asked.

"I think that you are both utterly mad." she said flatly.

Adric laughed, and chaos undid his blindfold and removed it, revealing his glowing blue eyes. "No, he's Mad. I'm chaos."

Author:  Clay_Allison [ Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

"Yeah, it's not who I pissed off, It's who pissed me off."

Clay reached into his overcoat and pulled out a cigar, lighting it, he continued.

"I was born on a world that no longer exists. Worlds too close to the edge of chaos never last long. Either they are wiped out by entropy or there are these fantastic "solar flares" that come out of the courts of chaos and wipe it out overnight...practically."

He blew out a puff of smoke.

"I am the survivor of such an event and I have a naturally calloused attitude towards death. I personally don't give a damn about the numbers, I watch stars go nova, I watch super-viruses kill entire worlds. I save a certain few. I take a few things from each world, plant them elsewhere. Old world dies, new world springs up with benefits of the former.

The demons that topple these worlds know not to FUCK with that process. This fellow, though, he has ambition. He's going to be big in the courts of chaos if he breaks down the natural order, if the worlds fall faster and faster until this bubble of sanity we call the universe falls apart. So he breaks my one rule. Don't ever try to get to me through my charges.

He thought he had me but I bit the bullet, called his bluff and beat him there. I've chased him through...six worlds, six hundred, I don't remember.

Each time I thwart him a little more, make him a little weaker. If we win this time, if he doesn't feed, I'll destroy him. So you see why he might be a little desperate to stop us. He might could have stopped me, but I invited friends and that includes the nuclear option himself. Adric. Randy's dead and he doesn't even know it. Let's just make sure he doesn't tear us up while he thrashes."

Author:  Chaos [ Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:25 am ]
Post subject: 

“What devilry is this?”

The question was so at odds at what he was feeling at this moment, that Chaos had to laugh. It was funny. He found himself in a strange land, only to come across the most familiar of people, who followed the most familiar of concepts, and was told to go and make this place familiar to himself. Then there was one woman who was trying to maintain some sense that normality applied here. How absurd! Sanity was the first thing that needed to go.

Chaos took a moment to appreciate the feeling of letting pure chaosfire flow from his eyes again. The comfortable feel of the blue mist brushing against his brow was akin to finally releasing an overworked muscled after hours of clenching it tight. He found a smile come to his lips as he savored the next words out of his mouth.

“Devilry? Madam Stoat, I am surprised at you. You’ve traveled with Adric, you met me in circumstances that proved that I was more then a mere mortal man, you see such creatures as Luci, and don’t flinch, but the moment a man seems to defy your logic, you show such doubt in reality.”

Chaos shook his head and took a swig from a bottle filled with some form of moonshine and continued. “Stoat, my dear, I am no more or less human then our red headed comrade here. I’d even be willing to call ourselves brothers; after all, our minds were born of the same mother. I am, like Adric, a being who has fallen completely to the force that gives us strength.”

Stoat seemed to show some annoyance on her face but for a split second before speaking, “I knew you were more than a simple blind man. You eyes surprised me, that is all.”

“They would.” Chaos turned to Adric, “So Adric, you seemed to have made a choice on a course of action. It seems that there are some very basic things that fall from this. One being that if we are to be anything more then a minor threat, that we’ll need information. Naturally I’ll have that to you by the time your ready to move out, I’ll leave tonight for the nearest city and get a list of trade routes, cargo manifests, so forth and so on. You’ll have something whipped up by then I’ll suppose?”

Adric chuckled softly, “ I’m glad to see your enthusiastic. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Excellent. Al'Aman will join with you, if only to see how this will go. Impress him with the fist gig, and he’ll stick with ya`. Other then that, I can hear them wrapping up in the command tent soon, so is there anything else you wanted to ask?

Author:  madadric [ Fri Apr 27, 2007 4:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

"Just one other thing." adric said as he finished his soup and stood, leaving the simple bowl in the folding chair.

"While you're out scouting, i'd like for you to play the role of Blind Seer a little more. Get a feel for these people's legends, and spread some talesof these legends coming back, vengful and angry at the corrupt and fooling emperor." He was momentarily distracted as luci, still naked, stood and extended both her humanoid limbs and several of the smooth cylindrical prehensile psudopods in a langorous stretch, like a cross between an octopus and a cat.

"Keep it low-key. Whispers and suspicions. I want rumours that spread quietly at first, and then like wildfire after our first ...event"

Chaos nodded and helt the tent flap open as the otherts exited. Stoat raised an eyebrow at chaos as she exited.

Author:  BandMan2K [ Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:28 am ]
Post subject: 

Band just stands there while Clay espouses on the reason for him being in this realm. Revealing the Demon’s name as only Randy, Band nods his head.

“Hmm. Definitely worth my while coming to this realm then. Been too long since I’ve had a Demon vs. Demon fight. Right now though, perhaps we should clean up after ourselves?”

Band then makes his way over to the dead Shinobi on the far side of the train car that he was responsible for killing. Propping the door to the next car open he tossed the bodies through the car gap and let them hit where they may, always making sure they didn’t disconnect the line for the Air Brakes. Completing his job, he made his way back to Clay who was done disposing of the ones he killed while taking another long pull from the moonshine.

“So these Shinobi worked for Randy?”

”Yes, they did.”

“Does Randy have better fighters on his payroll than those clowns?”

”Undoubtedly. Why, does that scare you?”

”No…just wondering what to expect.”

Just then, a couple stewards come from the front of the train into the Dining Car. Clay talks to them the way he conversed with the waitress earlier. Passing something to them, they tipped their hats & returned back to the front of the train.

“Ah graft: Never fails in any realm” ,said Band as the thumbs his way through his pocket and count the remaining coins he has from LovelyAngel. “Well, what say we get out of here and try not to draw any more attention to us?” Clay had finished reloading his guns and holstering them. “Sounds fine by me. Our cabin is one car forward.” With that, Band followed Clay into the cabin where not another word was uttered between the two. He’s definitely on patrol & there’s no sense in asking him stupid questions. With those thoughts in his head, Band nodded off.

As the Sun’s verdant rays permeated the cabin, Band was roused from his much-needed sleep to see the train slowing down. Through the window, he could see they were coming up to a station and the Conductor yelled in Chinese while making his way to the back of the train. The medium-sized hangover was giving him a mild headache, but he could manage without a painkiller. He looks upon Clay who had gathered his things together.

“This is our stop, Band. From here on in, we don’t stop until Randy’s dead. I have no plans for him to leave this realm alive. Do you understand?”

Band held his head in his hands then into Clay’s eyes. The look of vengeance was blooming deep within those eyes and he knew what his answer better be.

“I go no problems with that. All or nothing’s what I usually do anyways. So…just where the hell are we and what’s the objective of being here?”

Author:  Chaos [ Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:27 am ]
Post subject: 

“I see where your going with this, Mad, I like it. I got a different role in mind though. You go ahead, talk to fearless leader over there. I’m going to see if I can’t get myself equipped for this trip to town.” Chaos’s grinning face fell, as he tied his blindfold rag over his eyes once more, and set of into the darkness of night.

No one really saw him for the rest of the evening.

The guards at the supply stash heard nothing, but an opened create and the remnants of a silk kerchief were the only testimony to Chaos’ visit.

The next day, a few men could talk about a blind card player who taught them how to hide their vocal tells.

A tailor could speak of a strange man, who purchased clothes at his store.

One unfortunate man had a tale of seeing someone bathing in a lake, in a rather public place.

All of these tales never would come together though, and a well dressed man, with a thin, inch wide band of silk covering his eyes wandered into town. Anyone who bothered to follow him would have been rather uninterested. Any comments about his eyes received a polite comment about a tannery accident and politeness to others. The man purchased a few books in a store, asked a few directions, and bought a room for the night in a low priced inn, and drank for part of the night.

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