It's a stinking, shambling corpse grotesquely parodying life.
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 Post subject: Rise from your grave!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 10:39 pm 
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Grotesque black tendrils of shadow fly from the unknown warlock's fingers, falling toward the ashen grass below. Tiny beads of sweat turn to gushing blood as the power washes over him, first a torrent, then a deluge. A primal scream, not born of human form, escapes from the gaping maw of the shaking man. And at the last a hard thud upon the ground, as the contract is satisfied.

The deep, low rumblings of unseen demons far below the poisoned surface make a hideous sound running through your long dead ears. The whispers. Oh god, the whispering of a million screaming souls pounds inside your skull; thump, thump, thump. Maddning beyond understanding, get out! You have to get out! You scratch and claw and kick and bite at the rotting box, now a prison for your shattered form. Splinters and clods of soil mar your visage, but the terror of awakening is all you know now. Inhuman strength plies open the earth to force emergence of a single, decaying claw.

Amid the myriad memories, or perhaps false dreams, of your former life, amid all that you were, and all that you may yet become, one thing stands at the forefront. One thing towers above all others, demanding to be heard.



Go nuts, but try to think, not so much Dawn of the Dead. Think more "White Wolf Publishing presents Zombie: The Undying". Your essential personality is intact. Your memories, though clouded, are there. You are fully aware and can choose your own actions. But no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you fight and struggle, you cannot escape your insatiable hunger for THE BRAINS OF THE LIVING!

Or can you?

And thus, Grey wins. He's creating worthless drama in a totally unrelated thread even after he's been banned. - Emy

We're not mad. We're just argumentative. And we live in a state of fluctuating contempt for everything. - onion, when talking about herself and shoonra, actually describes the whole of kyhm forums.

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