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 Post subject: My vacation--roundrobin RP
PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:46 am 
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Because I don't understand the vampire world well enough:

Setting: Atlantis


Seagulls. He never liked them, not since he was dive bombed by an entire flock as kid. Not after all those stitches. The hard claws, and weaponlike beaks, even the sound, that broken, psychotic sound drove him up the wall. or the railing, as it were. Three weeks on a yachat through the carribean surrounded, no, bombarded with seagulls only meant the vacation from absolute hell to this boy of thirteen. This boy of brown hair, of allergies, of sunburns...
"Arnie! Did you put on sunscreen?"
"...Yes, mother."
"Arnie, I just got off the phone with your father and he agrees with me that if there's a shred of sunburn on you when you get back you're grounded."
Arnie's parents were only looking out for him, they said, only making sure what was for his own good. The braces, the vitamins, the summer school, all so he grows up the best he can be. Arg, the summer school. this trip was his ticket out of it, but what was better? Studying in an airconditioned classroom while other children made fools of themselves in the municipal fire hydrants, or sitting here frying in the sun with seagulls pooping on the deck...
The seagulls...where'd they go? They'd stopped calling some minutes before, but his depression was so engrossing he hadn't noticed. And the sun? Not night, but overcast already. Thick, heavy clouds darkened the horizon--much more than the horizon. Arnie stood up, his knobby knees almost buckling with a sudden swell beneath the boat. He made his way towards the stern and Captain Ron, his mother's hired vacation guide.
"Captain Ron! Is there a storm?"
"What the fuck do you--I mean what the fucking hell do you think, boy?"
Cpt. Ron's eyepatch glistened with the first drops of rain. His customary lack or decorum now seemed forced, not at all offhand as usual. He leered down at the slight child and, between teeth cletched tightly--with nerves?--around his ever-present cigar, bade him take cover.
"y'better get down below, lad, and bid yer mammy batten down the hatches, we're in for a rough one."
Arnie clambered down the ladder, as a streak of lightning flashed against the clouds in the distance, peeking up again for a second to watch Captain Ron make to trim the sails. Another horrifying crack, and more electricity struck the main mast, sending him scurrying in panic.
"Mom, mom, a bolt of lightening just hit the mast!"
"Arnie, don't interrupt me when I'm reading. Go tell Ronald."
"But--didn't you hear that?!"
"Does it not look like I am enjoying, rather, TRYING to enjoy some relaxing meditative cassettes on my one vaction a year? Go. Bother. Ron."
Arnie alighted the ladder again, gripping tightly to not be thrown off in the now rapid and extreme swells. Grasping the edge of the hatch, he saw Captain Ron, doubled up in obvious poor health, clinging to the railing as hail and wind battered him from all sides. Arnie tried to get up all the way to help, but was instead flung across the deck with a gargantuan wave hit the vessel.
"ARNIE" Shouted Ron, with a mouthful of salt water "Arnie, get inside"
"I'm trying!" Arnie scrabbled at the railing and the deck for some purchase, but another swell, and another wave, sent the wispy boy right over the side.



No Air!

Arnie's mind snapped to in a quarter second as he realized he was submerged. Caught in a current, a sickening tornado of water. What were they called? Whirlpools? Water spouts? Same thing, right? No? Why bother to think at all now, Arnie's mind was consumed with thoughts of survival and survival only. His little arms pumped fiercely, he kicked with all his might, but the power of the thousands of gallons of coursing single minded water bombarded him, held him, smothered him, until even survival left his mind and he felt nothing.

You tell me. Make it awesome.


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