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Author:  LovelyAngel [ Sat Dec 23, 2006 6:57 am ]
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The LovelyAngel smiles at Shinigami's last remark. A God of Death -- with a conscience -- and a sense of humor. Who would have thought? I guess I must've assumed their humor would run towards the macabre, she thinks. But Shin has been most amiable. The LovelyAngel is honored by Shin's candor but feels that perhaps she's overstepped the bounds of courtesy as she takes Shin's humorous reply as a gentle deferral of additional probing.

She sees possibly a hint of wistfulness in the death god's face. "I do appreciate your sharing of your story," the LovelyAngel responds. "Thank you, Shin. Your journey must be a difficult one, indeed.

"As for the Bar and Grill... yes, it does attract quite the range of clientele, doesn't it? And after some of the fights we've had in here, I'm surprised the place is still standing. The fact that folks still like to come here delights me, though. I do love this place." The LovelyAngel looks a bit wistful herself as she recalls many memories of BB&G.

"But, hey, you've told me a long story... and your glass has been empty the entire time! You must need a refill! What's your poiso... er... what can I get you?"

Author:  Shinigami [ Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:14 pm ]
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Shin smiles, "Would you do me the pleasure of sharing a cup of green tea with me, my dear? I don't well expect that I can spend the rest of my life here, though I am quite comfortable. And I do believe you owe me a story as well, Angel-chan. Maybe you could tell me a little bit more about this place."

[OOC] Wow! This place has turned into the LovelyAngel/Shinigami show XD Come on, folks! Don't leave me to bore you with my barely coherent writings~[/OOC]

Author:  Spools [ Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:26 pm ]
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Yoshi flashed an ingratiating smile, his fidgety fingers moving towards Robot Spools's neck. He ignored the sheepish comment, asking instead "Do you mind if I.." before deftly undoing all the bolts and pulling off the cyborgs head once again. Placing the self-concious scull atop the stained and now very late cards, he peeks in the top of the robots tors ocasing, marveling at the innards. "what a mickey-mouse operation this is! It's amazing it even works, look at that..." he breaths. The robot on the counter bites its lip, swallowing a yelp of protest as Yoshi brazenly inserts his hand down the gaping spine-hole.

Author:  Briareos [ Sun Dec 24, 2006 12:07 am ]
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"Spools, he is a great tech, but don't let him sell you anything." says Briareos from his fireside chair. "Yoshi is known for going completely in debt for parts, the only thing he loves more than working on Guges, Cyborgs and motorcycles is Hitomi."

*Briareos has also noticed the entrance of a death god. Mentally he shrugs as Bri has done plenty of business with his type in the past, usually on the referal side, though he makes a mental note that this one does seem a bit different.*

"I always find it amusing when people try and redecorate the place" Bri says in sotto voce reference to the posters and such and he wonders if it will become a permanent fixture at the next reset.

*Leaving his drink at the fireside Bri desides to stretch his legs and size up some of the new arrivals.*

Author:  LovelyAngel [ Sun Dec 24, 2006 4:56 pm ]
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One of the Mikuru waitresses scampers over to the LovelyAngel, who provides instructions in a low voice. "Hai!" the waitress acknowledges sweetly and runs off.

The LovelyAngel then returns her attention to Shinigami. "I do owe you a story, don't I? Fair is fair.

"I could start my story 'Once upon a time that has not yet happened.' Time is a very complicated thing, and I am connected to one of many possible futures for planet Earth. In this future, Earth is at war with the <i>Uchuu Kaijuu</i>, or Space Monsters. There's a shortage of good pilots -- and an extreme shortage of psychic ones. I am one of three pilots whose psychic signatures were detectable in the future and were recruited to assist in the battle. Due to some quirk in the nature of my powers, my abilities weaken the longer I stay in the future, and I have to return to my own time to recharge. So I'm the only pilot who commutes across time, as it were. I won't explain the mechanics of how that works; I hardly understand it myself.

"I have a nice base of operations here so that I can train using my own mecha -- a highly-modified version of a mass-produced Gunbuster. My Sizzler Black is specifically tuned to my psychic wavelengths."

Shin listens attentively, but the LovelyAngel wonders how much of this can make sense to anyone who hasn't been privy to the future. Then again, a God of Death surely has seen many unusual things, so perhaps this isn't too far outside of his experience.

Hustling towards the conversation, a Mikuru waitress carrying a tray of refreshments scurries... stumbles... and spills the tray contents all over the LovelyAngel.

"WAAAAAH!" the waitress cries, <i>"Gomen nasai! GOMEN!"</i>

The LovelyAngel takes her bar towel and wipes off her catsuit, the beaded drops of liquid being absorbed with ease. "No worries," she says calmly and smiles at the waitress who is on her hands and knees, frantically gathering shards of broken ceramic and dropping them onto the tray. The waitress wipes up the spilled liquid then hurries back to the kitchen.

The pilot resumes her story. "There is apparently one other reason I'm wanted by the military in the future -- and why they're willing to expend such incredible resources to include me in battles.

"No one understands the mechanism... no one has an explanation... but there is something about me -- or my relationship with the Universe... that causes chaos to flourish. I'm some sort of magnet for disasters. One might think that's a really bad thing in military operations, but there are times it comes in handy -- particularly when the odds are astronomically against us -- and chaos disables the enemy's organization."

Shin raises an eyebrow but also displays the glimmer of a smile. <i>Is there something he knows about this?</i> The LovelyAngel makes a mental note to ask the death god later. With her hands she sweeps her long hair back behind her shoulders and continues her story.

"This Chaos Factor is genetic somehow, as I've been told that one of my distant descendants also has the trait. Her name is Yuri, and she also has taken the name Lovely Angel. I don't know how much she actually knows about me.

"I'm rather used to having chaos break out all around me, but it can be disconcerting at times. Witness the chaos I've attracted in The Initiation Fight, The Never-Ending Party, and this very own Bar & Grill. Fortunately, people are often not aware that I'm a common denominator." The LovelyAngel grins.

The Mikuru waitress returns, moving much more carefully this time. From a ceramic teapot the waitress pours green tea into the tea cups she has placed before Shin and the LovelyAngel. She leaves the teapot and a dish of Chidori sesame cookies and chocolate Pocky™ between the conversationalists. With a slight bow, the waitress excuses herself and returns to the kitchen.

Looking at Shinigami, the LovelyAngel takes her teacup and raises it before her in the manner of a toast. "To new acquaintences... and a brief, co-mingling of our journeys... may we find friendship and peace along the way."

Author:  Shinigami [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 12:13 am ]
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The death god raises his glass level with Angel's before bringing it to his lips to sip at its cotents.

"Well, I'm convinced that you're indeed a magnet for disaster, my dear," Shin continues, a grin sweeping his face, "or more specifically, for catching disaster's eye."

The LovelyAngel smiles, a very mild redness in her cheeks. The two share a rather comfortable silence between them as they finish their drink.

"I think I need to stretch my legs," Shin says, rising to his feet. "A nice walk would surly do me wonders. You are free to join me if you wish. If not, I will almost surely see you upon my return," the death god finishes, bowing his head politely to his new friend.

[OOC] I think Christmas is probably a rather crazy day for most of us. I'll still be keeping up with this thread, however. Though I'll be rather busy through the day, I'm free to interact with, and will probably post again later today.[/OOC]

Author:  wolf346 [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 2:22 am ]
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Wolfie entered the Bar & Grill completely unnoticed, despite being clothed in a festive red and white ninja garb and carrying a large sack. He sprinted past the weapons check without causing the staff to even blink.

Sometimes being virtually invisible has its perks.

None of the patrons seemed to notice his presense, feeling at most a gentle breeze as he ran through. As he passed tables and counters, he dropped gift-wrapped boxes of all shapes and sizes, with nametags for all customers and staff, past, present, and arriving. He grabbed a bottle of rum on his way out and made it out the door before it had closed from his entrance. He leaned against the wall outside, taking a long pull from the bottle.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

He heard from inside "Were these boxes here a moment ago?" He chuckled to himself as he sealed the bottle and continued his dash down the street and up the sides of the buildings. He had a few other stops to make and so little time left, but the pressure was what made it fun.

Author:  Yorik [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 3:08 am ]
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A T-90 main battle tank suddenly rumbled into view, it's turret tracking the swift red-clad ninja and zeroing in the tank's main cannon on him. A hatch on top of the tank's turret popped open, and a zombie wearing a ushanka took his place manning one of the tank's anti-personnel machineguns there, immediately openning fire on the red blur.

As the sound of the heavy machinegun's firing became deafening, the tank completed the aiming it's main cannon toward the ninja representation of Christmas cheer, and after less than a second passed the cannon fired.

Author:  Briareos [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 11:20 am ]
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*Briareos wanders past the drunk and loudly snoring Yorik, kicks the chair out from underneath him and startles him awake from his dream.*

"Buh, Buh, I had a lock on him" mumbles the still semi-unconcious Yorik.

"Hey where's the tank!" Are the first fully concious words out of his mouth.

"The patron's are bad enough here in BByG, thats why all weapons are checked at the door, and all others non-removable weapons are rendered inoperable. The patron's power's however have never been able to be nullified (including female access to hammerspace)" Briareos tries to explain to the drunk Yorik.

*Briareos orders a Kimiko special lap pour blend for Yorik and grins inwardly as the expected results occur.*

Author:  Yorik [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 12:10 pm ]
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Briareos suddenly awoke with a snort. "What the he-" was all that left his mouth before a Che poster detatched from the wall and pasted itself to his face.

As the attack of the living propaganda began again at Bimbo's Bar & Grill, the Russian tank continued it's attack on Wolfie the Santa-nin elsewhere in the city.

Author:  Shinigami [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 7:26 pm ]
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But a mere echo of the calamity outside reaches the bar. A sinister grin washes over Shin's face.

"W-What is it?" the LovelyAngel queries, unsettled by the death god's expression.

“Just some quick business that I need to attend to.”

Despite the trust she’s placed in the death god, Angel’s face goes deathly pale at these words.

"Worry not, my dear," Shin responds, patting Angel on the head as he regains his composure, " I will return shortly. After all, this is a great chance for me to stretch my legs," the death god laughs and bows to Angel before beginning his departure.

With all haste, Shinigami rushes out the door, scythe appearing in a black haze at his hand just as he passes the weapons check. The door practically flies off its hinges as the death god makes his exit, allowing the low moan of the wind to enter the bar. For but a second a black blur can be seen traversing the snow-laden grounds outside the bar.

Author:  LovelyAngel [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:12 pm ]
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[OOC]Aack. I hate it when I'm too slow. Now I'll have to rework what I'd assembled offline to fit what Shin posted in the interim while I was composing. Everything now comes out awkward, unfortunately. Gomen.[/OOC]

"Shin, I'll take a rain check on the walk, if you don't mind. I think I want to say inside on this day. But, thank you. We will have more opportunities to chat down the road."

The LovelyAngel feels a slight breeze brush across her face. She hears the massive front door of BB&G slam close, but no one is in the foyer. Then she notices the small gift package sitting in front of her.

"Nani?" She reads the tag on the gift... then unwraps the package, revealing a small cube of a box. She removes the lid of the box and takes out a blown glass Christmas tree ornament -- an ornament in the shape of Gunbuster. The ornament is clear except for a few features painted in gold. The LovelyAngel dangles the glass figurine by its ribbon and watches the light dance and sparkle off the decoration's surfaces. "Sugoi!"

Shin opens the gift that appeared in front of him. The LovelyAngel hears him chuckle, and she sees a bit of black cloth protrude from the box, but the death god quickly replaces the lid on the box before any more is revealed. The LovelyAngel looks at Shin quizzically, but with a slight smile he says only, "It's something personal."

"We have a very mysterious benefactor," notes the LovelyAngel. "And he seems to know us well." Shin, however, seems distracted by something, and a sinister grin washes over his face.

"W-What is it?" the LovelyAngel asks.

“Just some quick business that I need to attend to.” In a fleeting moment the God of Death has vanished through the entrance of the bar and grill.

The LovelyAngel looks around the room. No one else has noticed the abrupt departure of Shinigami. Everyone is preoccupied with the gifts before them. There is smiling, laughter, and astonishment. For the moment, the inside of Bimbo's Bar & Grill is a happy place. This isn't always the case, so it's best we enjoy these moments when they occur. To no one in particular the LovelyAngel again raises her teacup, "Merry Christmas, minna-san!"

Author:  Spools [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 10:26 pm ]
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As Yoshi contentedly gropes Spool's innards, the pouty robot head is startled by the sudden appearance of a small wrapped gift. After a couple of tries it succeeded in grabbing the the technician's attention. He opened it, as requested, reveling a small box. Opening that, they found a layer of bubble wrap. Oh, gawd, the suspense. Impatiently pulling off the padding they found a miniature and very adorable princess-shaped android, folded neatly and complete with instructions on data transfer (simple!), destructiblilty (none!), warrantees (lifetime!) and expandibility/collapsibiltiy(huge! tiny!). They marveled.

"Oh, what is it? May I see?" LovelyAngel set her cup down and leaned on her forearms for a better view. Taking the lifeless doll in her hands, she turned it over, located the usb and firewire connections, and gently offered to set up a data transfer. After some thought and discussion it was decided that Spools would indeed transfer all thought and personality over to the itty bitty body and would be called Princess Starkisses until further notice.

Author:  Shinigami [ Tue Dec 26, 2006 3:18 am ]
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Wolfie continues to dodge gunfire with the greatest of ease, each round from the T-90's mounted anti-personal machinegun at least a second behind his movements. The roar of the tank's main cannon is truly deafening, causing snow to fall off the nearby buildings and trees that have not yet been reduced to rubble. With ninja precision and speed, Wolfie jumps, rebounds off the newly fired shell, and performs a full body vault over the tank, landing behind the mighty war machine. The explosive shell transforms yet another building into mere collateral damage.

Out of the ensuing rubble and smoke Shinigami's blurred form charges. Leaping straight at the tank, Shin runs along the main cannon, dragging his great scythe behind him. The screech of tearing metal follows Shinigami's footsteps, the cannon rendered in two by the scythe's blade. Hurrying further up the metal monstrosity, Shin focuses on the only real threat left: the anti-personal machinegun. Lashing out with lightning speed, the death god slices cleanly through the mounted gun, the zombie manning the weapon ducking into the tank before Shinigami could claim his head.

It had ended just as suddenly as it’d begun. The tank rumbles off without pursuit just as Shin’s feet meet the ground. There the death god stands face to face with Wolfie (who had probably taken the opportunity to be entertained, and simply watched the ordeal play out)

“It’s been a while,” Shin says expressionless

The enigmatic ninja nodded in agreement.

Without a word, the death god planted a quick right into the ninja’s gut. The ninja recoiled, but without the usual counter-attack. He knew it was coming.

The bar was alive with laughter. The entire establishment had taken on a rather merry atmosphere, with people rummaging through gifts that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. One box sits alone next to an empty cup of green tea. The rather plain-looking picture frame inside contrast the fine black cloth in which the picture frame is set. Inlaid in the picture frame is a photograph of Megami and Shin embracing each other warmly, content smiles on both of their faces.

[OOC]And the plot thickens! I'm rather tired now, so I'm gonna head to bed. If anything needs changing, just let me know/[OOC]

Author:  wolf346 [ Tue Dec 26, 2006 6:26 pm ]
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Wolfie stumbled back from the hit. Damn it, what the hell?! What did I do?! He dodged and blocked several more punches before driving a palm into Shini's shoulder and knocking him back with a burst of force. He turned and ran up the side of the building, heavy bag trailing behind him. What did I get him anyway? So many gifts, I can't keep track of them all. Was his one of the early ones, or did I pick it up last week? He began reviewing through the mental list, trying to remember if he'd offended the death god with the gift. Munitions? No. Candy? No. Decoration? Yeah, that sounds right. Now wha... Oh crap. He could sense a wave of energy coming up from behind and sprang away from the wall, evading a black arc. Damn, nearly sliced open the bag. Gotta be more careful.

He landed on a nearby rooftop, and reached into the bag, ruffling through the multidimensional space to find the right gift. He pulled it out, along with a heavy throwing knife, as Shini leapt onto the roof. Wolfie bounced about, staying away from the attacker while tying the ribbon to the knife. As Shini closed in, he kicked up a flurry of snow and threw the present at Shini, hearing the blade catch on the death god's clothes. He then turned and ran along the rooftops as fast as possible, hoping the gift would be an adequate peace offering to stop him, or at least slow him down. Amusing, but now I'm late. I've got to catch up.

Author:  LovelyAngel [ Mon Jan 01, 2007 7:13 am ]
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The bar is rather quiet now as many patrons have returned to their homes for the holidays, and a blanket of snow has swaddled the entire town with serenity. A number of people remain, waiting for midnight and the celebration of the start of a new year.<sup>1</sup>

The LovelyAngel walks over to the lounge's fireplace<sup>2</sup> where in one of the super-comfortable AECS chairs Bri is sleeping peacefully. The pilot takes a seat close to the hearth and begins writing on a tablet of paper. For her, fortunately, the list of items is not too long. When she is finished, she reads the list aloud -- but softly, as there is no one nearby who cares to listen. Then with a brief fury of energy she rips the sheet off the tablet and crumples the paper into a ball.

Raising the wad of paper in one hand, she announces, "Bad things from my life in 2006 that I am not carrying into 2007!" The LovelyAngel tosses the crumpled ball into the fireplace where it quickly bursts into flame. "Good riddance!"

She sits back in her chair and watches last year's woes slowly collapse into a glowing white ash.

<sup>1</sup>[OOC]Post delayed a half-day from yesterday (Dec 31) as the thread was locked, and I couldn't get this in before midnight. I've since then slept! Thanks for unlocking, Chaos! Post is now submitted as originally written, other than the addition of footnote 1. [/OOC]

<sup>2</sup>[OOC](Looking at Bri and smiling) Who knew we had a fireplace? This place never fails to amaze me! :D [/OOC]

Author:  Shinigami [ Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:24 am ]
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A familiar figure in black reclines against the cold walls of Bimbo's Bar & Grill. The death god looks up at the sky and smiles as the howling wind that usually accompanies his presence gives way to a light snow. The death god continues to lean against the establishment's walls, sitting down in the snow with knees bent.

"Looks like I missed the party..."

[OOC]I'll keep it short and sweet this time around. I'm not quite sure why the thread was moved, but it's of no matter ^_^ A late happy New Year to everyone.[/OOC]

Author:  LovelyAngel [ Tue Jan 02, 2007 7:08 am ]
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The little Bar and Grill shudders throughout as it returns to its normal place in space and time. The LovelyAngel sighs in relief, but a frown remains on her face. First a shield spell... then a transport spell... who is attacking this haven... and why?

[OOC] WTF? First, this thread is locked... then it's removed from the forum index! I'm glad it's back, but I'm not amused! [/OOC]

Author:  BandMan2K [ Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:52 am ]
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A movement is caught in Lovely's peripheral vision. From out of the embrace with Megami emerges Band with an extra glow of power to him and a few stains of lipstick that is promply cleared away with a bar towel. He goes up to Lovely.

"Hopefully things should be getting back to a relative state of normalcy. Thanks to a request to Admin Actor, I've been named the newest Mod of the RP forum. I think I've got everything pretty much back in order but now I have to make sure to keep an eye out and not let things get out of control like before."

Band then takes a knee in front of Lovely and bows in front of her.

"By my Word of Honor, I shall do my best to protect the RP Realm from those who would desecrate it and destroy that which has been erected before."

Band then gets up to his feet with some verbal prodding by Lovely and orders a Double Glenfiddich on the Rocks.

Author:  Shinigami [ Mon Jan 08, 2007 2:30 am ]
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Shinigami comes crashing back into the bar, a blanket of white snow following close behind as he stumbles in.

Bowing to the weapons clerk, he closes the heavy door.

"Quite a storm out there."

"It's good to see you again, Mr. Shin."

"Shin will due just fine, but thank you," the death god replies before stepping through the inner door and taking his spot in the one dimly lit corner of the room.

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