Road Trip PT: 1
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Author:  actor_au [ Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:37 am ]
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You wouldn't call it a fight.

Because in a fight there is a sense of detachment from the reality of the world around you, focus centers on the smallest fragments of the conflict and all else ceases to exist.

This was more than just a fight.

This was the conclusion of an elemental storm, one brewing for over four years. Two men: A god and his greatest worshiper finding in one another the solution to thier problems. Death would release them from their pains and torment.

The fire that was destroying the world around them; they knew that one day it would come to consume them as well, as it had consumed so many in the past. But before that day could claim them they would kill the other or die at his hands.

Actor looked for a moment at Palladin; they were devils and angels, flying through the world of mortal men in their everlasting fued. The blood spilled making the ground fertile for the world they sought to create, their bodies the weeds in the gardens.

Blankly they stared at one another seeing now that this was the end for them, neither were going to walk away from this happy.
After a time vengance just becomes habit, now it would end and the ashs would be cleaned away leaving the tired shell of the victor.

Dressed in Black Actor looked one last time at the old man in front of him, relizing now that he was getting old as well, reaching for his gun and diving to his left for cover Actor didn't fire knowing he would miss. The wall was pocketed with bullet holes from Palladins twin Desert Eagles.

Getting up quickingActor sprinted through a narrow alleyway overtipping two garbage cans and a small pile of corpses. Faces painted Red all looking blindly at the dark sky above them.

<i>Red, well at least Rand would be happy about that one.</I> Actor thought grimly to himself.

Painted on the wall in white paint a notice that proclaimed "God is dead, the Watchers Killed him." in Vietnamese was surrounded by candles and oranges, little pictures of people young and old were also there.

The Fallen, all giving Palladin his power, all making Folds plans work further.

Without looking Actor randomly began firing his HK P7M13 behind him, the randomness of the shots hopefully delaying Palladin for a few moments as he desperatly tried to come up with a plan.

Firing back Palladin ran gracefully behind, using the doorways, corpses and cars for cover. Shooting non-stop his reload time was non-existant.

Hiding in the corpses was out, he would be found in a second, the few cars around had had their tires slashed and there was no where to run to anyway, the whole city was under Palladins control, hiding in the building was just locking himself into a convinient box for his hunter, running could only last so long.
Something gnawed at the back of Actors mind, something about being more solid, about being connected to the watcher with Palladin. Being two halves of the same existance, the past and the future.

Actor turned left and ran into the hotel he had stayed in so long ago before his daughter had died, before he had sworn revenge.
Room 113, the room she died in. He opened the door, gun raised.

Palladin stood in the room, the open window behind him his entrance. Both Desert Eagles raised he had them pointed at Actor before the killer could even blink.

Dodging quickly to his left Actor began firing wildly at the God who responded in kind.


The echo of empty magazines didn't register with either of them as they continued firing. Grabbing swiftly for a spare clip Palladin caught Actors kick swiftly in the knee, moving quickly he grabbed the killers right arm raised ready to punch him and attempted an only partially sucessful flip, causing Actor to go flying into the wall behind him. Walking over to his foe, Palladin went to kick him but missed allowing the former SAS commando to trip him up at the last second.
Both on the ground, clawing at one another without weapons, pure animal instint taking control, becoming the weapons.
Actor seemed, inexplicabally, to be getting more hits in on his opponent who could barely seem to block his attacks.
Kicking hard to the chest Actor managed to seperate the two of them, groping for his Ammunition Actor loaded his gun looking up to see Palladin finishing loading his.

Before each man knew what was happening they found their guns on each other foreheads, both couldn't so much as flinch, looking each other in the eyes. The blood to the two covered the room now, their cuts and scratches tearing swaths of skin from their bodies.

"I think this will end badly for each of us...." The God of Assasins voice was level, he felt no emotions, he just stood there, looking into Actors eyes. "I see now the darkness in you, you are a worthy foe, you didn't even use the bullet. I guess I underestimated you."

"This time Palladin, Just Die." They each pulled their triggers. Controled explosions, three of them, and the consequences finally hit home.

Both bodies flew backwards and for one second Actor was without god, seeing through his Hawks Eyes and without the sensation of a body he flew above the jungles of Africa, riding the thermals to the sky above.
Free at last.

Author:  madadric [ Wed Jul 16, 2003 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Betrayer.

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Mad turns form his contemplation to the man walking towards him, and sighs. so, it's vandal. At this he laughs softly and stands up. well, it had to be someone i guess...

"hey man. Good to see you too." Mad slings the guitar over his shoulder, and rests his arm across the neck, looking around them. "so, you seen any of the others yet?"

"no, i don't even know if they're alive, i mean, i guessed they might be, but no proof."

"I think that all of us there probably survived, I ran into Sherm and maria before, and if they survived, i'm guessing it's likely we all did." Mad turns and starts walking towards the tower. "Let's walk and talk. You've still got a long way to go."

Vandal hurries a few steps to Mad's side, and then slows his pace to match the red haired man's. "You saw Sherm? where is he now?"

Again the chaosbard sighs, and looks ahead. "They...died. When i found them, they were being attacked by the insane remenants of the human race. We killed them all, but then it got maria too, she shot Sherm, and i ended up...killing her, too."

Vandal is quiet for a moment as this sinks in, then he says the only words that come to mind. "shit, sorry man."

Mad gives a resigned shrug. "What's past is past. How have you been doing in this mess of a reality?" He looks over to Vandal. "looks like your powers have evolved too, Even here, the universe needs a balance, eh?"

"I guess so! I think it happened in response to Dischord. I suppose this makes us opposing forces."

Mad grins. "Opposite poles, yeah." The two laugh softly, and then walk along silently, both looking off into the distance.

Something then occurs to vandal, and he turns to ask Mad a question. "When you said i have a long way to go, why didn't you say we?"

Mad hesitates only for a fraction of a second, and then keeps walking, his expression now a dark scowl. "Before i explain it, let me tell you a story. It's a story you deserve to hear, i think."

Vandal nods, a little wary now. "Okay."

"Once, there was this little kid. A strange little kid, funny hair, funny eyes, but his parents loved him anyways. He had as normal a childhood as circumstance could afford."

"But when he was 6, the kid started having these nightmares. His parents were worried, so they took him to a child Psychologist. The shrink figured the boy had several mental illnesses. in the interest of expedience, i won't describe all the symptoms he listed, but it was a decent list. they put the kid on medicine to get him to sleep."

"let me guess," Vandal Interrupts. "it didn't work?"

"oh, it worked, in it's way." Mad responds. "The kid slept, and he stopped biting himself, and throwing hissy fits all the time. but something was still wrong. The boy started getting nosebleeds. the family docter didn't quite know what it was, CATscans didn't find anything, all that."

"so what happened?" Vandal asks, watching both Mad and their surroundings.

"Well, it turns out those nightmares were real. there was some kind of opening inside the kid's mind..that went to somewhere where multitudes of dead spirits that couldn't see or hear anything, let alone each other, screamed and howled for eternity. It was driving the kid nuts."


"But? well, But then something different happened. in one of these dreams, One of these dead souls saw the boy, and stopped screaming. The dead person went near the boy, and pleaded that the boy listen to his story. To his life."

"and...did he?"

"Yeah. The boy hoped that if he did, all the other screaming dead would shut up or go away. But instead of telling the kid a story like reading from a story book, the woman sorta showed the kid her entire life, through her eyes."

"now, imagine a 6 year old boy trying to come to terms with the life of a girl that grew up in a warring country, Where she was constantly afraid of her life, got regularly beaten, raped, shot a few times, and was eventually blown up by a mortar."

Both are silent for a minute, as Vandal Contemplates this, trying to imagine what that sort of experience would be like. he imagines trying to live through the lives of some of those he'd known over the years, all on top of being who he already is. He tries to imagine that happening when he was a boy, and all he thought about was Transformers and the A-team. He decides it's something you can't come close to without actually having it happen to you.

"so how did y-the kid cope with it?"

Mad smiles a little rueful smile. "heh...well, I went fucking insane, of course. i...killed my parents, then went into a coma. After all was said and done, and a stint in first a mental institution, then a corperate training facility for Paranormals, i was Let loose upon the world, still crazy, and very angry."

"Which is where you earned the name Adric The Mad, I still don't know how you kept off govornment radars, and out of the news all those years." vandal begins wondering why the man walking next to him is telling him his life story, as they walk on to what is likely their doom. maybe it is just some bonding thing.

"yeah. Me, Ez, and muz caused a lot of havock, usually by me getting us into trouble, and then them trying to think our way out. Anyway, it didn't last for long and we were recaptured, they took ezelek off to do god knows what, but muz and I managed to escape again, but we went our seperate ways."

"a falling out?" Vandal enquires.

"not really, just different directions. Anyway, now we're getting to the point of my story."

"ah, so there IS a point!" Vandal jokes. mad gives a half-amused, half-annoyed smile.

"yeah, there is. after one particularly wild run, i was pretty injured, and this girl helped me heal up and get back on my feet. Chemistry happened, and we hooked up, lived together, did the whole love thing. it was the best thing ever, man. The only thing that was normal in my life and still felt good."

'how it ended doesn't matter. What matters now is, Fold has her, and he's found a way to torture her until i find a way to kill the expatriate who's got the rune causing that pain on them. Which brings me to why i'm here."

As Vandal takes this statement in, and reacts, Mad flips Dischord off his shoulders and stands ready. "I'm sorry, Vandal. it's kill me or die."


Through the pain, She can feel the link she had subconsciously shared with her lover all these years flare to conscious life. it's not in her dreams anymore, he's right there, a little ball of conflicting emotion and thundering chaos roiling in the back of her mind. As she gasps, and her already empty stomach strains to heave up what isn't there any more, she briefly sees through his eyes, the man in front of him, shock across his face, betrayal. And if not the whole picture, she understands at least enough.

"no, please, not for me...not for me..i...can't...i'm sorry..."

The young woman breaks down, as convulsions wrack her body with pain, her muscles twitching and straining against each other as her body tortures itself, and still unconsciousness is denied her.

She would cry, were not all her tears gone from the unendurable pain, so she just sobs, and convulses, trapped in her misery as surely as he is trapped in his.

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Author:  VandalHeart [ Wed Jul 16, 2003 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Outrage.

Mad flipped Dischord from off his shoulder, setting himself into a position to swing. It was an unconsious reaction to the agressive movement that brought Vandal back into a defensive stance, his left side facing, hands coming up in a fighting position, his feet apart.

"You've got to be kidding me... You've got to be fucking kidding me... Mad... come on, you don't want to kill me..." He ducked backwards, swaying, his feet shuffling in the dirt as Dischord swept past his face.

"You're right, but I don't have a choice. No fucking choice this time, Vandal... I''m sorry..." Mad swung again, Dischord's riotous threnody pulsing against the simple harmonics of the LawRune. Vandal swayed backwards again, this time bringing up his hands, using the Chaosbard's movement against him, pushing him away.

"Enough with the fucking joke, I'm missing the humor here madadric." Vandal's skin crawled at the proximity and rising dissonanace from the guitar. He could feel a cold web of power unconciously spreading throughout the criss-crossing matrix of runes and lines upon his body.

"No jokes, not this time." Madadric had brought Dischord back up, circling now, a savage gleam growing in his eyes.

"This is what it's come to? After everything we've been through, you're just going to come in here and do Fold's work for him?" His voice was growing angrier by the word, the depth of Fold's manipulation bringing up all the hatred and frustration that had accumulated thus far in their battle against the aspiring God.

"I don't have a fucking choice anymore!" He launched himself forward, his weapons slicing forward through the air like great Mjolnir, intent on crushing it's victim into dust.

"We'll see about that." Vandal could feel the pulse of the LawRune's power surging forward to meet it's polar opposite as he brought his hands up to block Dischord's strike, gritting his teeth as he looked into the so familiar eyes of the man trying to kill him.

Author:  madadric [ Wed Jul 16, 2003 8:03 pm ]
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He moves easily, his muscles seeming to flow from loose and relaxed to tense, ready to spring, without missing a beat. His steps are irregular, unpredictable, following the triphammer rhapsody in his head, and flowing from both his mouth and guitar. the proximity of Vandal's order powers intensify Dischord's thumping not-rythym, and his blood Sings.

Howling with pent-up frustration He lunges forward, bringing Dischord down like a great hammer or waraxe, and Vandal raises his hands, cold blue light enveloping them defensively.


The surge of power from the two opposite forces knco both men back, Vandal rolling to a crouched stance, and mad's naked body skidding across the gritty sand before he comes up, close to the ground, hunched like a wild animal and growling. Blood flows from his nose and ears, his chin a crimson mess.

"Vandal!" He growls, crouching further down, getting ready to spring. "Stop holding back! I know your new power's just busting to let fly! Stop resisting!"

His ears ringing, Vandal stands, once again in a defensive stance, and tries to reason with his ally-come-foe again.

"This is insanity! Please stop, Mad! We can overcome this!"

Madadric's face contorts in a snarl, whether it be from the song thundering through his body, and distorting the world, or his anger at Fold, or at Vandal's refusal to fight, it is hard to tell, even for the ChaosBard.

The red-haired man leaps like an animal at Vandal, faster than he could have thought possible, but the ex-soldier's reflexes, training, and the law Rune's power all work in tandem to save him. The man's hands again fly up, and grab the guitar at the base and end of the neck as he is knocked to the ground by the naked man's weight.

As the two energies interact, both men shudder with the conflict/harony that is born, a kind of struggling balance as the two equal but opposite powers collide. Iver the flaring sparks and Dischord's horrifying song, vandal shouts at the man dripping blood on his face.


"YES!" The man screams back, those srange eyes flaring with emotion and adrenaline.

Vandal gets his foot between them, and kicks his attacker off him.

"Come to your senses, man! Together, we mad Dischord, didn't we? We can find a way to efeat that bastard, and help your girl!"

Adric The Mad stands up, blood dripping from his nose, his ears, the reopened wounds on his chest, arms and back. The Mad Red Devil.

"No, YOU wake up. If I kill you, and you are not the one, i'll find another Expatriate, and i'll kill them, until i fond the Rune."

"You have to kill me, OR YOU ALL DIE."

Again, Dischord floods from the chaosbard, making vandal gag, and bringing the Law Rune's power up like ice cold bile.

'Now COME ON!"

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Author:  VandalHeart [ Thu Jul 17, 2003 7:40 am ]
Post subject:  Nothing

Madadric attacked again and again, savage and unrelenting. Vandal blocked him at every turn, but he knew he couldn't keep it up forever. He was at a disadvantage, greatly. Mad fought with every ounce of emotion inside him, the depths of his rage and grief giving him strength beyond anything else. Dischord fed on the raging emotions, twisting and turning them into more power. The landscape around them seemd to ripple and change, echos of distortion and randomnesssweeping outwards from the guitar/weapon.

Power crackled and flared around them like a small nova as they collided once more, Vandal sliding backwards across the ground from the impact. Pain lanced through both his wrists. He knew how to fight, knew what he had to do to win. He couldn't let Mad go on like this...

Everything seemed to slip away from him. Anger, grief, confusion, frustration, sadness. Emotion became nothing, his world narrowing to just he and his opponent. He didn't face madadric now. The man standing before him was just another face, a new opponent. One to be conquered. There was no familiarity, no love. Just an opponent, with strengths and weaknesses. The LawRune grew louder in it's static melody as Vandal straightened, watching madadric for a moment.

The chaos fueled madman swept forward gain, his steps and movements like a bad tv signal, bouncing back and forth as he came closer, no pattern or rythm to his changes in direction and speed. Dishord swept down in an arc from the side, only to be met with a high kick, sparks flashing outwards from the impact as Vandal kicked the instrument back. Barely a moment's pause and he struck again, his second foot spinning upwards in an arc to smash at the red headed youth's face.

Vandal shrugged his shoulders, popping the top vertebrae. Blood trickled from numerous woundson his body, the slashing, cutting edges of chaos having sliced his skin a hundred small times as they met again and again. He knew defense was not a winning choice here, so he did the only thing he could. He attacked, striking at his opponent, exploiting evey weakness he could.

Author:  madadric [ Sat Jul 19, 2003 9:44 am ]
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Finally! He's begginning to fight!

Despite the numerous reopened wounds on his torso, his bleeding arm from where he was shot, the blood still poring from his nose and ears, and the many minor burns from Dischord and Law clashing, Adric The Mad is grinning.

Constantly he moves, unable to stand still for even a fraction of a second, The surge and pounding lightning of Dischord compelling him to move, attack, change, grow, break, make, go Go GO!

Again, the man rushes at his opponent, the blue-tinged power of the Law Rune crackling around him. The two collide, Vandal again blocking the guitar, and slamming his glowing fist into Madadric's ribs, popping three of them.

Mad retaliates by slamming the head of the guitar into Vandal's shoulder with an overhand blow, and half-spitting, half-blowing a mix of blood and saliva in the man's face. Even blinded, Vandal grabs the hand that holds the guitar, and using his training, twists. Madadric howls and drops Dischord into the sand as his arm is bent the wrong way, and the joint gives out, breaking the arm. He savagely headbutts the momentarily blind man, and leaps back, panting in pain.

As his opponent wipes the mess from his eyes, takes a few precious seconds to look down at the damaged arm, hanging useless at his side. Unconsciously, another small part of his mental gymnastics that stop the world from being torn at by the sheer randomness of Dischord falls away, and more of the uncontrollable energy leaks into his body, affecting some healing, and more change.

As the damaged tissue repairs itself, it also evolves, becoming stronger, stringier, more resilient to physical damage. Ironing out the flaws and rewriting Madadric's physiology on the fly.

The arm however, doesn't have time to finish it's work, as vandal, his eyes now cleared, runs at madadric, and knees him in the face, sending him sprawling backwards with red and blue sparks flying in all directions, making sizzling and popping noises.

Madadric looks up as his bloody nose begins reconstructing itself, and the ground underneath Vandal's feet erupts, cutting the man further and sending him a short distance through the air.

Blinking sand and dirt from his eyes, Madadric is on the move again, trying to circle Vandal and get back to his guitar.


Still amazingly consious and watching through her lover's eyes, the girl clutches at her writhing, clenching abdomen as her body is wracked with the pain of the rune. already the rune has forcerd her body to empty both it's sotmach, it's bladder, and it's bowels, and the stench only increases her violent retching as she lays in the stinking mess on the floor, sobbing hoarsely in despair, misery, and madness.

no! stop, please! You can't do this! Don't sell your friends and yourself to him for me! i'm not worth all this, i was too weak, i tried to....but they still found you...if you let him make you do this...They'll win! They will have you!

All thought is once again cut off, as a new agony causes all her muscles to go into spasam, her htigh contracting so hard and so suddenly, the bone snaps.

The woman cries out and writhes, but still she stays conscious, as her mental and physical torture continues.


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Author:  BDM05 [ Sat Jul 19, 2003 11:34 pm ]
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sorry if I fuck up the flow here, but i just found it funny that

A) this is Road trip part 1, where's part 2?

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Author:  VandalHeart [ Sun Jul 20, 2003 12:49 pm ]
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Vandal felt the breath rush out of him as he slammed into the ground. Blood oozed from dozens of small cuts on his body, a larger cut having been ripped though his jacket and shirt, leaving a vertical red line across his chest. But he could fee his opponent moving, leaving no time to rest. Rolling backwards, he came up to one knee, watching as madadric made a rush across the ground for Dischord. straightening out into a full sprint, He intercepted the man, tackling him to the ground, driving his shoulder into the madadric's ribs. the ground around them warped and stabilised as they fought, rolling over the rough uneven ground, each trying to get an advantage to the other.

Pain shot through his neck and shoulder as he fetl the savage fighter's teeth dig though his skin, clamping down on his neck. crying out in pain, Vandal latched his hand around mad's throat, squeezing and pushing him away, finally tearing him loose with a spray of blood, skin hanging looselyon the wound. A burst of light flared from his hand as he hurled the Chaosbard away from him, the man skidding across the ground before coming to a stop.

Breathing heavily, Vandal rolled to his feet, coming up with a wince of pain, quickly dulled by the icy flow from the LawRune. Adric was on his fet as well, swaying back and foth, a mad grin on his face, fire dancing in his eyes. Rushing foward in a crouched, feral run, madadric charged, Vandal moving to meet him, seeking to land a savage strike to them an's jaw. His attack found only air. Adric rolled away to the side, springing to his feet and continuing his movement as Vandal turned towards him. A dive, and his hand clamped down upon Dischord's neck, a howl of triumph and savage glee arising from both instrument and wielder.

He felt the pulse of chaos grow and swell in a heartbeat, but he couldn't move fast enough. The bubble shattered, entropic energy burning away at his leg, the knee buckling and throwing him to the ground, scalded and torn. Blue light filtered through his eyes as he saw the red haired man rushing forward, Dischord upheld for a strike.

The air seemd to shimmer around madadric, and suddenly thicken, halting him. It seemd to coalesce in his throat, al laround him, the molecules drawing closer to one another and solidifying, robbing him of oxygen and movement all at once. Vandal stared at his oppoenent, his face impassive but for small signs of pain, harsh icy blue light leaking outwards from his eyes and mouth.

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Author:  madadric [ Mon Jul 21, 2003 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  Suffocate, Split.


Madadric can't breathe. His chest strains to haul air into his lungs, which have begun to burn as Dischord modifies them to be more efficient at absorbing more of the oxygene still in his lungs. His metabolisim adapts to make better, more efficient use of the oxygene that he's got left.

But it isn't enough. even with these modifications, he's starving for air. he tries to gasp, but his body is frozen by the pressure of the solid air around him.

panicked, Madadric tries to force the solid air back with chaos, but his attempts do nothing. He tries to find a crack in the smooth perfection of his prison, time running out.


His vision begins to darkem and he sees pinpoints of light flashing before his eyes as his brain runs out of oxygene. Pins and needled course through his arms and legs as his body beco mes desperately starved of oxygene.

i won't...can't...how ...

As he begins to pass out, the solid air takes his full weight, and his asphyxiating mind leaps and shidders around Dischord, still keeping it from braking out, ravaging everything, and he feels Death crawl all over him, like the pins and needles in his hands and feet.

hands and...FEET.

Feet. Ground. sand, earth, fissures, imperfections, small plants and insects...fungi...life, wild, active, disorderly, CHAOTIC!

With almost a triumphant lunge, Mad's power courses out through the soles of his feet, into the earth, and spreads, outside of Vandal's concentrated order prison, to the loose rocks and grit just lying about, free weapons.

With no other outlet, the condensed chaos infuses the gritty sand and rocks, and FREE AIR, and whip them into a small, but ferocious sandstorm, which then hurls itself mercilessly at Vandal, pelting him with rocks, gritting up his eyes with sand, dust and dirt, breaking his concentration.

As the order-infused air 4reverts to it's normal state, madadric collapses on the ground, heaving for the air, and practically hyperventilating as the oxygene hits his souped-up system.

Mad lets out a low, feral growl as he stands up, not grinning any more, but with murder in his eyes. As the man throws back the waning storm of rocks and sand, madadric extends a hand, and Dischord onve again leaps to fill it, glowing such a bright red, it burns a light blue afterimage in both men's eyes.

Snarling, Adric The Mad pints the guitar at Vandal, and then with a swift motion, thrusts it sideways.

With a deafening CRACK, the earth splits under Vandal's feet, a monsterously deep chasam opening up underneath.

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Author:  VandalHeart [ Tue Jul 22, 2003 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Earth Wind and Blood

The wave of change and anarchy swept past him, rolling around him like a wave breaking against a great boulder. Suddenly, only air supported his weight, as the chasm yawned beneath him. Trying to throw himself to the side, Vandal managed to dig his fingers into the side of the crevice, blue light burning beneath his skin like veins of pure liquid flame. Grunting, he pulled his hand out, driving it in higher. Then the other. He could feel madadric moving around to stand above him. Kicking at the wall, Vandal knocked chucnks of dirt loose, then finally, a stone rolled away and downwards, leaving a space to plant his feet. Slowing his breathing as best he could, he focused his strength, coiled and waiting for the right moment.

Madadric drew nearer the edge. He could feel the tight ball of power waiting for him. Knew something was going to happen. But what? Gripping Dischord tightly, prepared to attack, he approached the edge.

As the shock of red hair appeared above, Vandal moved. He felt a wash of power erupt where he had been only a moment before as he sprang away from the cliff, flipping backwards. His knees bent as his feet planted against the other side, pain lancing through his wounded one, almost finishing him there, were it not for the icy numbness that spread through the joint. Springing forward and upwards, he struck forward with a wave of air, collecting the strength of gale force winds in a battering ram before him. Madadric ducked back, the force throwing him down to the ground as it swept past him.

Vandal landed, crouching upon one knee and both hands, the other leg straight behind him. Blue specks of light shimmered around his wounds as they tried to heal, speeding up the natural healing process. Turning his head to face his opponent, he rose, the two matching each other almost perfectly as they got to their feet.

It was like looking into a funhouse mirror, staring at a warped and twisted image, yet seeing yourself within. The wind's howled around them, blowing sand and dirt in clouds. Tremors shook the ground beneath their feet as the earth protested the clash of forces on her surface. Blood slowly dripped downward, smeared and spread over both men. Odd patches of flesh replaced madadric's wounds, looking somewhat out of place on the naked man. Blue light seemed to seep from slashes across Vandal's body, his shredded leather jacket hung in tatters, shirt and jeans only slightly in better shape. Emotions raged across Adric's face, seeming to war with one another, overswept by those insane furious eyes. Vandal's expression was stone, hard and empty as he stared back. His eyes were solid now, like sheets of blue ice where they once were.

The two moved as one, striking forward at one another, determined to finish this contest.

Author:  madadric [ Wed Jul 30, 2003 7:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

Both men connect, Mad's guitar drives into Vandal's shoulder, and Vandal's foot snaps Mad's head back. Both men stagger back, but madadric recoveres first, and he swings, slamming the magically altered Jackson V into Vandal's ribs.

Mad follows up with an overhead smash, but hits only empty air, as Vandal dodges, and strikes out with his fists, hammering Mad with a crishing combination of punches. The red haired man dodges a few, blocks less, but is pounded by most of the blows, until he does something unexpected.

He opens his mouth impossibly wide, and clamps his foe's entire forearm in his mouth, biting down hard.

As the chaos-sharpened teeth sink into the order-reinforced flesh, Vandal continues to pummel Mad with everything he's got, slamming at him with his free hand, kneeing him, trying to pry the lunatic off his savaged arm.

Finally, the emotionless warrior concentrates, and forms a shiv from pure order, and stabs at Madadric's face. Mad puts up a hasty defence, and managed to deflect the weapon, and it is pushed to the side, and is thrust deep into Mad's shoulder, near the newly healed bullet wound.

Again, Madadric howls, and releases Vandal's bleeding arm. The Chaosbard clutches at his shoulder, where the sliver of order is still embedded, and yanks it out, fresh blood streaming from the wound and mixing with the blood already covering him.

The sheer amount of Chaos and Dischord flowing from Mad now weighs down the air like a heat wave, feeling like greasy electrical static in the air, charged, waitinmg for a spark to ignite it.

Now every panting breath is a dicordant harmony with the humming and squealing of the guitar, the nauseationg, seductive melody touches everything, changing it, loosening Order's grip on it, making everything unstable.

Apart from Vandal, a solid cold ball of sanity and order in the midst of the randomness and chaos swirling about the surrounds, and down the newly made chasam. But even he cannot stand still in this place, with this friend come foe before him.

For the last time, the two men charge, Vandal using all his combat know-how and order-enforced strength, and madadric running on pure instinct and insanity. The two clash, red and blue sparks flying around the desert and sinking into the sand. Guitar meets fist, fist meets fist, the two men strike, parry, counter, and dance, Order and Chaos in complete balance, and at complete odds with each other, to a cacophonous melody of thunder from the blows.

And then, Mad reaches out with his power, finds something in Vandal's jacket pocket...something that lends itself to controlled chaotic reactions, and gives it all the energy it could ever want.

The lighter explodes, the chaos-charged fuel igniting and surging out. The flash isn't huge, but it's large enough to bring Vandal off-balance, and give his opponent a chance.

Madadric takes it. The man lunges, swinging Dischord and connecting with Vandal's head, making a brutal TWACK noise. Before Vandal can rover and beging looking through his blurred, obscured vision, Mad has struck again, hammering at Vandal with the chaos-fused guitar, howling with ear rupturing chords that match mad's own voice.

Vandal rallies for a last-ditch effort, forms a blade out of order-hardened air and swipes.

Mad screams.

His right arm lands 20 feet away.

Blood squirting from the wound, Mad slams the guitar into Vandal's face for the last time. the man flies through the air, to land at the edge of the crevasse that mad had created earlier.

Madadric drops Dischord, and stumbles over to the fallen man, still trying to get up, or even clear his vision, one eye having swollen shut, and the other looking off to the side, knocked out of focus by a concussion.

Mad stops, and looks at the stump where his right arm was, and blood now pumps out onto the desert floor. The blood reduces to a small ooze as his body adgusts to stop him from bleeding to death, and he contunues to where Vandal is struggling to get up.

Mad looks sadly down at Vandal, and shakes his head, some level of thought having returned to him.

"you aren't the one. it's not on you. Which means i'll have to keep killing."

Mad leans down, and picks the man up easily, making him seem weightless. The Chaosbard whispers softly into Vandal's ear, his voice low and sad. All that can be made out is his last line.

"i'm sorry, she's worth more than all of this."

With that, madadric drops his once-ally into the crevasse, and turns away from it, the earth rumbling as the split closes in on itself.

Author:  Fold [ Wed Jul 30, 2003 10:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Theme: Final Fantasy VI - Kefka Goes West (OC Remix) =-

A gentle wind picked up, carrying with it a faint clapping. Mad looked around to the sound, and was greeted to Fold, applauding, using the now dead limb. The result of live and dead flesh meeting was a mockery of sound and simply put, a dull thud of congratulations.

Mad reached up errantly and touched the stump of still raw flesh, but now only leaking a small amount of blood. "It wasn't him."

Fold smirked, raising the arm in a playful shrug. "No shit. WHat do you want, a cookie? Now you get to have more fun. Doesn't that make you happy?" He smirked and brought the arm down, looking it over as if seeing it for the first time. A child with a new toy... and then, he merely casts it aside without a second glance. "I have to <i>hand</i> it to you, Adric... you sure <i>arm</i> yourself well when fighting friends..."

The arm twitched where it lay, then leapt off the ground and flew to Mad's outstretched hand. Chaos re-animated the arm as he held it near the stump, and the two began to reconnect. The flesh of the severed arm changed color, mottling slightly and aquiring a bony ridged surface. "Enough with the corny one-liners."

Fold sighed and lost his smirk, looking a bit disheartened. "Whatever..." He stepped over to where the crevasse had been, now solid and untouched, save for the blood pools in the dirt. He brushed the ground lightly with his foot as if sifting for loose change at the beach.

"Poor poor Adric, what a devoted heart you have." He turned back to Mad, his smirk replaced. "You sacrificed your friend, someone who you shared a powered connection with, all in order to save your girl. The girl who in your past has caused you many a sleepless night and deep suffering. You should be commended." Fold brought his hands up as if to clap once more, then stopped, a look of mock realization crawling across his face. "Oh, wait... no you shouldn't. His death meant nothing." He smirked again and pushed the hair from his face. "Sorry to say, Adric, but yes, there was no fortune in that cookie. I guess you'll just have to try again."

Fold turned to walk away, as the portal images began to fade into existence once more. As he swept beyond their range, he stopped and called over his shoulder. "Oh, and this time... try not to be so random in your choice. You might just end up wiping out every last Expatriate in your quest... and then, what fun would be left for me? Fighting you? Please." He tossed his head back and let out a brief laugh. "Just try to be a little more careful this time. With each empty death you cause, your list of allies grows shorter. Keep that in mind."

With that, and without waiting for a reply, Fold vanished, leaving the chaos bard to his decision. The wind picked up once more, blowing more fiercely, yet this time, it was not the dull clap of an enemy that drifted on its current...

Riding on the wind like some painful reminder, filling the desert with its echoes, was the screaming. Her screaming.

And Mad did the first thing that came to mind. He lifted his newly reattached hand and extended the middle finger upon it in the direction Fold had departed from.


Eleven little monkies, jumpin on a bed. One got Mad, and another went dead...

Author:  Ezelek [ Sat Aug 02, 2003 1:29 am ]
Post subject: 

-=Cue up: D.N.Angel - True Light=-

The large doubles door swung open with an omnious groan, rusted hinges screeching as the 'maw' of the Facility once again was open to the world. Brushing some of his grey hair from his face, Ezelek tugged his jacket firmly into place before stepping inside the place that had once been 'home'. The hallways were dark, brief spurts of illumanance given when the faulty lights flickered on for a moment, before sputtering and dying again. The clunking footsteps of his heavy boots echoed throughout the wide empty hallways, a dry musky scent swirling up into his nostrils as the disturbed dirt and grime was shifted as he moved. He coughed, flicking the collar of his coat up higher to cover his mouth, following a seemingly random pattern through the corridors and halls. Every now and then, he'd pause, studying something that wasn't there, before nodding to himself, and resuming his journey.

Although there seemed to be a lack of power reaching the majority of the overhead lights, the back-up generator for security still seemed to be operational, as he soon discovered, a net of infa-red beams lancing across his path. Glancing up at the two turrets, he shrugged, there were no people around to be alerted by any audio alarm that went off, and he wanted to spend as little time as possible in this place. Considering his options, he decided that both doubling back to another path and passing through the hall whilst avoiding all the triggers would take too much time. Giving the turrets another look, he pressed a button on the Staff, bladed ends flicking out. He'd never try this with humans, of course, they wern't precise enough to be predicted, but machines... Twirling the Staff, he counted to himself before stepping forward, breaking the first beam. The turrets whirled into position, barrels spinning as they opened fire. Closing his eyes, Ezelek continued to walk forward, the sound of metal hitting metal filling the air, muffling out any other sounds (including the wail of the alarm) for the mere twenty seconds it took to cross the net. Still spinning the bladed Staff with one hand, Ezelek reached out with his other and slapped the security panel on the wall, everything shutting down in a heartbeat. Yawning, he eyed the blades on the Staff before pressing the button again, the ends clicking back inside the body of the weapon, which he re-slung over his shoulder, again following a path in his head.

A few more obstacles barred his way, but they were nothing to worry about, a simple strand of hair picking most of the locks he came across open. Finally, he reached his destination, the center of the Facility. Or the Brain Room, as everyone had called it. Massive supercomputers lined all the walls, handling all the nuances of the Facility... or handled, really. Nothing left to run...

"Been a long time, CDAC." He said, sitting down at one of the terminals, and logging into the Central Data Assimilation Core. The stolen password for Doctor Skyler's (the head of the Think Tank operation) still worked, giving him complete access to all functions. Re-routing the power from the security functions to the MDB (Memory Data Banks), he flicked the switches to open up chambers one through to seventeen, flicking through the security logs around the time of their escape. Studying the footage carefully, he was suprised to note a fourth figure lingering behind the trio (himself, Mad, and Muz). Her face brought up a vague memory of familiarity, and he accessed the Test Subject Profiles, flicking through until he found a match.

<i>April 3, 1997

Subject: "Wren Draco" Shapeshifter

Name: Renya Switzer

Birthdate: October 19, 1981

Date of Arrival: February 22, 1992

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3" (or from 1' up to 10')

Weight: 127 lbs (or from one pound up to one tonne)

Hair colour: Brown (or Optional)

Eye colour: Brown/Gold/Red

Ethnicity: Mixed-European Caucasian</i>

Now he remembered her. Short girl. Nice chest. Funny hair. He nodded to himself, and continued reading.

<i>Arrival: Subject was acquired after she made her first Shift to what has been dubbed her Dragon form during a fifth-grade class at her third public school in five years. The Dragon started a fire that destroyed the building and killed most of it's occupants. The fire was blamed upon unsafe building conditions and outdated fire alarms. Subjects family believe her dead in the blaze.

Powers: Subject has the ability to become near any creature. In what might be called her Mythical form, the Dragon, subject acquires the ability to breathe fire and is immune to it's heat. The scales of the Dragon form can withstand a great deal of damage, even repelling bullets fired from most rifles, but a more powerful weapon will break through her defenses. Tests were conducted with anti-tank weapons, but halted when it became difficult to keep her alive and find compatable blood donors. Subject can also fly, adding wings even to forms that would not normally have them.

Containment Measures: After two attempts when the subject first arrived, it became necessary that she wear a heavy collar equipped with power dampeners at all times to prevent escape by shapeshifting. Subject has frequently attempted to remove the collar, and took some time to learn attempts merely result in an electric shock. The unfortunate result of repeated escape attempts is heavy scarring around subject's throat, and a tendency to twitch. Subject reacts increasingly violently to being contained. Injections are required more and more frequently to induce a biddable state.</i>

The collar... He remembered designing that. One of the projects that was put forth to the Think Tank Project, a way of supressing the powers of a Talent that was portable, and impossible to remove without the correct authorization... or the right skills, of course. That stirred other memories, but he dismissed them for now, continuing to read on.

<i>Socialization: Subject has made few friends among her fellows at the Institute. Initial contact resulted in third-degree burns in seven students and severe fire damage to classroom 4C. A controlled pattern of social contact was immediately implemented until the subject adjusted, with a dampener field to prevent serious incident. It is possible the drugs to keep her tame prevent normal conversation.

Ageing: Subject does not appear to age as normal human beings do. Although chronologically she is now 15 years old, her physical and psychological growth has been slowing rather than keeping pace with her age. This may also explain her frustration that resulted in the original incident that brought her to the Institute, as she failed to keep up with her normal age group.

Notes: Subjects scars and markings, such as the collar scar around her throat, carry over to all forms. A past scientist with the Instutude claimed "something ageless" about the eyes of the subject, and was immediately terminated when it was discovered his relationship had passed acceptable levels and he attempted to help her escape. When not drugged, subject lapses to a nearly animal behaviour, and continues creative attempts to gain freedom.</i>

So, that's how she'd gotten out. He wondered briefly if any others had escaped, before deciding it was a moot point, and he was wasting time. Closing down the profile, he opened up the search function, and begun to do a thorough scan of the databases for anything related to "Fold"....

<i>Search Complete. No results mach your paramaters.</i>

"Fuck." He swore to himself, growling under his breath. So there was no information to go on, eh? This was going to make things tougher than he wanted them to be... But, that was okay. He hadn't counted on actually finding useful information, so there was nothing lost. He went to log off, but his nagging curiosity got the better of him, and he flicked to the last report logged on his profile.

<i>January 13th, 1998

The subject has shown no signs of more growth in Talent, and although he is a major crux to the </i>Brain Tank<i> project, this isn't an enough to allow for such a lax. Exposure to some of the other subjects, especially </i>Adric<i> seems to have stumped his Talent, activating latent branches which are practically useless for the project. A propersition is made to fix this gross error, and he shall be put on the same diet of drugs as</i>Lariat<i> in hopes of igniting his Talent again. Although there is a risk that the subject will die instead, we feel that it is a justified move to make. More updates to come.</i>

... The machine sparked and gurgled, a bladed end of the Staff slamming through the monitor, it's demise followed by a string of cursing. As he walked off, the Facility rocked slightly as an explosion shook it's halls, Ezelek's figure lined in red flames and black smoke. There was only one thing in his mind now... Fold.

-=Cue Up: The Pillows - I Think I Can=-

The castle loomed above him, twisted corridors beckoning to be explorered, hidden secrets waiting to be revealed. But first, there was the cliff to tackle... Yes, the cliff. With a flick of his wrist, the two blades popped out of the Staff and into his hand, returning the weapon to it's small size and putting it away with another flick. Taking a deeph breath, he found the easiest place to climb from, and dug the first knife in into the rocky surface...

Author:  Barghest [ Sun Aug 03, 2003 12:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Wolf wasn't able to tell how long he had been climbing the cliff. Transformed into his monstrous namesake his watch was hidden under the heavy fur. But it nagged at him and with another half-leap,half-clawing wolf came to a rest on a ledge sticking out from the cliff face.
As he turned back into his human form, his clothes also began shrinking down to fit him. A invention from a government hyperbrain so he wouldn't have to take extra pairs of clothing with him wherever he went. Mentally thanking the now dead man he sat with his back to the cliff. Wolf now looked at his watch. Broken, probably happened during the past doomsday. "Well not like time matters here anyways."
With a smooth motion and a sigh he took the watch off and dropped it over the ledge.Not bothering to watch it's plummet to the ground he sat back against the cliff to organize his thoughts.

So I kill Fold....then what? Would that return everything to normal?
Probably not but hey, I'd feel alot better spending eternity on this godforsaken rock with his grave to dance over. Speaking of godforsaken rock does this place look like the end map of every final fantasy. Hell, I should expect to find a save point or something.

Wolf paused to shake his head.

Goddamnit I should keep focused. I have to keep my guard up here.

With nod to himself, wolf transformed again and continued up the cliff wall at a furious pace.

Author:  Fold [ Mon Aug 04, 2003 12:29 am ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Theme: Final Fantasy VI - Rebuilding the World of Ruin (OC Remix) =-

The halls of the castle continued to curve and branch off, the erratic child of some deranged architect. Chris wound his way along their irregular paths, in some places blindly, working his way ever closer to the noises he heard.

Some time ago, Fold had been shouting. Chris tried to make out what was being said, but nothing was clear through the dark recesses of the inner walls. But it hadn't mattered, anyway. Shortly after the shouting, the screaming began. A screaming that drowned out even Fold's anger filled voice.

It was the screaming that Chris was using as his compass. Somewhere, at the end of his trek, he might find answers. How far from the original plan had things deviated since he entered the story? What was Fold ultimately striving for?

How, if at all, could he return to the real world?

Chris slid his hands along the stone walls, manuevering around a corner in the dark. His hand brushed along wet plantlife born of the seeping rain from far above. The numerous cracks and chips etched into the surface of the walls painted out in his mind the picture of their lack of attention. This castle had to be far older than Chris had thought.

Around the next corner, far down at the end, a light was nestled. Brighter than the other faint glimmers he had passed, Chris found himself feeling hope that he could get out of these passages and into a room, preferably with something to eat. As if agreeing with him, his stomach let out a soft rumble, and he continued on.

Backing against the wall, he slowly peered around the corner. The room was white and silver, a definite contrast to the drab look of the halls and various chambers he had stepped into when he thought he heard footsteps. This room was also well lit, though through no visible source. The windows were adorned with scarlet drapes the hung from ceiling to floor, and the floor itself looked of polished marble. The entire room in and of itself appeared grotesquely out of place, and yet calmly centered.

And curled in the corner, shrieking madly was a single figure. A woman. Her hair fell across her face, shrouding any chance Chris had of recognizing her. She was rocking slowly as she screamed, her arms outstretched and clawing at the walls behind her.

Looking around, both in the room and out, Chris checked for any signs of others, and then, confident that he was alone save this girl, he entered the room, crossing it to stand before her. If she even noticed his presence, she made no signs of acknowledging that fact.

"Dear God, what is Fold doing here...?" Chris lowered himself to his knees and tried to lift the girl's head. She let out a louder scream and swatted at his hand momentarilly before resuming her frenzied attack on the walls. In doing so, though, the hair parted enough for Chris to see her face.

"Wait, I know you..." he spoke in shock. "You're Luci... Mad's Watcher and I had talked about you... but why in the hell are you here?" He rose and looked around. No tables nor chairs, nor any items whatsoever were in the room. Ignoring the screams let out by the woman in the corner, he made his way to one of the windows, and pushed aside the drapes.

Far below the castle window, the ground continued its mock existence. In the distance, the lights of the Expatriates could still be seen making their way ever closer. Far off, though, in a vast expanse of desert, two lights appeared to have found each other, moving quickly about each other.

"What in the world is going on...?" As he spoke this, one of the lights flared up, and the other simply snuffed out. Chris strained against the window to try and make out who was out there, when another light joined the remaining one. This light was a deep red, and Chris knew with almost certainty that this was Fold.

Behind him, Luci shrieked up and began to howl in rage and pain. Chris turned back to look at her, the curtains falling back in place. Very quickly, almost too fast to notice, a rune flashed on her inner arm, before being swallowed up in her crazed movements.

"I don't know what the fuck's going on here, but I'm getting you out of here..." Chris crossed over to Luci's side, and leaned down, trying to hook his arms around her. She turned and screamed in his face, and tried to bite his shoulder, scratching at his arms and sides.

"Damnit, I'm trying to save you! Can't you just..."

Being so close to the screams, their increased volume driving out all other sounds, Chris never heard the threat behind him. Suddenly he felt a brilliant crack to the back of his head, and his vision exploded in a mass array of stars. He wavered for a second, trying to convince his body that it was a good idea to stay standing and turn around, but then the pain that had instantly welled up in his skull subsided, and his body decided that it was time to sleep.


Just a little more buildup, it would seem.

Author:  actor_au [ Thu Aug 07, 2003 7:22 am ]
Post subject: 

The Band strikes a tune, tired instruments struggle against the rythm, and with a whisper the song escapes.
Tears for Fears - Mad World.

You feel it, don't you?

Red, White, Black. Colours painting themselves against one another, the red growing and growing until the white fades into nothingness, and the black retreats into itself, all waiting for the battle to start again.....

Consider this the first taste of life... and of course your first meal of death, you will understand in time that death is life, a perfect unity that you now embody.

Yes, this one was a very powerful warrior, you don't know what you are doing yet, just let him be, you are after all redundant here in most respects anyway, just watch it all unwind and let his time come in its own way.

You know now why I killed you don't you Actor?

You know why I waited till this moment?

You know that you have to return, there is no freedom for our kind, and that we are slaves to our duty...

You now know essentially everything.

Actor, for that I am sorry.


A flash of Vandals dying face moves across Actor's vision, a surge of static briefly burns his skin..

"I'm alive....." He blinked in the darkness. Seeing the room. The body of his prey across from him. He felt no injury, no agony of the bullet that had burnt a trail through his mind. There was no pain, there was no suffering for him. He felt only the cold winds of events moving around him. A static cling that seemed to spread beyond his own perception.

Looking at the now lifeless body Actor saw a man, someone who had for one day seen the sun after living an enternity in darkness. Someone who could never age from here, someone who is beyond pain now.

"Rest in peace." The priest was there of course, looking at him from the shadows, his own sense of Ironic timing bringing this moment to a maddening satire of reality.

Actor looked at the body... his own tourtered face stared back at him, he saw for the first time his clothes were now white, and the corpses black....

"Impossible...." And suddenly he knew everything. All reality opened for his viewing pleasure.

"Yes." The Priest opened the window as the Hawk flew into the room, landing on the corpses chest.

"I Am." Everything. "I Are." Nothing. "I."

"Yes, the watcher found a way." The priest lent over the body. "My Brother gave his life to you."

The new God of Assasins grinned, remembering Palladins last message to him, his confession. A monster who sees whats beyond the gates ahead would always take any path to survive, even when beyond that gate are monsters like they. "I see.."

"What will you do now?"

Actor looked out the window at the blackened tower.

"What can I do?"

"You can go to the tower and fufill your half of our arrangment. We gave you Palladin, you kill Fold and its all even, or you can stay here and play god, control whatever you want, do anything..just remember in here you are a god, out there..."


"Out there you haven't changed. You are still a human, as limited as they are, as weak as they will always be."

Actor looked pissed off. "Then whats the fucking point?"

"You have wings now Actor, fly to Fold, kill him, clean this world of his maddness.."

The Bird was nudging the bodies head. Trying to wake it up...

"I can't see anymore can I?"

"No. The bird was attached to that body, even though you look the same as before the connection is gone."

Actor walked over to the bird and stroked her head.

"I saw Vandal, he died didn't he?"

"Yes, his death gave you the...." The Priest searches for a word. "Energy to wake up, you would have been out for a long while if he hadn't.."

Actor didn't need the sentance finished for him. "Does that mean the other Expatriots are alive still?"

"It's unlikely, the fact that you and he survived at all is remarkable, anyone else making it is impossible."

Actor thought about what was happening, things were moving so fast now, only two days ago he'd been in Sydney blowing a building to bits. He suddenly had a plan. "Father, downstairs theres a coffin and some rope, put the body inside and bring it to the tower, if I..." Actor paused for a second, wondering how he knew about the coffin. I'm really a god now. "If I die before I get there, take the coffin to the place in the Desert where Fiona is buried, put me there, then find a safe place and hide."

Actor leant over the now cool body and removed the guns and the Bullet. The he looked back at the Priest.

"When you said I could fly what did you mean? Do I have wings?"

The priest grinned. "Yes, for a while, the closer to the center the worse our powers get, only here are we omnipotent, you should be able to fly back to where you woke up."

Actor felt the burning of light as wings of pure energy spread out from his back.

<I>That angel I saw before.</i> He thought. <I>I see now that time is slowly begining to right itself.</i>

He flew from the open window towards the tower.

The Figure came to her Side as she stood immobile, the simple door contrasting against the emptiness of the land around them.

"Hello." It was strange, the voice, so familiar and yet so distant. "Do you know who I am?"

The old lady looked at the figure. The black cloak and hood, the scythe and the grin. "Are you Death?"

"Yes, I am.." He raised the blade above his head, preparing to cut loose the bonds joining her to the real world. "I am here to end your suffering."

She looked at the door before her and the blade in Actors hand. "Whats is that thing in your hand?"

"My scythe--I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be." Actor looked at her. "I will tell you this, after you pass through these gates you will be judged. Your life, sins, joys and happiness will be weighed against you, and in the end you will be found to be a monster or an angel. Until you truely want to pass through the gates will remain shut for you. When you feel your time has come I will return to this place. Everyone is different, I hope you find happiness beyond the doorway."

Actor sliced the strings holding her to reality.

"I will be waiting, just beyond, until you decide to go through."

Actor saw himself flying above Hanoi and smiled as he went out to reap the many souls that had fallen in that day. At least in this place he had a use at last.

OOC: Actor now exists in two realms, Reality and Pergatory(fuck the spelling) in Reality he is still human more or less, just with wings now, but those won't fly closer to the center where the tower is, they will still be there however, just hidden from view. No extra powers in the real world.

Author:  Vet Sgt Antenor [ Fri Aug 08, 2003 8:15 am ]
Post subject: 

He dodged left, a clawed hand sweeping across his right shoulder pad sending sparks flying into the air. He struck out with his left, gouging great chunks out of the creatures chest. His vision had been switching between past and present, reality and memory for sometime now. It didn't matter, in fact it even helped him to an extent. Everything made sense in to him in the past, he knew who was his enemies and who was his allies. Not like the present. The present was confusing. It was confusing because he had been forced to consider those who would be his greatest of enemies as his closets of allies. This world was nothing like any that he had been to before. There where humans here, but here there was no imperial presence. Even on the worst of imperial worlds they barely tolerated mutants. Yet here they ran rampant, unchecked and unpoliced. It also was clear that they harbored heretics and traitors in their mitts, two crimes that are punishable by death. Yet here they lived and went, for the most part, unpunished. He also suspected that the treachery of the alien was present, and the least said about that the better in his opinion.

The fight continued. Four daemons of chaos charged out of a corridor into the chamber he was in. Quicker than his size belayed he rounded on them, drew his bolt pistol, raked back the slide, knelt into a firing position and loosed off two of his deadly hellfire rounds at them. The shells struck the two in the middle in the head killing them instantly. As they hit the front section shattered, showering the outside two with thousands of ceramite shards coated with mutagenic acid which ripped them to shreds. He spun again to face a group that had just ran around the corner of the building he was next to, grabbing a frag grenade as he did so, hurling it into the group as soon as he had finished turning. A few tried to scatter but it was of little use as all where killed by its blast.

He stopped and waited.


Absolutely nothing. Not a sound, nothing. Nothing moved, because nothing was left alive to move, except for him of course. He let himself relax, and he began to survey the battlefield. Dead bodies lined the streets, inumerial if you hadn't been in the fight. For the most part they where human, but many had been altered for some reason, though he noted that the ones that had been altered had been better fighters that the normal ones.

Then he heard it. It was faint, but the auto-senses in his armour amplified it so that it was clear to him. He turned to face the sound and he saw in the distance a small bit of movement coming towards him. Again the auto-senses in his armour enhanced the image and on request, they zoomed in to get a good vies. The image cleared to reveal a red car, and the driver was clearly indentifiable.

Rand Altoor, The Emperor must have set him aside for a special task if he had managed to survive when so many others did not. He began to run towards the communist scum.

Author:  madadric [ Sun Aug 10, 2003 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Choices.

OOC: Sorry this took so damned long peopel...

Decision time. Who will Mad choose? who will he fight? read on. /OOC

Madadric turns back to the semi-circle of mirror-like portals shaped from droplets of water, and stares intently at each one. His mind races as he tries to figure out which of the 10 survivors Fold would want to Mad fight and kill...which would give him the greatest perverse pleasure.

The screams of his lover echo about the desert, tormenmting him, causing him to claw at the side of his head. His fingers leave bloody streaks that itch and heal even as his and leaves his head and he looks once again at the portals, trying to block out Luci's screams.

The first one has a vehicle hurtling down a road as straighht as an arrow. Driving is a blue-haired Neko, occasionally petting a small kitten curled up in a jacket in the passanger seat. No, not Blue. We havn't even seen each other in ages..there's not enough conflict.

Next is another vehicle, small and red and noisy, hurtling with implaccable intent down a bumpy, delapitated road like a bat out of hell. Or a man with a Cause into Hell. Could he have put it on Rand? I do sorta like the guy a bit, but there wouldn't be much of a fight...at the end of the day, Rand is just a man...so, no...

Mad turns to the third portal, and sees Ezelek scaling a great cliff, at the base of Fold's tower. The now grey-haired man scales the wall of rock and shale, in an even, orderly and well-though ascent. Maybe Ez...we have history. Fold would enjoy the discomfort that might cause us...but we'd also enjoy it somewhat. Well, i know I would.

Mad moves to the next one, and sees Lifyre, standing atop a skyscraper, appatrently lost in thought. Of all the Expatriates still living, Lifyre probably knows the chaosbard best, having seen inside his head. The man also has a great deal of power. more than he's shown us. but still...no, he's not the one.

The fifth portal is at first a momentarily confusing blur of several images, before one takes over and focuses. Soaring like his pet hawk, on bright wi\hite wings, is Actor, dressed in white now, and streaking towards the castle. The man looks changed somewhat, beyond just the wings and new threads. him? he certainly seems to have some formidable new abilities...maybe...

Mad turns again to the next portal, and sees the frozen monkey, sitting in the cockpit of something, levers and buttons surrounding him. The simian has a grim expression on his face, his eyes set forward with determination. The chaosbard chuckles softly, and moves on.

The seventh portal reveals MiaoMing, descending into a canyon. the cat-girl picks her way down the steep cliff face with some apparent ease, her feline agility and balance obviously very useful in this situation. Madadric sighs as he looks at the girl making her way down. well, i wouldn't like fighting her, that's for sure...but it wouldn't last. Dischord would olbiterate her in short order. no.

Madadric glances in the portal which shows the giant wolf leaping up another cliff, and idly wonders if it is the same cliff Ezelek is scaling, before moving on.

Two mirrors remain. In the next Mad sees Antenor, the massive space marine, his red armour marked and stained with gore as he runs healong through a scene of carnage, the commiemobile in the distance. Has Fold arranged this? it's possible i guess. i wonder if they can overcome their differences?

Now mad really laughs, his cries mingling with the screams of his love. "Hahahahaha, if i'm too weak to overcome my problems and fight Fold, what hope do those two zealots have? HAHAHAHA!!!"

Sobering madadric moves to the last portal and looks in at the figure running headlong at the tower, with impressive speed despite the massive backpack. His young face is grim, the determination morroring the faces of all the other Expatriates, each set on their goals. Each making their way to their target. Ugh. that kid. Why does he annoy me so much? i barely know him.

Mad scowls at the youth, and tries to block out the screams so he can think. "Perhaps what really bugs me is how familiar he feels. it's like meeting lariat all over again. He's got this immense power, but doesn't use it."

but whatever holds kit back, it's not the same as lariat. Lariat just lacked the fundamental human DESIRE for anything. If he wanted he could have had anything or anyone...

Suddenly the surface of the portal ripples, and for a second shows Luci's tortured face, vomit and spittle and blood all over her lips, chin, and where her cheeks have beenh resting on the floor. Before mad can comprehend more, the image shifts again, to a rune at the base of the blonde boy's neck, then shifts again to a scene of destruction and chaos. Overlooking the scene is madadric, looking about 10 years older, and with longer hair flowing down his back. next to him stands a young man Mad has never seen, tribal warrior of some sort with dark caramel colored skin. behind the two, are otehr figures, shadowy and indistinct, as if they hadn't been decided upon yet.

Once again, the image fades, and madadric sees only Kitsune, still travelling towards the tower.

As mad Advances upon the portal, he is stopped by the voice wailing through the desert, the words distorted by grunts and moans and shrieks of pain.

"A-Adric....please.....don't..I...If you...they'll...I'll lose you...No...No!"

Madaric closes his eyes and leaves the voice behind as he steps through the portal.

I just can't leave you hurting like that, i'm sorry....whatever the cost...whomever the cost...

OOC:Dat's right, Kit is the one with the rune. kitsune, if you want to write Kit coming across mad on your travels, that would be great, just get to the stage of Kit greeting mad, but don't have Mad's reply./OOC

Author:  Fold [ Sun Aug 10, 2003 9:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Themes: "Godsmack - Serenity" followed by "Mindless Self Indulgence - Bed of Roses" =-

<i>Shattered and chaotic in intention.</i>

The broken pieces of the once vibrant world lay scattered and random about the remaining landscape of reality. Destruction brought about by a single will and shaped to his skillful design. Meticulous and free formed.

<i>Beautifully concentric, grotesquely and perfectly unique.</i>

Alone amidst the ruin, atop it's solitary pedestal, the castle remained a standpoint of bizarre fact. Archaic in nature and aggressive in its solitude. Stating purposefully the very empty meaning of the desolation it stood high above.

Fold closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he thought on the world. As he did, flashes entered his mind. Faces that belonged to the voices he had stolen. Images of a past that filled his existence and yet was never his. The pain that gave him life without a reason why or a story of his own.

"I can't even have my own memories. All I know of life is from you. Your pain, your sorrow. Never mine, and yet it's all that I am." He lowered his head and glanced over the side of the castle. From his vantage point atop one of its many spires, he could see far beyond the edge of what little remained of reality. He closed his eyes once more and turned from the edge, leaning against it instead.

"You've given me everything I ever was, and all that I ever needed to take away everything you take for granted." He lifted his head and looked at Chris, held down on his knees by the woman beside him, a simple metal bat between him and standing. "Isn't that what you would call irony?"

Chris spit a bit of blood and a tooth to the cold castle surface before him. Set against the stone masonry, the tooth looked angellic and pure. He raised his head and glanced at Fold through the eyes of his avatar, modeled in his own image. Fold, having been merely a broken reflection of BiShouNenKaMi himself, stared back from a near identical face. Only the crisscrossing runes set randomly about Fold's flesh and the lack of shirt kept Chris from feeling as if looking in a mirror. As it was, he was still sensing a slight vertigo.

"What, no words for your grand creation?" Fold smirked, his eyes twinkling in the faint red glow of the dead sky.

"Why are you still here? What purpose does it serve?"

"Bold questions from a captive. What makes you think I will answer?"

Chris coughed and copied the smirk. "No matter how far down the line, you're still a piece of me. Which means that to an extent, you think like I do."

Fold smiled at his distant progenitor. Casually, he pushed off from his perch and slowly crossed the distance between them. Rather than stooping to Chris, he stood before the woman. "You can leave us, now."

She looked down at Chris and then back to Fold. "Yes, yes sir." As she moved to take a step back and turn, Fold placed his hand on the side of her face and leaned closer. His lips brushed across hers in passing as he brought his mouth close to her ear.

"This is for finding him," he whispered then brushed back and pressed his lips to hers. He eased her mouth open slid his tongue between her lips. His saliva tasted to her as a sweet liqueur, mixing with her own and filling her mouth and throat with a deep warmth and sense of completion. As he pulled away, her eyes were lit with the fire of devotion and wet with tears of emotion. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips together, tasting the lingering feel of his kiss. So lost in rapture was she that the sudden jolt of Fold's swift kick to her chest came as a fierce wave crashing upon the shore.

"And <b>that</b> is for losing him in the first place!" he spat at her defenseless figure knocked back by his action, the bat having skittered across the ground and come to rest beside the wall. The tears already at her eyes mingled with fresh ones; a perverse melange of love and fear. She clutched her chest and pushed herself back, rushing off, afraid to show any further emotion before her master.

"Now then, where were we..." Fold turned and looked out over the castle wall and into the extensive void beyond reality. "Ah, yes... we were talking about how alike we are, you and I."

Chris looked up at Fold, his face twisted with rage. "I am nothing like you."

"Oh, come now. You knew I would do it. You planted the seeds in me that became the personality before you. Trying to back out of it now? That's not like you, Father."

"Don't call me that." Chris pushed himself about and tried to stand, but ended up dropping back and sitting hard. "I'm no more your father than you are my son. And I'm not trying to back out of anything. Yes, I planted the seeds, but your were the one left to grow on your own."

"On my own?!? All I ever <i>knew</i> was your pain! Your every dark thought filled my vision. Your personal demons raised me. I was never on my own. Ever! Your twisted mind saw to that long before it knew I existed!"

Sighing, Chris propped himself back and looked to the open sky above him. "Had I known, truly, then I-"

"Then you what?" Fold crossed back to the castle wall and threw his hands wide. "You would have loved me? Cared for me? Made my pain go away? Shit! <b>I</b> was the one that made <b>YOUR</b> pain go away! Every time you couldn't handle something, you passed it on to me! You goddamned selfish bastard! If you had known? Bah! Had you known, you would have kept me prisoner. You would have locked me away and continued to feed me your poisons!" He dropped his arms and head, and turned back to Chris. "You would have done nothing but cater to your own selfish needs."

Chris shook his head and closed his eyes. "I don't know. I only know that I am who I am. Just because I'm not as happy as everyone else and choose to ignore my pain in order to appear so, does that really make me so bad?"

Fold crossed his arms and looked over ot the man before him once more. "You know, had we not shared the same prison of a mind, we probably could have been friends."

Chris laughed, bringing his hand up to his eyes. "Oh, really now? Haha, I'm sorry, but there are many things about you that I cannot stand. How you treat people. Even those closest to you are not safe. You're a madman, Fold, and I doubt that if we were on our own, I would EVER be seen with you."

At this, Fold smirked and looked at Chris amused. After a second, he laughed. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. Hell, to be honest, I can't stand you, either!"

Together, their laughter permeated the night, weaving in and out of each other in haunting harmonics.

"Now... let me ask again..." Chris posed as the laughter was dieing down, wiping at the humor pooled in his eyes. "Why are you still here? I mean, you won. You made it out, stole my place and forced me in here. Why not leave this forever? What purpose does it serve to stay here, when all this world is is fiction?"

Fold, too, wiped at his eye, flicking off the last vestiges or the shared joke among opposites. His grin remained as he spoke. "Think about it, Chris? If you were forced to live with your pain, instead of panning it down on me, what would you want?"

"Simple," Chris said, making eye contact with Fold, "I would want it gone. I would want to rid myself of it. In a way, the same thing I always wanted, and in creating you, did. To leave it far behind. But that doesn't answer my question... If your pain is my pain, and comes from reality, then why do you need to be here to get rid of it?"

"Because, unlike you, the pain is all I am. You still had your escape. Your moments of happiness. Me... I have nothing but the pain. And there is only one way to rid myself of it, and here is the only place that can be done."

"But why? I still don't get it..."

Fold sighed and took a step toward Chris... and then stopped, looking off behind Chris. Chris, too, was distracted from the conversation, and rolled his head around. He pushed again at the ground, and this time managed to stagger to his feet.

A noise. A loud noise, like a brilliant crash. As the two men stood, it came again, louder now due to their attention.

"What in the Hell?" Chris couldn't be sure if it was he or Fold that asked this, but either way, a voice shouted up from far below.

"FOLD!!" the voice called out. It seemed almost commanding.

Fold rushed past Chris and peered over the edge.

Far below, standing before the entrance of the castle, was a single being. His grey hair tossed gently in the wind, and in some places lay matted with perspiration. He paused in his actions as his gaze crawled upward along the many cracks and crevices dotting the castle's surface. Scanning over windows and random mislaid stone, his vision came to rest on Fold, leaning over the edge of the castle high above.

Ezelek smirked and tensed his brow, mouthing: <i>"I've come for you, Fold."</i>

Fold turned and stepped past Chris, a brief look of surprise melting from his face, replaced with amusement. "It appears my first guest has arrived... a little early."

Chris glanced at the area Fold had looked over. "Who..."

"It's the grey haired one. Adric's friend." He spoke from somewhere behind Chris. "I'm sorry, but I'll have to leave you now to go greet him."

"Wait, what..?" Chris turned and caught the swinging end of the bat with his forehead. As his vision exploded into a sea of red and his body began to go limp once more, he thought to himself, <i>Goddamnit, not again...</i>

Fold dropped the bat at Chris' feet and started walking to the door that would lead him through the castle's mazed corridors to the entrance, grinning. "Fine, kiddie... you want to play? Then let's play."


Let's see how well you dance, boy.

Author:  MiaoMing [ Mon Aug 11, 2003 7:01 am ]
Post subject: 

OOC: I couldn't, in good conscience, leave Miao hanging on the cliff like that... ^^;;; /:OOC

Three-quarters of the way down the cliff, Miao was panting with exhaustion. Her entire body screamed with pain as she dangled, clutching at handholds and footholds by sheer desperation and will. She knew better than to look down, but it gnawed away at her, a morbid curiosity that seized her mind and refused to let go. She looked to the side and a teeny bit down, just enough to see her way - there was a good-sized ledge on her right, possibly large enough for her to sit and rest. She inched towards it carefully, testing each hand- and foot-hold before trusting her weight on them. Finally, she sat on the protrusion, legs dangling precariously off the edge. She heaved a heart-felt sight of relief, noticing for the first time that her entire body was trembling with exertion and adrenaline. "If I ever get to talk to my Watcher, I am *so* going to give her hell for this..." she panted. Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out...


"What the-" Miao twisted around, only to see a boulder detaching itself from the canyon wall with two sandstone arms (arms?!). Two smaller *crack*s, and two malicious red-streaked eyes (EYES?!) glared at her malevolently. Oh shit oh shit oh shit... Miao recoiled instinctively, nearly falling off the ledge. Twisting with feline reflexes, she managed to snag the tip of the protrusion, and scrabbled with her feet for purchase. Fueled on panic, she flung herself down the canyon. The rock creature seemed to be peering over the ledge at her, reaching out a long sandstone arm down towards her... and then it flowed down the arm, a bulge sliding quickly, fluidly down at her, too quickly to outrun... Miao shrieked as her handholds crumbled under her frantic hands, and she unbalanced and fell off the cliff face...

The thing grabbed her with a tentacle-like protrusion, which slowly retracted back into the main bulge of the thing's body. Miao struggled in its stone grip, trying to will the stone back to the sand it was made of. Living flesh... it's living now... Her surroundings darkened as the thing squeezed her chest, bands of rough sandstone forming a lung-choking corset. She dimly saw the malicious red-streaked yellow eyes gleaming at her hungrily, felt her feet scrape the wall of the canyon. Kit... A jolt surged through her, a primeval will to survive. She matched the creature stare for stare, and strongly, desperately, pushed off against the canyon wall. The sandstone, already weakened by the weight of the creature and the catgirl, cracked and gave way, sending both plunging downwards towards the river.

They hit the water with a tremendous splash, sending a huge gout of water straight up. The stone creature fractured under the strain of hitting the surface of the river, loosening its grip on a stunned Miao. Which way is up which way to air oh God I'm going to drown... she flailed around frantically, helplessly watching her precious air slip through her lips in bubbles. Bubbles, follow the bubbles! She swam towards the murky light, following the trail of air desperately, and broke the surface just as she was about to give up. Gasping for breath, she treaded water, allowing the slow-moving current to take her downstream. Her shoes had been lost in the scuffle, as had her pack, but- wait, what's that? A log had rather providentially (heh, riiight) fallen partially on the narrow, steep riverbank - her ticket out. She slowly swam towards the log and clung to it, letting the current tug at her and, consequentially, it. It moved slowly off the bank and into the river, where Miao tried to get above the water, getting dunked several times in the process. Finally, she lay spread-eagled on the log, exhausted. Screw getting to the castle. I'm just floating free now. She laid her head on the log, soothed by its rocking motion, and fell asleep.

OOC: The river can take her as close to the castle as needed. She won't fall off the log (subconscious/instinctive feline balance)

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