Road Trip PT: 1
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Author:  Ghost [ Wed Aug 13, 2003 7:24 am ]
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Kitsune was barely paying attention to anything as he ran faster and faster towards the dark castle. He didn't care about anything else. Everything else was dead.

And to top it all off, he had the voice of a dead man laughing at him for his ineptitude. "You make me sick," Orochi said, chckling. "You've killed hundreds of people--even almost your friends. And you have the audacity to say I'm evil for killing someone unimportant?"

Kitsune shook his head, blond hair whipping around his face. "It's not the same," he said. "I'd never kill someone in cold blood."

Orochi laughed out loud. "Oh, wouldn't you," he said. He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye, and turned.

Kitsune stopped, eyes widening. "No way," he said. "I can't believe he survived." He smiled, green eyes shining.

On a bench placed seemingly at random in the middle of nowhere, lounged a redheaded, grinning man. He was idly strumming a guitar covered in runes.

"Looks like there were some survivors," Orochi said. "Too bad it had to be that one."

"Mad!" Kitsune said, running towards him. "You're alive!"

=Cue up--Counterparts and Number Them-Alexisonfire=

OOC: Symmetry with Vandal's post completely intentional. I think. /OOC

Author:  Rand Al'Tor [ Wed Aug 13, 2003 8:10 am ]
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Rand released the accelerator as he saw the figure in front of him. He frowned and grabbed a nearby grenade launcher. He had gotten rid of the leaflets and stowed the backseat full of weapons. The time for informing had past.

The Emperor's running Dog. He lived? Anger flared up. Had he betrayed them to Fold? Rand would defeat him then. But he had promised an unrevolutionary truce with him on the other's insistance.

He took the microphone and his voice sounded loud through the air. "Hold, Treacherous Serving Dog. Before you approach tell me whether you exchanged your old master for a new one, or whether you still whimper for your Fallen tyrant!"

OOC: Ant, Rand is REALLY distrustful of Antenor, so I wouldn't advise to do anything that might be interpreted as an OPEN betrayal (EVERYTHING will be considered a possible sign of hidden betrayal so...) so keep your guns away from Rand's face if you want him to be usefull against Fold.

Author:  madadric [ Mon Aug 18, 2003 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Too Close for Comfort.

The still naked Madadric stands up, and turns to the youth running towards him. When Kitsune notices the physical changes in Madadric's appearance, he slows down, and then stops. Or maybe it is the nakedness.

"Uh...Mad? What's-"

Kitsune stops when the scarred, chaos-changed, NAKED man is suddenly right in front of him, standing so uncomfortably close that his breath blows the young man's blonde hair.

"Kit. Take off your clothes."

Kitsune takes a step back, only for Mad to still be right there in his face, still with that disturbing serious look on his face, still with that strange bone armour skin, and still very naked. Chaos begins to leak out of Madadric like sweet, poisonous wine, both nauseating and seductive at the same time, both sickening kit, and tugging at him, drawing him closer.

"Uh, what? Are you crazy? What are you thinkin-"

Mad moves even closer, putting his mouth right next to Kit's ear, and whispers. His breath is hot and urgent, need and desire making his normally smooth voice hoarse. "It's important. This is about Love, Kitsune."

Kitsune freaks out at this strange, naked man he has barely known for little more than two days standing so closely. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Kitsune goes to push the red haired man away, but Madadric moves unexpectedly, like a liquid, gripping the boy's arm, and still standing close, hissing in the boy's ear. Kitsune's eyes widen.

"This isn't a game! Think if it was Miao!"

Kitsune barely hears Mad's voice and instinctively lashes out at the other man with his power, blowing Madadric back. The chaosbard skids along the ground, white fire and red lightning flickering around him. He rolls to his feet, and charges at the boy, ferocity distorting his face into a mask of desperation and NEED.

Author:  Lifyre [ Mon Aug 18, 2003 6:50 pm ]
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Lifyre sits upon a high point in the land watching the battles, chaos, and serenity that is spread out below him.

Taking particular interest Madadric's particularly disruptive actions (as shown by the violence, dust, and death he exudes... as well as a strangely seductive air. Perhaps Lifyre is drawn to Mad because he is strange just as Lifyre is strange, perhaps it was the connection they created when Lifyre entered his mind, or perhaps it was the forbidden knowledge tha Mad holds as a Priest of Chaos where Lifyre can never be but more than a fledgling student.

Lifyre casts his eyes Past Vandal, remembering his handyness with a gun.

Lifyre's Eyes stop upon Rand. Rand... A puzzle... Two people yet only one. One a child of fear and hiding, one with great power that scares him... The other a blood thirsty, violent person who tries to believe in something, anything, to give him a purpose, reasons for acting.

Lifyre has a respect for Rand, a respect of his power and how dangerous he truly is. And no small respect for his innocence.

At This point Lifyre leans back and laughs, remembering the "Bubble Gum" incident

His eyes eventually rested on the castle. Wondering who and what he would find inside.

Until that time came however he would do what he had always done. Sit and watch...

Author:  Ghost [ Mon Aug 25, 2003 7:04 pm ]
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“Kit. Take off your clothes.” The words were said so matter-of-factly, so calmly, Kitsune almost missed their meaning. When he did, his eyes tightened.

“Uh, what?” he said. “Are you crazy? What are you thinking—”

Suddenly, Madadric was right next to Kitsune’s body, and Kit could feel the chaosbard’s breath tickling his ear. Madadric spoke, his words hoarse. “It’s important,” he said. “This is about Love, Kitsune.” Kit stared at Mad’s eyes for a moment, but was unable to see any traces of humanity in the wild red and yellow iris.

—"Fuck you," Kitsune hissed.

"Thank you for the invitation." —

Kitsune pushed Mad away, eyes dilating. “What the fuck are you talking about?” Mad moved faster than Kit could see, grabbing his arm again.

Mad leaned in, hissing, “This isn’t a game! Think if it was Miao!”

—"YOU are MINE, Beast. And there's only one way to show you that you must submit to me."—

Kitsune sucked in a breath, his eyes wide. He lashed out with his power on impulse, not thinking clearly at all, and threw Madadric away from him.

Madadric’s face distorted into a twisted mask of desire, an animal desperation taking over. He rushed at Kitsune, eyes crazily open and hands stretched out at his throat. Kitsune tried to dodge, but the man moved like some primal force of nature. He was knocked down, his head thudding against the ground. He winced.

Madadric didn’t speak, just tore Kitsune’s shirt off with two quick rips of his hands. He was shuddering with . . . what? Kitsune didn’t know. Or at least, he couldn’t describe it in words. But it reminded him of what he felt when Orochi . . .

Madadric’s eyes widened, staring at Kitsune’s chest. Then his eyes hardened. “Sorry, kid,” he said. “At least take comfort that you’ll be the last. I won’t kill ‘Ming.” He swung Dischord up over his head, preparing to swing it down for the kill. A blast of white blew him off of Kitsune and into the ground.

The two men both got back to their feet instantly. Kitsune snarled. “What did you say?”

Madadric grinned and charged Kitsune again. This time, Kit sidestepped and jumped away. Madadric spun—faster than Kitsune had ever seen him move, even since this odd story began playing out—and slammed into Kitsune, knocking the wind out of him and shoving him to the ground again. “I won't need to hurt her. You will be the last,” he said, pointing at Kitsune's chest.

—"You can't fight back, can't do anything. You belong to me. And you will enjoy this.”—

Kitsune screamed, and a chunk of ground picked itself up out of its hole and threw itself into Madadric, knocking the chaosbard off of Kitsune and letting the teenager stand up. Kitsune’s eyes were completely white now, glowing slightly. Madadric stood there, grim determination making his face unreadable.

Kitsune stopped. “You idiot, he’s goading you,” Orochi said. “MiaoMing’s dead. It’s a fluke that he survived, nothing more.” Orochi paused, looking at Madadric.

“If he survived, there’s a chance she could have, too!” Kitsune said. He clenched his fists. Madadric stood there, head cocked in interest. Then he got bored of listening to Kitsune talk to himself and rushed the boy.

He was immediately thrown back by a green octagonal shield.

Orochi lowered his hands, the energy still rippling between the two. "I don't care what you're talking about, Adric," he said. Seeing the chaosbard's eyes flicker, he added, "Dragosagi was an acquaintance of mine." Orochi's eyes narrowed. "You just tried to kill me, however. I can't afford that." The green shield vanished, and Orochi slammed Madadric back, into the bench the avatar of chaos had been sitting on earlier. As Mad began to get up, Orochi dove into the crumbling city behind him and behind a building.

Cool, calm, and collected, where Kitsune was hotheaded, angsty, and irrational, Orochi knew this hiding place wouldn't last long, and began running through the streets.

Author:  Vet Sgt Antenor [ Tue Aug 26, 2003 5:52 am ]
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OOC: I can't be arsed improving this, I think that its as good as it is going to get /:OOC

As he heard this question his anger boiled up inside him, but he knew that if he had to gain the trust of Rand as he knew that he could not take down Fold alone, so with tremendous effort he calmed himself down and allowed himself to start to think more like a soldier, and not like a killer.

“If you know me well enough to pose such a question, then you know that my loyalty remains with The Emperor, as it has always done.” Said Antenor

"A dog's loyalty can be changed with a big enough stick or tasty enough flesh, backstabber of workers. If you haven't betrayed us AGAIN, how come you have survived Fold's onslaught."

“I am a chosen warrior of the Emperor, his will protected me through this time of suffering, and it seems that you have also been blessed by him to have survived so well”

Rand got angry at the comment. "I need no blessing from your master,, Running Dog! His will shall be broken by the spirit of the Revolution, and his plans shall be foiled as will be Fold's." Rand spat for emphasis.

“Rand, we have had this argument before, we do not need to have it again. What we need is to realise that we right now we are both here and we both have any enemy to fight, and as your world so kindly put it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Rand's hand clenched his sickle again. "Don't EVER call me THAT again, Imperialistic swine! Your kind knows nothing of the comeradery of the working class! It is an insult to Proletarian fighters everywhere, and I won't stand for it."

“Never the less, we do not need to be friends to achieve our goals, we just need to realise that on our own there is little that we can do trooper but if we are to fight Horus then we need to be unified and focused.”

"I know not whether your help is needed, and I shall keep my vigilance over your activities lest you strike us in the back. But I have promised comrade Icy a truce, vile as it may be. And what is this 'Horus' you speak about?" He asked dismissively.

“It is an ancient blood curse that dates back to the end of the Horus Heresy. The gene memory is imposing it self more and more on my body. I am at times re-living the last battle of my primarch. It is something that will kill me, but when it fully takes me I shall be imbued with the strength of my primarch.”

Rand sniffed "Do not worry about that then, Tyrant. It shall be the fury of the working class, perhaps even incarnated by this blade that will kill you, after Fold dies or you betray us, whichever comes first. Not some religous concept.3

“Laugh if you will, but I have seen the effect that it has on the combat capability of my battle brothers. I have seen them survive wounds that would have killed a normal space marine many times over; I have seen then tear apart enemies far stronger than they with there bare hands. But they have little control, anyone that they see as an enemy is attacked.” Rand just gave Antenor a look that clearly indicated that he was considering everything Antenor said pure lies.

“You know Rand, I have had many opportunities to kill you, and you have had some opportunities to kill me, yet here we both stand, alive and with a purpose. Now the question is, are we going to set aside our problems with each other, or am I going to have to beat your heretical body so badly that you will beg for mercy, because like it or not, neither one of us can defeat Fold on our own, it will take at least both of us working together to even hope of surviving his power.”

Rand turned the contact of his vehicle. "I am a fighter of the Revolution, miserable footmat to your lord, I am never alone. Surely many of my comrades will join us to defeat Fold, and vanquish you next. But travel with me anyway. Perhaps you and Fold can weaken each other. At the very least, we shall have two tyrants dying in short order." He looked at Antenor hatefully. "I would even consider allowing you acces to my Revolutionary vehicle, even if my feelings cry out against it."

"The offer of a ride is most generous, I will not deny that it would be easier on my than running along side, thank you"

Author:  actor_au [ Wed Aug 27, 2003 8:05 am ]
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OOC: No songs, no tunes, no joy escapes this place. It is the Farm. /OOC.

It was bleak.
Black fell upon black fell upon grey without end.
Vats of blood and the remains of the failures, so many failures, littered the eastern wing of the Farm, the blood proved the only colour in this place, red burned from within the tanks, hurting the eyes even in this darkness.

The children slept in the western wing, opposite the dark places that few dare tread. The children were sleeping. The day had been so long for them and their losses, brothers and sisters without number, friends and their only family other than the doctor, they knew they would not be returning.

They knew that the monsters had killed them.

They had been told about the monsters, about what they did to "that place", how they had kidnapped some of the experiments that had tried to return to Hyperspace.
They had learnt that Fiona was gone forever, lost in the desert, that the other place was gone now and all they had left was the farm.
Despite this they slept.
Children are funny that way.

The Doctors face was painted red, he hadn't even noticed himself doing it. After the rage had passed he found himself for the first time desiring something. Despite his fear he had listened to Folds message, about the end of the world, about fate, about darkness and the maddness that can consume a human soul. He had embraced it as his own. Unlkie so many before him the Doctor had just sat there laughing at the simplicity of it all, at himself at the world.
The rage was louder than anything he had ever heard before, but it was nothing new. Same message differant voice...

The children had been spared somehow.
After the Second Fiona had died two years earlier the Doctor had taken to living at the Farm, before then he had lived in the town down the road from it, he had watched the last three generations grow, they were all dead now thanks to the Expatriots, he silently wept for the lost potential.
The angels sleeping in the wing were all that was left.

"I know you are there." He turned to the door, the figure in white looked at him, moving out of the shadows. "You've been there for a long time, haven't you."
"Eternity." He raised his guns. "An eternity for each of us Doctor."
"You are the one called Actor aren't you?"
He nodded.
"You know I never thought we would meet. I guess even the apocalypse doesn't seem to prevent destiny."
"What are you, you monster?"
"I care for the children here, so that they may grow and build the future. For Mankind and Hyperspace."
"Hyperspace is dead.. whatever Kitsune left behind Fiona destroyed when she died. And whatever was left after that was most likely lost during the end of the world."
"Is that what you think happened? The end of the world? How quaint.."
"You think this is a game Doctor? I made a promise to my daughter..."
The Doctor interupted Actor with a sigh. "To who?" He stood up, arms stretched out, calm and unworried. ""To a child who never grew up? To a doll? To a pale shadow of a moster? Don't make me sick Actor, she wasn't anyone you loved, she was just something that could find somewhere in the darkest places that humanity doesn't like to look at much less think about the capacity to love you despite your betrayal, despite your hatred. You were everything to her, even though she didn't admit it, because you were all that was left after her mother died at YOUR HANDS!!"

Actor began to glow, burning white light attacked every surface in the room. Then almost a whisper came from the assasin. "Shut up."
"Its an impressive light show Actor, nothing I remember reading about in your profile documents. Where did all this come from?"
"I'm a god now, I kill Palladin and for my sins I replaced him."
"Do you think I am afraid of you? Afraid of a god? Afraid of such a fool that would some here to kill me?" The Doctor looked Actor over. "You are a god? I've created Life itself! I've bought from Clay an army of Clones capable of following any order, any plan reguardless of the risks, regardless of the dangers or morality! And you have the gall to call yourself a god?" The Doctor began smirking. "Don't sicken me with such talk Actor."
"You didn't control Fiona, she escaped, She died yes, but she died free. Free of you, free of Hyperspace free of all this maddness."
"She was a corrupt program. Her orignal mind was unstable. Had she not been deemed useful by the higher ups in our logistic network she would have been recycled like so much other scrap and waste."
"It was you who made her to die."
"When the original was born didn't you do the same thing?"
"Shut-Up!!" Actor smashed a table next to him, the shards of glass and wood shattered covering the floor with their mist.
"Didn't you just stand there and watch her die? Didn't you just watch as the bullets ran like blood through her heart?
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Actor's wings spread out as he lunged foward, guns now forgotten metal clumps on the floor, to kill the monster before him.

"Father?" A voice that burned Actors mind. He paused in midair, wings outstreched and burning the shadows of the room.
"No.." Actor looked at the Doctor, his eyes still calm and relaxed. "You didn't.." Actor landed on the floor. And looked at the little girl at the doorway. "You made another one.. YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!"
The girl looked at the stranger. "Father who is this man?"
The Doctor looked at his child. "He is no-one special Felecity. GO back to bed now and sleep."
The Girl moved to the Doctor, running around the now stationary god of assasins. She hugged him. "No I wanna stay with you!! We couldn't sleep, We're afraid of the monsters."
Actor looked behind him and saw four more faces of innocence looking back at him. Clones, he thought, children.

With one last look at the Doctor the killer turned and walked into the shadows, not looking behind him he muttered. "In the end I will meet you. One way or another."
"I will be waiting Actor...fo to sleep girls, tommorrow will be a very busy day."

<I>They looked afraid.
Four children and their mother huddeled together.
Actor walked to them.
"I am here to ease your pain.. your suffering is now ended." He patted one of the children on the head. "How you died, when that energy blast from those two fighting Expatriots hit the building you were hiding in, was tragic. But now your suffering is over."
Actor raised the scythe and freed them from reality.

Author:  Barghest [ Thu Aug 28, 2003 8:14 pm ]
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With one final leap Wolf found himself on top of the cliff.Returning to his old self he turned to peer down the way he came.

Thats it then. I'll be the one to reach the castle first or maybe I'll just be the only one to make it to the castle. I probably could turn back now though. I do want to kill the man that killed around 6 billion people, that is a bit daunting now that I think about it.

"But even If I run there is nothing that awaits me. Even up here I can't detect a single scent of life."
No sooner had wolf spoken this then a sudden gust blasted up the cliff. The wail of the wind screaming in his ears though wasn't enough to drown out the smells though. Staggering back wolf suddenly found himself under assualt by something he didn't expect. Emotions. It was almost like the wind was carrying it all and deciding that maybe he should help with the load.

Shit, it's all here. Fear, hatred, confusion, anger, sadness. But why the hell am I feeling it?

And as quickly as it all began the breeze died down. Leaving the man to collapse to his knees in the dirt.

Good god, what has happened to those people? I know those smells too. They are all familiar in a way....of course, it's the expats. But what has happened to them? Some of them don't even smell human.

Rising to his feet he turned to find the castle. Suddenly Wolf was feeling vulnerable. Before him lay probably the most powerful being ever known. But behind him were a collection of powerful and possibly very dangerous insane people. "Well, thats just what I needed. Even more motivation to kill that fucker. Nothing like madness and death nipping at your heels to make you move."
Taking a hesitant step forward wolf moved toward the castle. His courage rising he set off on a slow pace. Deciding to take his time and at the same time giving the middle finger to the sky. Probably nothing up there now but in the past whenever shit started to go wrong he always showed his thanks to the people watching him. They got a laugh out of it in the past and probably whoever saw it now.

Author:  madadric [ Tue Sep 02, 2003 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Control, and Loss.

OOC: okay, iv'e been working on this post for ages, and just finished rewriting it to get orochi right. If anything is still out, kit, use the usual channels of the OOC thread or the PM feature to tell me, and i'll fix. /OOC

Madadric rises from the trashed remains of the bench, and looks around. The kid is gone.

Mad stares at the smashed, broken city for a few seconds, as his rage and Dischord both pound not only throgh his mind, but his entire body, and leak out into the air around him. Small creatures come into existence, evolve at a exponential rate, and die, all in a matter of milliseconds, the wheel of life kicked into overdrive thanks to the added element of Chaos.

Some mistake Chaos for an entropic force...they couldn't be more wrong. Chaos is not solely entropic or creative in it's nature, it is just wild, uncontrollable change...from life to death, from nothing to something, to life...it is all change, a part of Chaos. It is through the structure of Order that these forces become the building blocks of the universe.

But this is not relevant to Mad's mindset right now. or, at least, not any more relevant than it ever is. the Chaosbard glowers at the city that swallowed Kitsune as he ponders The boys words...words that had not sounded like the young kid mad was intent on killing.

"Dragosagi was an acquaintance of mine."p

Dragosagi...the CEO of the company that had financed the institute we were in. But Kit would never have met him...

mad dismisses the words as irelevant, and picks up Dischord, and strides into the broken city.

Mad scowls down the empty street, seeing no signs of movement, and his fury bursts out in words, carried by his power.


"I don't have time for this! SHE doesn't have time for this!"

Madadric turns, screaming at the delapitated, empty cityscape.

"Fold's got her, she's dying! One of my own runes are killing her! Look at your chest!"

Mad glares at the silent city in frustration for a few more seconds before his patience finally runs out, and he lets out a low, animal growl.

Without another word, the naked man crouches low, his limbs already evolving to be more like whip-like and acrobatic. As his growl reaches a deep twisted harmony with the guitar's savage sond, the man leaps at a building wall, then bounds across the street, higher up another building, then again, until he is perched in one of the higher floors, standing amongst the broken glass of the shattered window he'd jumped through.

Mad looks out at the city, half fallen buildings, abandoned cars, trash and rubble everywhere, but everything still, apart from the wind. his eyes adapt, and his vision becomes longer, his sight sharper, more attuned to movement as he scans the city.

And then he sees it, clambering over rocks like some mundane who doesn't know exactly what he's doing.

Adric The Mad's lips peel back from his white teeth and pink gums, revealing a monsterous freal grin, a predator's grin, and he snarls one word as he leaps from the office window at a lower building top.


Within minutes the animal has leapt his way to where he who was called the beast is, running as stealthily as possible along the shattered streets.

The Red-haired Avatar of Chaos drops silently down, plummeting directly for Kitsune, only desire for blood left in his mind as all else is pushed to the very limits of thought by the overwhelming song of Dischord, which mad's automatic random psyche keeps from leaking out and giving away his position.

Nevertheless, at the last moment, the boy senses something, and leaps out of the way, barely, as the power of the strike tears up the bitumen and concrete like it was a paper napkin.

Bits of concrete and bluestone and tar fly over kitsune's rolling body as Orochi comes to his feet, glaring at adric, rising from the small, smokey crater created by the blast.

His head is buzzing from a strange song that doesn't make any sense, distractinng his calculating, precise mind from it's crystaline thought patterns.

"You aren't...what the reports said. youv'e changed somewhat - Adric The Mad." The smoke clears from the crater, and the now lean, deadly man stands there, naked but not vulnerable, his grin replaces with a determined scowl. Dischord sings in time with his errattic breathing, his off-beat heartbeat. "Dragosagi was a fool to want to throw you aside. you could have been more dangerous than Lariat, if not more powerful."

The determination turns to curiosity, and the Mad-creature cocks his head, and speaks, or sings, or strums like an electric guitar, or growls. All the sounds blend to make one sound that defies the ears to fully make sense of it, or to stop listening. "Your mids smells...different. You know things Kit would never have been interested in. You are another."

Orochi makes a face that could be a grimace or a grin, the look unnatural on kitsune. "Very astute, creature. I am not Kitsune, i am his Father, and his master. And soon, i am all there will be."

Mad laughs a laugh full of bitter humor, and mixed with Dischord, the sound makes orochi wince with discomfort at the things it does to his thoughts.

"Man, i know crazy when i see it, and whether you're real or just a sympom of kit's mind breaking, you're it. And not even original crazy at that. let me tell you, stranger, whomever the fuck you think you are in there, Fold did the whole 'taking over their body' thing first. and he did it a lot better than you. You are no adversary. your'e a hack."

Madadric's laugh grows louder and more maniacal, rising in pitch and vigor, until it feels like the mockery is echoing around the entire city.

irritated, Orochi extents his hand and sends another blast at Madadric, by the guitar flicks up, blocks it, and smashes the blast into a boulding across the street, leaving a man-sized hole.

Mad lowers his head and grins at the man in a boy's body before him. "I AM change. the same trick don't work twice, Figment."

"Now fuck off. i'm not going to fight some half-baked persona that kid is using to hide from his problems. You fighting me is like a pissant fighting a nuclear warhead. You just aren't worth my time, Figment, and you certainly don't have the right to fight for the kid's right to see HIS lover again."

Orochi scoffs at the ChaosBard's words, giving away nothing of what he is feeling, even as Dischord begins working on him like a drug...losening tight holds and controls that Orochi prides himself on maintaining. A part of the man recognizes what is going on, but can do nothing to force the song out.

"And i should take the words of a raving madman as gospel? please, give me some credit."

"That YOU survived is a fluke, or perhaps you were saved by this new power you seem to have aquired. but the others must be dead."

Madadric's manner calms suddenly and he speaks to kit, disregarding the personality before him entirely. "She's alive, kit. they all are, or were...Fold showed me mirrors, portals. Everyone made it, including your love, and including mine."

Orochi shakes his head bemusedly. "Ravings" Dischord sinks deeper into him, finding wells of emotion that he had denied for so long.

"yours was descending a clif when i saw her, in no particular peril. Mine...luci...i saw a glimpse, and heard more. She's being tortured. By that."

Mad points at the rune on kitsune's body's chest, a red angry swirl of twisting symbols emblazoned onto the skin. "enough" Orochi growls with less conviction that he could have had. "you fear me. you fear my intellect, you know i can out think a simpleton like you, and you'd prefer to face that FAILURE of a child. So you try to stir him!" Orochi tries to calm his rising temper, think clearly, but the terrible, seductive song of Doschord seeping into his thoughts makes it harder and harder.

Mad just grins his familiar good natured grin. "not at all. just that fair's fair."

Madadric dodges as Orochi makes a lunge at him, white power flaring from his fists and striking at where the chaos bard had been.

"why else would i delay, extend her suffering? because i LIKED talking to a sweaty pig like you? I refuse to fight the Figment of a cowering little child, Kitsune." Mad is knocked back by a blast of white unreality as Orochi turns and lashes out with white force.

Instantly, orochi ports atop of mad, smashing Dischord from his grip, and thundering him to the ground. The sweating body of kitsune continues to pound at madadric's grinning, laughing, MOCKING face, as he screams with rage the man thought he'd had safely locked away in tight controls. Rage that the constant pecking of Dishord at Orochi's logical mind had let loose. Memories flood back to the scientist/slavemaster suddenly, and of their own accord. All the faliures in the begginning, the shame and frustration from that time. The fury when he had discovered Dragosagi's research, and how much closer he was.

Contempt for his useless colleages that could not see his vision. And then, his blinding shameful loss of control when he had finally succeeded, had the fruits of his life's work reached, and then had it stolen from him.

A great long series of all the failures and setbacks he had endured play before his eyes, summoned by the great thundering tide of emotion Dischord had unleashed, and orochi finally loses the one thing he had always prided himself on. Control.

"Then you will die! That FALIURE is too pathetic and WEAK to fight for anything, even his own existance. He will die right here, next to you! Only I will survive!"

The man in a boy's body grips mad's throat, but sees only the face of a young teen, his creation, his son, his FALIRE. "DIE, you miserable creature! I will not suffer your failure any longer!"

And while Mad's strained vocal chords cannot speak, the nearby guitar can, and it whispers into the man's mind Madaric's words.

"you will be nothing but a wailing voice in the darkness. Like all the rest."

and directly to kit, Dischord whispers another message.

"I am fighting to see Luci again. Shouldn't you be fighting to see miao? isn't it your right? isn't it what YOU want?"

Author:  actor_au [ Wed Sep 10, 2003 5:15 pm ]
Post subject: 

Miao was awake now, her sleep interrupted by the increasing speed in the current, she wasn't any more in control now than she had been before she woke up. The lake was guiding her to her goal.

Looking up and ahead she could see the tower getting increasingly closer.
I'm almost there... Fold...

A voice behind her suddenly cut into her thoughts.

"Hello Miao.."

She jerked her head backwards, nearly falling off the log. Her feline side served her well, using her tail to counterbalance her movement.

"Actor?" She looked at the assassin. "How.."

Actor turned and pointed back to a large rock outcropping behind them. "I jumped on. I've been running alongside for the last few miles, I just didn't have a chance to get on until now."

Miao mentally checked to make sure she was awake. "You are alive? Does that mean the others made it as well?" Hope flickered across her face.

"No, I've not seen anyone else. I think I saw Vandal, but he's gone now." He looked at her. "I'm sorry, I know you were close with them, but they are all most likely dead now. The sooner you accept that the better your chances of survival are."

"You're wrong."

"I hope so." Actor shrugged. "We are both headed in the same direction I see. Thats good, if anyone else made it then they would most likely be headed that way as well."

Miao blinked, and her brain finally kicked back into gear. "You look different, Actor..."

"Its a long story, I found my daughters killer, did I ever tell you about my daughter? Her name was Susan." Actor looked at the stars above. "I used to call her sunshine. Fiona was her clone, a hyperspace experiment like you and Kit."

"You mean that girl who helped Rand after Kit..."

"Yes, her. After the end of the world I went to the outer edge and found the man who killed Susan so long ago, Palladin the god of assasins, and I killed him, it took everything I had to do it and when I won I wondered what was next, why should it be Fold? Why, the contracts were all dead, it didn't matter." Actor spread out his wings. "I had become a god, replacing my nemesis, and with infinity before me all I longed for was simplicity, I longed for a kill. So I found the man that created Fiona, her Father." Actor spat the word. "She'd asked me to kill him, her last words and I couldn't do it because he was a monster like me."

Miao closed her eyes for a moment, trying to assimilate all that at once. "I don't get it."

"All I can do now is kill Fold, he is the final challange for me, I have an obligation." Actor sighed looking up again. "You know the stars aren't real anymore? They are just little candle lights burning in the sky."

"Really?" She opened her eyes.

"Maybe. Its more poetic than the truth, thats what all this is about, I think." Actor sat back on the log. "Looks like we are going to be traveling in style." He paused for a second. "Oh, such a shame."


"A girl I went to primary school with just died, she threw herself onto her children to shield them from an explosion. I remember her smile. Such a waste. Her children aren't dead however, but in time they will be."

A fleeting look of pain cracked across her face, but she schooled her thoughts almost instantly. "How do you know this?"

Actor watched her face looking at him. "I freed her. I am the grim angel of death by man, Miao. I see all these miseries, all these sufferings, and I release those that could suffer no more."

"I... I don't understand." Is he... could he have gone... insane? She shook herself slightly. No way. Stop that.

"Welcome to my world. Now I have a question for you, you are probably the only person on the planet who can probably answer this... what is Fold like? I've never met him, but I have to release him." Actor looked at the water, contemplating."I'm sorry but I have to know what is he like so I know what I'm fighting."

Author:  Ezelek [ Thu Sep 11, 2003 6:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Up: Alter Echo - Fistful of Flow =-

The great doors loomed omniously above the figure that stood before them, impassable and impenetrable in their grandness. Ezelek Raine, last of the group and first arrival, bent down to examine the lock, pushing back his grey hair so he could use both of his eyes. Leaning forward, he put some of his weight on the door as he peered closer... And it swung open, depositing him nicely on the red polished marble floor inside. Muttering under his breath, Ezelek pushed himself up, rubbing his aching head, not even glancing back when he heard the doors swing closed behind him, shutting with a definite -click- of a lock.

"Well, that's so original of him." He said in a sarcastic tone, the candles adorning the walls of the great chamber lighting up one by one, in a slow and steady pattern that lead to the balcony that overlooked the room. The soft candlelight illuminated the shirtless figure sitting upon the railing, looking down at the insect who had entered his presence. Tucking some of his long hair back from his face, Fold smirked mysteriously and dropped from his position to the floor below, landing with the grace of a feline.

"Well now..." His voice was dark and velvelty, with the quality of saying vowels in a slightly different manner than Ezelek was used to. "If it isn't the child that fancies himself a King. Come to steal my crown, Bandit?" As he spoke, an overly garish crown faded in onto his head, slightly tilted, his smirk widening as it did so.

"... How very droll." Came the reply. "C'mon, it's not even pretty." He waved his hand dismissively at the crown. "Why would I want something like that? You know what I'm here for, unless I've underestimated you, which would make the thievery not even worth my time...." He took a step forward, then paused, remembering something. "Oh, I have something for you." With a flourish he produced a piece of paper, and threw it up into the air. As if caught by an unfelt air current, the note floated over to Fold's awaiting hand, who read it with an raised eyebrow.

Dear Fold,
Within the hour, your powers shall be stolen.
Try and stop me; Otherwise it's just not fun.
Kindest Regards,
Ezelek Raine. (Master Thief Extrodianare)

Fold looked over the paper a couple of times, regarding it first with curiousity. "He... can't be serious..." he muttered to himself half astonished. His eyes lifted from the paper to Ezelek, the man before him... who stood with a confident grin. A smile began to form on Fold's lips as he looked down and re-read, which then exploded into a full on evil grin, he crumpled the paper and tossed his head back, erupting in laughter. "Oh, now this is rich!"

Frowning, Ezelek moved forward, and suddenly found his head cracking against the marble floor. His cheek felt like he'd been hit with a cricket bat, pain blossoming from a central fracture and spiraling out. Fold's boot slammed into his ribs, with enough force that he was picked up from the ground and sent through the air, slamming into the huge double doors with a painful snap, before he slumped to the ground with a moan.

"First, boy, you're in MY kingdom, now... So this whole 'thieving' thing just isn't gonna fly." He made his way over to Ezelek, still slumped, his hand holding his chest. "And second..." Fold reached down and clutched a fistful of the young thief's grey hair and listed him face to face. Ezelek winced and tried to wrench free as Fold smirked. "...You didn't say please."

Against the logic of the situation, and as he flew through the air toward the opposite wall, Ezelek smiled to himself. "Oh yes," he thought, "He's the one alright..."

Author:  Lifyre [ Thu Sep 11, 2003 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Awakening

-=Cue: Dispatch - The General=-

*Lifyre sighs and rises and looks towards Castle rising above*

I suppose it is time get up there.

*Lifyre closes his eyes and raises his head to the sky. Spreading his arms Lifyre's eyes snap open and begin to glow.*

I am free!

*Lifyre's leather coat and vest burst from his chest as black glossy wings erupt from his back.*

FREE! Free at last! My bindings are gone!

*Lifyre began to cry.*

Where are my friends, my fellow expatriates? It is nearing the end time and they are being called.

*Crouching only the sound of the wind through his feathers and the faint creak of his leather pants and the scabbard now running down his back are to be heard.*

I now know what I must do.

*Then with a great down thrust of his wings he burst into the air.*

It is time to help end this.

*Lifyre soars towards the castle*

Author:  Ghost [ Fri Sep 12, 2003 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Do You Hear Voices? Do They Whisper Sweet Nothings? Do They Scream Hateful Knives?

“You will be nothing but a wailing voice in the darkness. Just like all the rest.”

“I am fighting to see Luci again. Shouldn’t you be fighting to see Miao? Isn’t it your right? Isn’t it what you WANT?”

The faint whisper of Dischord stung the ears of Kitsune with two separate messages. Two people heard them, and two made their choice.

Orochi pounded on Mad’s chest, tears streaming from his face, mouth pulled back to show his teeth. “DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU FOR NOT DOING WHAT I WANTED! YOU FAILED! WHY?!” Each hit broke Mad’s ribs, but it didn’t matter; within seconds they healed, and soon they didn’t even break.

Part of his mind still tenaciously clung to sanity, to rational thought. This small part slowly began to realize he was fighting a losing battle. Adric the Mad was adapting to his attacks as he used him—eventually, he’d run out of ideas and then where would he be?

Just another voice in someone’s head. Just a pitiful bunch of words to whisper in the mind’s ear. Just like what Mad had said. He snarled, and flung Mad away from him, wiping his hair out of his face. His mouth set into a grim line. He was back in control for the moment, the frantic, ever-changing prickle of Dischord in the back of his mind dimming. He didn’t bother to wonder why. He assumed it meant he was gaining some strength back.

Mad impacted against a building, but instead of slamming into the side, he braced himself and launched off the building.

Orochi barely had time to duck and slam Mad away from him. He fell to the side, stumbling. He turned to face the chaoswalker, eyes narrowing. Mad got up, grinning devilishly. “You can’t win, Figment. You’re going to die.” Dischord’s voice came back full-force, joined by another—Kitsune? No, you fool. I’m trying to save both our lives. Don’t do this to me, not now. Orochi staggered backwards, one hand clutching his temple. He saw Mad move out of the side of his eye, then felt Dischord slam across his chest, flinging him backwards. Orochi flew through a window, shattering the glass. What was left of his shirt was torn to shreds. He landed against an office desk hard, wincing in pain as his back hit the wood with a crack.

Mad jumped through the window, face no longer smiling. He snarled, a feral growl issuing from his throat. “Give me Kitsune.”

Orochi snapped back to attention, pulling himself up. “No.” Red lightning ripped across the floor and threw him against the ceiling. Orochi could FEEL the raw chaos pulsing through the air.

“LET ME DO IT!” Kitsune screamed. His face contorted, and the blond-haired boy was in control. For a moment, but long enough for Mad to see it.

Orochi dropped to the floor, crouching like a cat. “No. I HAVE to win.”

Mad smiled. “Not so in control, eh?” Lightning flew at Orochi from the side, but Orochi rolled to the floor and it missed.

“Work with me, Kitsune,” Orochi whispered. “Our lives are at stake, and I’m not about to let you throw it away just so you can see her pretty little face just before she dies.”

“What do you mean?” Kitsune said, but was cut off as Orochi’s face darkened.

Adric the Mad walked towards them, barely interested in their hushed conversation. “I WON’T DIE!” Orochi shouted, and rolled off the ground, swinging his fist out at Mad’s face. The punch connected with the force of an earthquake, shattering the glass along the entire city block. Mad blew out the wall and landed in the streets again, dazed.

A corona of white light surrounded Orochi, and his pupils disappeared within the glow of his eyes. He grabbed the desk, splintering the wood into pieces. The chunks rearranged themselves into a long, thick spike. Orochi launched himself out into the street and slammed into Mad with the spike, driving the chaosbard into the stone sides of an apartment. Mad gasped from the impact, and Orochi shoved the spike into Mad’s mouth and through to the wall, pinning the maniac.

“See you regenerate from that quickly, bastard.” Orochi stepped back slowly, checking for signs of any sudden movement. Other than some twitches, there were none. He knew better than to believe Mad was dead.

Kitsune blinked his eyes. “Orochi . . . why?”

“Dying does things to a person.” Orochi didn’t explain further. Kitsune didn’t ask, not with the way the scientist/voice-in-his-head said it.

Orochi slumped. That fight had taken more out of his body than he’d realized. “We need to get out of here.” He looked disdainfully down at his mangled shirt, then tore it off. He limped out of the street as fast as he could.

“Mad’s going to come looking for us . . .” Kit said.

“I know. But the more distance we put between him and us, the more your powers can heal us.”

“I thought they were instantaneous—”

“They are when you know where you’re hurt, but right now I’m too tired and broken to figure it out. Now shut up and let me concentrate.” Orochi grimaced, grabbing at his arm.

“I can help.” Kitsune rubbed the arm, slowly sealing the surface wounds.

Orochi nodded slowly. “You work on fixing us up. I’ll focus on getting us out of here without drawing attention.”

Kitsune nodded.

Orochi limped along through the shadows of the city streets.

Author:  Fold [ Thu Sep 18, 2003 3:13 am ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Theme: Paul Oakenfold - Resurrection (Space Club Mix) =-

Fold slowly crossed the main hall toward the figure of Ezelek before him. He looked upon the young man proping himself up against the wall with one hand, the other wiping at a spot of blood in the corner of his mouth. As Fold neared, he simply sighed and shook his head.

<i>"This boy..."</i> he thought, <i>"This boy thinks that he can steal my power. It's sad, really. He'll die before he ever tastes what true power really is."</i>

"What the hell are <i>you</i> so smug about?" Ez questioned pushing off of the wall to stand straight. "Don't think that just because you got the drop on me I'll be easy to beat."

"Oh, come off it, already. Your 'almighty' attitude is starting to get boring..."

The master thief cut him off, "Hello, Kettle? This is Fold. You're black." He smirked and wiped his hands on his pants. "You're one to talk, Fold. I think if either of us needs to lose the pretense, it's you."

Fold stopped and crossed his arms, then laughed. "Alot of nerve, coming from a late entry."

"Late entry? What the hell are you..."

Fold interrupted, "Come now... you can't think that you were around this whole time, can you? You were only written in a short while ago. Back when you first landed at the farmhouse. You were in fact, the last character to enter this little adventure... and surprisingly, you were the first to reach me. Though I can't give you all the credit. Your Watcher has been very good at setting you up."

Fold uncrossed his arms and cracked his knuckles. "You see, your being here, now... it's not all skill, nor is it chance. You're going to serve a purpose for me."

"Serve you? Ha! You'r kidding, right? Don't make me laugh! I'm here to do what I promised, Fold, and don't you forget it."

"Oh, trust me, young one, I won't be forgetting anything. Now..." he raised his hand and tapped at his lips, looking over the man before him. "How exactly do you think that you can 'steal' my power? Some 'magic trick' up your sleeve? You planning on giving me the old Hocus Pocus, 'I've got your nose' bit?"

Ezelek smirked. <i>"This guy's totally crackers. I suppose that helps to make him so strong... all the insane ones usually are."</i> he mused in his head.

Fold slightly lowered his head and stared up at Ezelek with an amused evil grin. "I assure you, dear thief, I'm more sane than you think, and far less 'crackers' than your fellow, Mad."

"What the... are you reading my mind?"

The grin adorning Fold's face spread wider, baring teeth. "Oh course not, child. Quite the opposite, actually... I'm <b>writing</b> your mind."

"Writing my... huh?"

Fold slowly took a step towards Ez, still grinning. "Writing, 'chum'. See, I'm... up there." he waved his hand, referencing high above, "I'm sitting right now, reading this world and writing out our current conversation. Quite literally, your existence is in my hands."

"Oh really now? So why not end this and kill me off? Simply write, 'and then the biggest threat to my life just keeled over and died'? Hm?"

"Haha... amusing. But alas, no, I can't do that. You see, even if I am in charge of things from my perspective, I still have rules to abide by. I no more Godmod than anyone else. If there were no rules, I could whipe you all out in an instant. But it simply can't be this way. Everything that happens must be written, and there must be logic behind it. The meeting of the Expatriates, the destruction of the world. Even the death of that insipid BiShou... all of it had to have reasoning to back it up. Just like right now, I can't kill you until you have served your purpose and until it makes sense in the flow of things. Do you understand?"

"I think so... So basically... you're a chicken-shit blowhard whose bark is worse than his bite, right? I get that. Just like I get that right now you're giving me the standard 'I'm the bad guy, let me explain my plans so you can escape and save the day' speach. I get all that. But I don't care about it. I came here for action, not words."

"I see. You want action, eh? Well then..."

In a fraction of a blur, Fold stood behind Ezelek and grabbed the man by the back of the neck, lefting him into the air. Ez twisted and struggled, trying to get his arms and legs to make any sort of contact with the man holding him.

"I could snap your neck right now, child!" Fold shouted, amused. "How's THAT for action? Or were you thinking something more along the lines of a fight? Trading blows? A pugilist's battle, maybe? I THINK NOT!" He opened his hand, letting Ezelek drop. "Were you a match for me, then maybe we would... but simply... you're far too slow and weak."

Ezelek hit the ground and immediately sprang to the side, then turned back at Fold, ready to strike. Unfortunately, Fold was one step ahead, and his fist impacted with Ez's side hard, cracking a few ribs. Ez dropped again to his knees and grabbed his side.

"Far too slow. No matter what, you will always be too slow, so long as I am out there, and you are in here."

Ezelek turned and looked up at Fold, standing beside him. The taller man's long hair cascaded down from around his shoulders, accenting the blue of his eyes and the glint of the pendant around his neck. A momentary look of hatred and rage crossed his face, quickly replaced with a content smirk.

"You do love to hear yourself speak, don't you, Fold?"

Fold swiftly brought his foot up into Ez's chin, sending him sprawling on his back near the stairs with a yowl. "I talk, because you listen."

The thief pulled himself up using the nearby banister. "And what if I were to stop listening? Close my eyes and start screaming loud enough so that I couldn't hear a word you said? What then? Would you finally shut up?"

"Then, simple fool, you would be no better than that pathetic Luci held upstairs. But I'm sure I could still make use of yo-"

Ezelek paused at the mention of Luci, still righting himself, and looked at the ground. He muttered something of disbelief under his breath, then turned and looked at Fold, cutting him off. "Excuse me, what? Luci? You said you have Luci? Here?"

Fold sighed and rolled his eyes. "Yes, child. As I was going to say, I could use you like her, to enrage that neanderthal Adric into killing more of his friends. Maybe even make him kill you to get to..." Fold stopped. Ezelek had closed his eyes and was shaking his head at the ground, a smirk splayed across his lips. "What now, thief?"

The master thief slowly raised his head and looked to the balcony high above and the one door leading out from it. Beyond that door somewhere, through who knows how many twists and turns, must lie Luci. Ezelek turned and looked at Fold, grinning and slowly shaking his head, still propped on the banister.

"You have Luci. Here. And you're <i>using</i> her to get to Mad?" he let out a quick burst of laughter.

"I'm sorry, Fold... but you're fucked."


Getting things done is what we do best. Too bad we're still so fucking slow about it.

Author:  madadric [ Sun Sep 21, 2003 4:33 am ]
Post subject: 

Pain. Weight.

These two things add their burden to Mad's already overstressed mind, as Dischord continues to tear through and around him like a torrent of heat with icy shards of jagged glass racing through it.

Slowly, and with great effort, Mad's weakened arm reaches up as his blood flows our of the wounds in his mouth and neck, drenching his naked body with it as he twitches and gags on the wooden spike skewering him to the wall. He pants, spraying blood out his gaping, wrecked mouth as he tries to pull the spike out, but his chaos-enhanced strength has abandoned him, and even pain and terror do not give him enough levereage to remove it.

Convulsing and desperate, Mad improvises, something he's always been good at. His other hand reaches up, grasps the shaft of the weapon, and with a painful wrench downwards, he snaps it, the long end he's broken off clattering to the ground, the noise covered by a man's howling scream mixed with the sound of a wailing guitar, mixed with the snarl and keen of a wounded animal.

Witout waiting, Mad gives a great heave against the wall, and with a scream he utters with his entire body, the chaosbard hauls himself off of the spike, fallking to the ground next to the bloody broken end. He lies there, panting, bleeding, convumsing, retching, and healing for a very long time.

Teeth and gums grow back, skin covers new, harder, stringier muscle...bones reknit, combining new strength and flexibility. Soon the man on the ground has stopped sobbing, and he is just panting as he heals.

Then, the man's body is wracked by more convulsions, a repetitive, silent contraction of the newly healed ribs. The face rises from the dirt, and the grin is a frightful mask of inhumanity wearing a human's face. Those strange, strange eyes are filled with nought but malicious mirth. "kitsune...Run. Because there is nothing now that will stop me from killing you when next i see your face, whomever's expression is on it."

Madadric staggers to his feet drunkenly, and steadies himself with the guitar as it whips into his hands. After some more hard breathing, the man looks about warily.

a little weak still...

The man lurches forward, the movement making him feel a little better. He growls at his weakness, and the guitar growls with him. He stumbles, and falls to his knees amongst the clatter of full soda cans at his feet, a broken vending machine nearby. The weary chaosbard reaches down, and scoops up a can in his scarred, newflesh hand. he raises the can to his lips, his mouth gapes open impossibly wide, and he bites into the side of it, sweet, warm sticky liquid shooting and frothing out of the punctured aluminium as he gulps it down thirstily.

Ten more cans suffer the same grisly fate before Adric The Mad stands again, this time more firmly, looking into the distance, in the direction he KNOWS kitsune is.

i know where you are...i can feel that rune in my head now, it's like a burning ember in the front of my head, and it burns hotter when i look your way.

Mad stats walking confidently, then runs, then bounds along the streets at ground level, weaving around through and over obstacles, laughing his Maniac Laugh.

"I'm gonna Stamp that Ember out, Kistune!"

Author:  Ghost [ Wed Sep 24, 2003 5:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

Orochi stumbled and fell against a rock. “Dammit, boy, can’t you work any faster?! This leg’s been giving me trouble since we started!”

Kitsune winced. “I’m working on it, old man,” he said. “But something’s messing up the process. I can’t heal that fast.” He sighed. “At least it’s not broken any more, right?”

Orochi nodded. “At least when Adric recuperates I’ll be able to fight back somewhat,” he said.

He heard the scrabbling sound of rocks dislodging from atop one of the demolished buildings, and ducked under a restaurant awning. Orochi pressed himself against the side of the building. He looked around, but saw nothing. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Orochi whirled around, ducking away from the window, but nothing was there, just the wind whistling through the restaurant’s open door. He fell to the ground, clutching at his leg.

“No good. I need this leg healed now,” he said. Kitsune nodded, and bent down, rubbing the legs with his hands. The bone inside the leg finished knitting itself together, the muscles retwined, and the skin rippled for a moment as the healing process went on. Orochi stood up when it was done and looked around. “That took too long. The more minutes we waste standing around, the more time Adric has to find us.”

“The more you’re in control of this body, the slower the healing process goes,” Kitsune said. “I wish you’d help.”

“Stop whining, boy,” Orochi said. “If I’d been able to raise you, you’d be better behaved.” He walked along the side of the building, taking in the shadows cast upon the ground.

“Fuck you.”

“Lower your voice, boy. I’m trying to listen.” Orochi darted out into the middle of the road, eyes roaming across every inch of the city he could see. Nothing yet. He looked down at his chest, seeing the rune burning there, like a beacon.

Then, he hears it.

“I’m gonna STAMP that Ember out, Kitsune!”

Adric was loose, and hunting for him again. The yell hadn’t yet stopped echoing off the walls of the city before Orochi was gone, running through the labyrinthine streets of the torn city.

Author:  IcyMonkey [ Sat Oct 04, 2003 11:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Theme: Clint Mansell - Theme from "Pi" =-

There it was. He could see it clearly up above the horizon, black and featureless. It was as if a large hole had opened up in the sky and was sucking him ever closer to itself.

All that stood in his way now was the mountains.

The Wrath of the Proletariat flew over the vast, snow-covered mountain range, beyond which lay the castle. Icy sat at the controls, expressionless and calm. Here, deep inside this metal monster flying up above the clouds,nothing could harm him.

Several times Icy had seen beasts on the Earth far below. Strange creatures of every kind seemed to wander what was left of the Earth. Freakish monstrosities they were; he had seen giant, deformed humans; various composite animals that reminded him of the monsters of Greek mythology; and even walking buildings. The monkey feared for any survivors who had to wander Fold's playground on foot.

"What the hell?"

His expression changed from confident to confused. The mech was losing altitude, fast. Why this was happening, Icy didn't know. According to his indicators, the WoP was fine. And yet it was not responding to him. Despite his best efforts, it continued to descend, until finally it touched down upon the side of one of the mountains. There it stayed.

Icy struggled in vain to get the machine to move. Nothing seemed to work. Finally, he decided to get out and examine the engine.

Opening the door to the cockpit, the simian leaped out of the machine's head and carefully climbed down the back of the body. Before he could reach the door to the engine compartment, however, the mech opened its mouth and let out a bestial roar. It twisted its torso rapidly, causing Icy to fly off the machine's back and into a nearby rock crag. With his simian reflexes, he managed to land on his feet at the edge of the escarpment.

"Nothing's as it seems in this world," Icy thought to himself. "I should have known better."

He had barely regained his balance when he saw the WoP's hammer coming towards him.

Author:  Fold [ Tue Oct 14, 2003 10:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue Theme: Radiohead - My Iron Lung =-

"These walls. I know them." Chris placed his hand upon the smooth surface of the wall and ran his hand along it. Moments before, he had awoken to find himself once again imprisoned, though this time differently.

"He's getting good at this. No doors, no windows... this must be how he felt locked in my head. Unable to get out, but to see and hear everything that's going on..."

Faint and blurred, images would fade into existence upon the walls, depicting the current whereabouts of the rest of the Expatriates, as well as the battle between Fold and the young man called Ezelek. Distorted sounds accompanied the images as if they were being played back on a broken record player with horrible speakers.

Chris sat down and sighed. "Well, not much I can do to get out of here. Might as well enjoy the show." He shook his head and watched the images for a while.

"It seems everyone's starting to come together. I wish I knew what the hell Fold was plotting... or hell, that I was on the outside so I could effect things. <b>Damnit!</b> Talk about writers block, this is straight up omnipotent impotence!" He slammed his fist into the floor, causing the walls to ripple like thick rubber.

"Hello... what have we here?" He stood, and then forcefully kicked at the wall. All around him, the shell of his entrapment quivered, yet never yielded. "Hmmm... well, it's worth a shot..."

Backing against one of the walls, Chris readied himself, then pushed off, running full force at the opposite wall. With an elastic snap, he collided with the wall and for a moment, felt like he would actually break through. Suddenly he realized his mistake as he was shot back across the room, then forward again on his face.

"Son of a bitch!" he spat, pushing himself up. "Well, looks like I'm definitely stuck here. Damn."

Righting himself and returning to a sitting position, Chris once more looked at the images wavering in and out of view. "You could have at LEAST given me some popcorn!" he shouted at the image of Fold as he was tossing away Ezelek like a paper doll.


"Huh?" Chris turned at the sound. It had come from behind him somewhere, and was much clearer than the hollow noise from the images. As he moved to stand once more, it came again.


It sounded like someone was cutting into the surface of the walls, but he couldn't see where it was coming from, nor who would be doing it.


"Alright, this is getting creepy. Who's there?"


At the fourth noise, he noticed it. Very faint on the far wall where he had collided, there was a small carved letter B. Chris made his way to the letter and moved his fingers over it. As he did, it became evident that it was very shallow, and slowly closing itself up as well.

"Well shit... B? B what? Hello?" he pounded his fist on the wall. "Anyone out there? Anyo-"


"Another letter? L?"


"No, wait... huh?"


"Oh! E! B E? Be?" Chris stood back and watched the letters slowly carve themselves into the wall and fade away. "B... E... R... E... A..."

Nearly twenty minutes later, Chris went over the letters he had seen, forming their message.

"BEREADY-WEHAVEAPLAN-AT-TR..." he thought for a second. "They have a plan? They who? What the hell's going on here? Who the hell is AT-TR?" Chris sighed and shook his head. "I swear, I'm not cut out for this character business. Stupid crap keeps happenning that I don't understand. Things are <b>so</b> much easier when you have the story in your head."

After a few minutes with no sign of new letters, Chris turned and walked back to the center of the room. "Well, I can't be much readier than this..." he sat and crossed his legs. "Just wish I knew what the hell this plan was... or better yet, how much of it Fold knows."


The little pissant wanted some more screentime and setup.

Author:  Ezelek [ Tue Oct 14, 2003 11:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

-= Cue up: Sparks - The Rhythm Thief =-

"I'm sorry, Fold... But you're fucked." The words hung in the air, Ezelek's battered and bleeding face grinning the entire time, not even wiped off when Fold backhanded him, lifting him off his feet and onto his back, sprawling onto the ground.

"Don't you even presume to comprehend my plans." Fold said in a forced angry tone, his teeth clenched, the muscles in his neck tightened. "I'm growing tired of you, and your silly gibberish." He advanced a step. "It's time we... <i>I</i> ended this." Another step forward. "In favour of being cliche... Any last words, boy?" Fold smiled, a sick sardonic smile which showed just how much of a twisted individual he really was.

"Yeah..." He pushed himself up into a seated position, spitting out a mouthful of blood across the marble floor, one eye permenantly shut by the massive bruising across his face. "I do have one..." He coughed, more blood flowing from his mouth and onto the floor, moving up into a seated pose. "... one thing..." Fold folded his arms across his bare chest, bemused.

"Well...?" He asked in that oh-so superior tone of his. "Say it, and let us be done with this childish game. I have more important things to spend my time about, rather than playing with a late-entered half-ass character, who's only noteworthy achievements lie in a pathetic backstory."

<i>Now to get in close and strike... but I have to do it just right...</i> Ezelek thought to himself, moving forward and going low to divert Fold's attention just enough. "Look down..." he coughed, readying to strike. Fold didn't bother however. He simply tilted his chin back, letting the Staff of a Thousand Faces snap up through the space his head had previously occupied.

"Tsk tsk..." he said, bringing his leg up and forcefully sending Ezelek back towards the great double doors. "You missed." In the background, a great bell began to toll, announcing that the old hour was over, and a new one was beginning. The clang echoed across the broken lands, giving pause to everyone alive to hear it. Expatriate and remnants alike all looked toward the ominous castle as the haunting bell continued to toll, having heard nothing across the lands save their own lost voices and seeing the ominous castle as a silent pillar of the broken world... To now hear this devil's chime, a chime which carried a sense of <i>reckoning</i> with it... They all knew Simply knew... that something is going on. Something big. Within its walls, though, the thief clambered to his feet, revealing the fact that his injuries wern't as serious as they had seemed to be.

"It seems, for once, you're correct, Fold." He said, running his hand across the staff, as if checking for anomolies in the weapon, before leaving it standing upright on it's end. "That bell sealed the end of our little play together. The hour is up." He turned as he spoke, his arms coming up around his neck, although what he was doing was obscured by his hair. "I just have one simple question, before it all ends." He finished the turn, catching the Staff. The candlelight that filled the chamber seemed to catch on the chain that was around his neck, keeping an amulet against his chest.

"Does this match my eyes?"

Fold's amulet. The man who had broken the world was pale with shock, his lips pressed together into thin lines.

-= Cue Up: Final Fantasy VII - Electric de Chocobo- =-

"Yoink!" With that, the new holder of the amulet turned on his heel, pelting for the door, laughing all the way.

Author:  Fold [ Wed Oct 15, 2003 1:10 am ]
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-= Cue Theme: .hack//SIGN - Bridge 05 =-

"Does this match me eyes?" Ezelek winked and turned, bolting for the closest door, which miraculously was open. "Yoink!" he called out before slipping into the darkened corridor.

-= Cue Theme: Drowning Pool - Bodies =-

<i>I... he took... that BASTARD!!</i> Fold's mind screamed as his hands clawed at his neck as if to find the pendant still there and negate the reality of the situation. Furious with rage, Fold shot his hands out and threw his head back and screamed.

All across the broken lands, the perverse marriage of Fold's rage and the devil's chime echoed. Without warning, the skies grew dark and shattered like glass revealing a thick red sea of pain, swirling with madness. Hearts grew dark and hope grew thin, as all that remained came to the chilling realization that now, playtime was over.

Fold clenched his fists and focused his eyes in the direction of the departed thief. "You have just sealed your fate, man-child." he called, taking a step forward. "I <b>will</b> find you! And when I do..."

All around him, the world blurred and twisted, and Fold dropped to his knees. He brought his hands up to his face, pressing them tight against his skin. "What... what did that child DO to me!! AAAaaaaaaagh!!!!"

Pain siezed through Fold's mind, and suddenly he collapsed to the floor.


-= Continue Theme =-

"What in the bloody Hell is going <b>on</b> here?!?"

Chris braced himself as the entire room shook violently. The images now flashed in and out more rapidly than before. Images of the Expatriares, of battles, of locations... and more.

Childhood. Schooling. Dreams. Friends.

None of which were Fold's.

"What the hell?!? These are MY memories!! Stop this! STOP THIS NOW!!!" Chris clenched his eyes tight and held his head.

Suddenly, the images ceased and the room shattered. Slowly Chris lifted his head and opened his eyes...


Ezelek ran on. The pain inflicted upon him recently was lost to him... only thoughts of putting as much distance between himself and his pursuer crossed his mind. Not once did he notice the pendant now glowing faintly.


"This... my room..." Chris looked around him.

Chair. Desk. Bed. Computer...

"I'm... I'm home?" He pinched himself. "Wait, that won't work... I still felt pain in there... or here... wherever.

He turned to the computer which hummed quietly. Looking at the monitor, he paused and raised an eyebrow. Then, testing, he raised his left arm. Then right. As he did, the text on the screen slowly typed its way into existence, describing his every move.

"Well... that's not exactly normal..."

Moving to sit, he began to read back over the past few pages before him. "Oh god... this isn't good. This is not good at all. And he..."


"Huh?" An IM flashed up on screen. "Anonymous? What the fuck?"

Anonymous: You had better hurry. You don't have much time.
BiShouNenKaMi: What? Who is this?
Anonymous: No time. Listen. You're in reality, but things here aren't the same. The Fifth Wall is breaking down. You have to make do with what little time you have.
BiShouNenKaMi: Make do? What do you... you mean with Fold being down? And Ez stole the pendant?
Anonymous: YES! Look, Fold will regain consciousness any moment, and we don't know what will happen to your chance if you miss it. So stop talking to me and DO SOMETHING!
BiShouNenKaMi: But what can I do?
Anonymous: FIGURE IT OUT!!
Anonymous signed off at 3:55:01 AM

Chris sat back. His mind raced. What the hell could he do? He was in reality, or so he had been told, and yet things were still happenning along with the world inside the thread. How could he do something? He couldn't just kill off Fold... that wouldn't be logical. It had to be something else. Something... something no one, not even Fold would expect.


"My god..." Chris's eyes went wide as it dawned on him. It was the only way. Something had to be done, yes... and he knew now just how to do it.

After reaching over and grabbing a can of Coke, he pulled his chair closer to the screen and set to writing.

"I only hope I make it in time..."


This world has been broken. Who controls what hand?

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