Illustrate My Description Queue Activity Thread
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Author:  Spools [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Illustrate My Description Queue Activity Thread

This is just like the interpret my face thread, but instead of pictorially interpreting another pricture, you have to pictorially interpret a sentence, prargraph, short short story or description written by the previous poster. this is great for the more linguistically inclined, the sadistic, and the hard workers. Description can be as long as a pros paragraph or as short as six or more adjectives and nouns separated by commas.

This is a great fun to write a little complicated metaphorical thing and then watch as the next poor fellow scrambles to come up with something fitting. Only drawback is that you might be on the recieving end.
Remeber, emphasis is on fun and experimentation, not on skill or "I do this a lot anyway" confidence.
I don't expect this to take off as seriously as the other one, because I'm not plugging it as hard, but I'm sure it might be even more enjoyable.

Related thread with rules and stuff

To start you off:
Green, turpentine, charge, dead cow, serpentine, and wrinkle.

Elaborate puns and incomprehensible cartoons encouraged.

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